Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Forecast by Author-Intuitive

By Cal Orey

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Welcome to a new year with new challenges around the world.  The year of 2016 will be chock-full of Earth changes, including shakers, wacky weather, and political craziness during climate chaos thanks to global warming affecting each continent, one by one. Facing the wrath of Mother Nature’s surprises will be part of life. When the Earth acts out--as it will each season-- we often prepare for safety’s sake and peace of mind.
But this time around mankind will create more unbalance during natural disasters (including blackouts and brownouts due to extreme cold and heat), so it may be even more unsettling. It will be a year to stay calm and grounded. We will be forced to be more mindful than usual to feel secure for families, friends, and companion animals. Take an up close peek at what I see happening for the New Year.

A Mixed Bag of Predictions for 2016

·        Earthquakes
* While we watched the San Andreas film, a great California earthquake didn’t happen in 2015 and shake the Golden state. But it will one day. The seismic silence may be interrupted by a major tremor… in the southern state (near the coast or San Andreas), and/or San Francisco Bay Area (epicenter in the East Bay), or offshore Northern California near Eureka…
* Not to forget Seattle, Washington or Nevada—two shaky states that are also overdue for temblors.

* An underwater earthquake may trigger a tsunami sequel near Japan and wreak more havoc on the country as well as the Pacific Ocean/West Coast from Alaska to Mexico—affecting the land and food chain.

* A great quake like in 1964 may rock Alaska (near Anchorage) causing a West Coast big wave that’ll cause destruction in both the populated city and Washington, Oregon, and California.

      Rain and Snow Events
As the Earth rocks and rolls, the drought in Western United States will get relief from heavy rainfall up and down the coast. The fall of 2015 welcomed snowfall in the Sierra-Nevada and may continue through January, February, and March. 
Springtime flooding due to the snowmelt will affect the West Coast regions. Sacramento, California may endure a Katrina-type event due to its creaky levees not holding up after heavy rainfall.
And note, if more than less snowfall arrives, avalanches, and spring/summer run-off will cause flooding to mudslides and earthquakes like it did in Bakersfield back in 1952.

·        Drought…Flooding…Famine
While much-need precipitation is gracing the ground on the West Coast, freezes and droughts around the globe are creating lack of rivers which affects our crops and food supply. Read: Produce, coffee, chocolate, dairy products, and other foods will continue to increase in price for consumers, not to forget people in undeveloped countries and Europe may fall victim to famine and disease. Climate forecasters see dire changes in the future and 2016 will give more cues of a serious situation that’ll continue to affect people globally in the years that follow.

·        Tornadoes and Hurricanes
Lack of water and too much of it can cause chaos, just as twisters can do. More than one newsworthy tornado this year will most likely hit in the Midwest; ground zero will be intense, especially if it hits a populated region. While 2015 experienced less than more hurricanes, the New Year may get its unfair share, too.
The Gulf States, including Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and the Atlantic seaboard are potential targets (not to forget the West Coast near Southern California to the Baja)). These states in particular may be facing fierce hurricanes with fierce water challenges.

·        On the Fringe
As we deal with shaky ground and wild weather, offbeat events will be eye-opening. A strange UFO happening (perhaps from another planet) will get worldwide attention; it may occur in a Southwest state or Mojave Desert.  An earthquake swarm (man-made due to fracking) may cause a major earthquake nearby. (It could be in the Midwest, not excluding Oklahoma like the 5.6  near Oklahoma City and felt in numerous states on November 5, 2011; it could trigger a major earthquake in the New Madrid Zone.)
Strong Earthquake Widely Felt end of 2015 in B.C./WA

In 2016, the media, weather forecasters and seismologists will forecast surreal “biblical” events but often times they will fizzle; only to be followed by sobering man-made threats that’ll create Earth changes in different places nationally and globally.  Certain events will seem familiar because of repeat historical happenings, from floods to quakes. Despite the upheaval, as always, collective awareness will help humanity to bond on Earth while the strong survive as life goes on.

Lake Tahoe/Sierra Not Immune to Quakes, Seiche
in 2016

Spot-On 2015 Predictions

*Greece was rocked by an extremely shallow and destructive earthquake in the fall.
* An autumn earthquake swarm in San Francisco Bay Area, California did occur but only a moderate widely felt shaker was the end result. 
* The Pacific Northwest did get more rain than it has in the past few years which is a good thing due to the historic drought and wildfires.
* A tsunami alert on the West Coast—from Alaska did happen as it has before in history.
* In 2015, the year was like a sequel to the film The Day After Tomorrow with crazy climate—from South Carolina flooding to a historically warmer than normal fall in the Northeast.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's Here! The Healing Powers of Olive Oil Gift Book!

