Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Day in the Life of an Author

By Cal Orey

Hello Thursday. This week has been full of happy surprises and relatively no "rough air" on the ground. Early on I received the contract for number six Healing Powers Series book. Signed, sealed, mailed and delivered I exhaled. 
True, it took 15 years to arrive at this point, to be able to pen a book on my favorite superfood topic. The thing is, it happened. For years, I had my wish (in the form of an article) on the bulletin board in my study. I envisioned it happening for a long time. And it did.
My most popular book
gets a

MAKING MORE CONNECTIONS...This week I've been on the phone and Internet. A lot. I've been reconnecting with Vinegar World, Chocolate Heaven, Honey Land, promoting the new release of OLIVE OIL, and dishing with people about the new surprise superfood I'll be unveiling months ahead. It's my fave of all and the versatile merits of it thrill me--taking me to a new exciting place for exploring.
Tea is a constant for me at home
and on the road

Overall, the week delivered super contacts, UPS packages at my doorstep, more on their way, business trips, a world expo, and book signings are booked. What's more, I've hit the kitchen and have baked homemade fruit scones, tarts, custard, and salads--all with a Mediterranean twist and California flare. While concocting dishes with European roots, I can't help but envision my next trip coming up in March.

ON THE ROAD ...Looking forward to flying to Seattle. There, it will be time to share my Healing Powers Series with people at the Bellevue Barnes and Noble bookstore. The next morning it's off to Vancouver, a trip I had booked for early January. 

I have been there before and vowed to return alone--and it's going on. Book research in B.C., a visit to Vancouver Aquarium, swimming in the outdoor pool, and coming back to Seattle for enjoying a hotel view of the Space Needle are on the agenda. A few more weeks.
Cities and Canada thrill me
On bigger aircraft gives me a calm feeling

FROM MAG JOURNALIST TO BOOK AUTHOR...As the days go by, I'm enjoying my fur kids and miss them already. Thinking about pre-Spring cleaning (we set our clocks an hour soon), planting tall trees against the fence for more privacy this summer while I write the third edition of VINEGAR simultaneously juggling research for book number six. It works. Travel. Writing. Research. This is how it has been for 30 years but this time around it's different since I've morphed from writing for magazines to a book author with a series. I feel at home no matter where I am because in my head I'm where I am meant to be.

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