By Cal Orey

The must-have gift book for 2016 
(Boost energy, lose pounds, fight colds, healthy up) -- 
from the author of the #1 best-selling amazon ebook in 
Healthy Cooking & bookbub in Health; Health and Well-Being --The Healing Powers of Vinegar

Revised and updated, this indispensible book reveals why chefs, doctors, and nutritionists all love extra virgin olive oil, a key ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet--and why other healthful oils from vegetables, fruits, and nuts are not far behind. You'll find easy recipes for satisfying foods like Pizza Baguettes with Garlic Oil, Fudgy Coconut Oil Brownies, Honey-Citrus-Olive Oil Fruit Kabobs, and Macadamia Nut Oil Cookies. 

Also included: home cures that beat colds and reduce pain, beauty and household secrets, and pet care tips that really work!  

Deliciously healing surprises. . ..
Dozens of Home Cures

The art of using olive oil for mind, body, and spirit goes back 6,000 years. Hippocrates, "the father of medicine," used olive oil in over 60 healing remedies. 

New research confirms that olive oil can help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes, and it can stall age-related diseases. 

Combining olive oil with other oils (like coconut and macadamia nut oils), can help combat fatigue, infections, and insomnia, and help you fight fat and shape up! 

Bring on the butter--especially the right kind and right amount. When paired with oils, this twentieth-century "forbidden" saturated fat is a new twenty-first-century health food. 

Orey gives kudos to olive oil--and people of all ages will benefit from her words of wisdom." --Dr. Will Clower, CEO Mediterranean Wellness

"A fascinating read--olive oil is not only delicious--it is good medicine!" --Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D.

"One of our most important foods. This book deserves to be in everybody's home library." --Elson M. Haas, M.D., author of Staying Healthy with Nutrition, 21st Century Edition


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vinegar Book Hits Amazon Best Seller List: #1

By Cal Orey

Many days ago, my long-time popular book The Healing Powers of Vinegar (published by Kensington Books) surprised me again. When looking at the author sales rank numbers via amazon's Author Central spot, the chart looked different. That line like in the stocks chart showed a huge spike--it was at the top--#1. Words above read: Author Best Seller. I was in shock like when my dog died but this time my book lived. My hardworking brainstorm baby hit number one in the Kindle Store ebooks! A 21st century feat my 20th century professors in SFSU grad school Creative Writing classes never told us could happen because the Internet changed the author's game in sales. But it did. (And yeah, I do weave informative creative non-fiction stories throughout the text in VINEGAR to make it a fun read.)

Turns out my first book of the Healing Powers series--The Healing Powers of Vinegar--is offered at a sale price via Kindle on amazon. Turns out many genres picked it up. That means the vinegar book hit #1 in many categories, including Healthy Cooking, Alternative Therapies, (scroll to the bottom of the page and the book is still #1 on Sunday, December 20) Health, Diet, Fitness.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #217 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
Mediterranean Diet is heart healthy,
staves off cancers, obesity
Actually, while this event is still eye-opening I shouldn't be too wowed. After all, VINEGAR has been my number one "child" in the Healing Powers series. When I was assigned this book project back in 1999, I didn't know it would be such a competitive wonder.  I fell into the Mediterranean Diet --an underlying theme in this book and the collection) (also very popular as I type). While doing research on the link between health perks of red wine vinegar and red wine--studies and scientists took me to olive oil (a key superfood in the healthful Old world European-style diet and lifestyle), and my second book (also available in 2nd edition--2 minute fun-to-watch trailer; due out in gift size mass market December 29 and can be on your doorstep).

So, as I continue to enjoy these two books gain attention, I do recall VINEGAR has been translated in more than a dozen languages, a story including the book graced the cover of Woman's World Magazine (I used to be the diet and nutrition columnist for this publication attracting millions of readers), Newsmax still touts the book (in online newsletters and their online store), and it was a best seller in South Korea. Plus, book clubs picked up both VINEGAR and OLIVE OIL for their readers... (HONEY, CHOCOLATE, AND COFFEE books in the series were also formerly featured in the club, including Good Cook and Literary Guild.) And not to forget VINEGAR is popular at Walmart stores--physical and online (page 1) Not only has VINEGAR been released in 1st and 2nd editions, the 3rd edition will be released this summer (new Mediterranean-style rustic recipes from me and renowned spa chefs, new research, new stories)--both books are keepers; dozens of current edition's recipes will be found only in the 2nd edition. And I still peek at the winning title of amazon kindle best seller in Healthy Cooking ... My mother, an awesome cook/bakeress would be proud of her daughter who didn't follow recipe directions as a kid in the kitchen; a teen who rebelled and went her own way in diet and health.
Meanwhile, folks who want lose pounds during the holidays and through the New Year can find vinegar diets, superfoods, and how it works to blast fat  in this kindle edition. And there is so much more to put to work... 

  • Discover the healing powers of apple cider vinegar--now widely recognized as a valuable weight loss tool and a potent elixir.
   • Find out how vinegar's curative powers can also help prevent age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, and bone loss. 
   • Learn how red wine vinegar contains the same important antioxidants as red wine--without the alcohol. 
   • Put dozens more home remedies to work for treating allergies, arthritis, toothache, sunburn, swimmer's ear, sore throat, and other pesky ailments.
You'll also find a wealth of natural beauty treatments and environment-friendly household hints--from making kitchen countertops sparkle to cleaning up kids and pets. 

Incorporating the latest scientific evidence, plus Mediterranean-style heart-healthy "fisheterian" recipes, The Healing Powers of Vinegar is a must-have, invaluable resource that will show you how to make the most of this proven powerful healer! 

"Wonderfully useful for everyone interested in health." --Elson Haas, M.D., author of Staying Healthy with Nutrition 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Clever Cures At Home With Healing Oils

(for Wintertime)

By Cal Orey

Did you know olive oil isn’t the only healing oil 
that provides healing perks? There are so many different cooking oils with amazing do-it-yourself home cures...

Nov. 2015--63 years young-no makeup 

Available this month! 
Pre-order gift size to secure copy on Dec. 29!
After I wrote the first edition of The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, I used extra virgin olive oil for home cures, including an earache, cracked skin, to a spider bite and wasp sting—all culprits that have paid me a visit while I enjoy the mountain lifestyle. These days, my kitchen pantry is stocked with other oils, too, including coconut oil and macadamia nut oil—that can and does the job.
So, take a look at some of these healing oils including almond oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, hemp seed oil, macadamia nut oil, red palm oil, sesame oil and canola oil that can be used in cooking but also as home cures. Do consult with your health care practitioner before using any new healing oil for an ailment. (And don’t forget, olive oil can also be used for most if not all of these home remedies, too.) 
1. AGE SPOTS (Preventing brown blotches with coconut oil) Brown freckle-like circles on your face, hands, arms and legs seem to appear on both men and women when Old Man Time pays a visit. Some people may be more prone to getting these spots due to sun exposure or genes. The way I see it, we can go with the flow and embrace our spots like wrinkles and gray hair—or fight it with cosmestic surgery or naturally.
What Oil Remedy to Use:  Rub a bit of coconut oil onto age spots, whether they are on your face or hands. Do this three times per day.
Why You’ll Like It:  No promises all of your age spots will be gone forever and the skin will look like it did in your twenties, however, the odds are good that your spots may appear lighter, skin smoother and that in itself may make the spots seem less noticeable. Proponents of coconut oil believe the anti-age spot potential is due to the antioxidants perks.  Evidently, these good guys may win the battle of oxidation (think of an apple cut and let out in the air and how it browns due to exposure to light).
2. ATHLETE’S FOOT (Zapping inflamed feet by using the right oil and vinegar) Age spots like aging has its woes, but athlete’s foot can occur at any age, is pesky. too. This ailment is often picked up in gym locker rooms if you go barefoot, since you are exposed to the environment where the bugs are found. This, in turn, can result in red, feet, especially in between the toes.
What Oil Remedy to Use: Mix 1 tablespoon coconut oil with 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar. Use this mixture twice a day.
Why You’ll Like It: There’s many reasons why you may find this treatment to your liking. It’s natural, it’s inexpensive, and it doesn’t smell as some over-the-counter remedies. This home cure contains lauric acid, an ingredient that makes it an antiviral and antibacterial worker, much like vinegar. You have the anti-fungal properties in vinegar paired with the anti-inflammatory effects of the coconut oil. So, if you let the oil and vinegar team do its job, you may just beat a bout of athlete’s foot.
3. BACK PAIN (Curbing aches with oils) Itchy feet are annoying but an aching back is miserable and doesn’t discriminate with gender or age. Personally, I endured a bout of sciatica in my middle years to a sore back from shoveling snow.  Often, the back can hurt when we overdo work or play. Worse, muscles can tense up and the pain worsens and is a challenge to put it out of mind. A heating pad and hot tub or massage can help to loosen tight muscles—that’s where healing oils come into play.
What Oil Remedy to Use: Try using a generous amount of warm oil, including almond or sesame oil massage base with other healing oils, such as coconut or olive oil. You can do your upper back and lower back without a partner or professional masseuse. Try twice a day. Shower after.

Why You’ll Like It: A good massage with a healing oil will relax your mind and body. The 

aroma of almond oil is soothing and can help you to chill, making aches lessen. It’s healthier 

than taking medication and it is inexpensive.

4. BLOAT (Beating water weight with the best oil) Back pain is a pain but feeling and looking bloated isn’t just a cosmetic woes Years ago, I wrote an article on fat-burning foods. Popcorn was one of the 14 edibles. It’s high in fiber, low-fat,  low-cal, no trans fat especially if you lose the fake butter and salt. It’s a super stress relieving food because of the crunch, and it can help you to get rid of extra water weight, too.
What Oil Remedy to Use: Drizzle 1 or 2 tablespoons of warmed up red palm oil on top of 2 cups of air popped popcorn.
Why You’ll Like It:  Pairing red palm oil with nutritious popcorn is going to give you a double punch of nutrients. This oil contains antioxidant vitamins A and E. Plus, it has a buttery flavor that’ll titillate your taste buds and combined with fiber-rich popcorn will fill you up not out.  As a popcorn lover, I did give this healing oil recipe a go and discovered it was different, and gave it an exotic flair.
Size 4, XS, 117 lbs, 5'5"
Pairing butter/oils and less sugar
keys to curbing appetite!
5. BODY FAT (Fighting pudge by enjoying fatty oils) Did you know extra weight and body fat can trigger back pain? It can. And adding good fat to your diet can help you lose unwanted fat and lower your body mass index.  Move over olive oil, because avocado oil and macadamia oil can help you to burn fat. These oils boost your energy. Also, they trigger the release of a hormone that signals your brain that you’re full and should stop eating.
What Oil Remedy to Use: Opt for avocado oil or macadamia oil in a salad full of fat-burning seasonal vegetables.
Why You’ll Like It: You’ll get a nice change as well as the monounsaturated fats that’ll give you the feeling of satisfaction after eating a meal.

Excerpt from The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, Revised and Updated (tradecover, E-book and mass market formats)

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Fudgy Coconut Oil Brownies -- (ebook sale Powers of Chocolate & Olive Oil)

5 Questions and Answers

Brownies and Tea for Pre-Winter
As a California native (a state touted for its no-nonsense health nuts) author Cal Orey, M.A., is an accomplished author and journalist. She grew up in the post-hippie era. In her teens she rebelled against processed canned and frozen foods and meat. That is when she began to have an interest in health and natural living.

Revised and updated, Orey  penned an indispensable book revealing why chefs, doctors, and nutritionists all love extra virgin olive oil, a key ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet—and why other healthful oils from vegetables, fruits, and nuts are not far behind.  You’ll find easy and sophisticated recipes for satisfying foods like Pizza Baguettes with Garlic Oil, Fudgy Coconut Oil Brownies, and Macadamia Nut Oil Cookies. Also, included: home cures that beat colds and reduce pain, beauty and household secrets, and pet care tips that really work!

Deliciously healing surprising…

Q: Sugar or Fat? Which one does a writer need more?
Fat. I used to be a sugar junkie. These days, when I incorporate real butter (no fake stuff for me) and oil(s) with superfoods, I’m satisfied and keep lean and fit. Sugar on occasion in natural ice cream and a homemade cookie or brownie finds its way to my life, but only in moderation.

Chocolate muffins with coconut oil can work, too...
Check out The Healing Powers of Chocolate book!
Q: Your writing resumes are impressive. Two degrees in writing, three decades of articles and book experience. How did you end up as the Healing Powers Series author?
A: Before finishing grad school at San Francisco State University, I was a published magazine writer. I used to write articles for well-known men’s mags. I spun both fiction and non-fiction. Then, I moved over to women’s mags and wrote about every romance and relationship topic imaginable. Fast forward to 1999. I got my first real book deal from Kensington, a New York publisher. (I penned dozens of diet-related mini mags found in grocery stores.)
Many moons later, I’m known as the Healing Powers author. I’ve written five books on superfoods: vinegar, olive oil, chocolate, honey and coffee. (I’ve just been assigned the third edition of The Healing Powers of Vinegar and number six Healing Powers book—it’s a secret superfood.) These books have been embraced by major book clubs including, One Spirit, Literary Guild, Quality Paperback, and Good Cook.

Q: Your Healing Power series has also been translated in 20 languages; Congratulations! Tell us a little about the past and new updated and revised olive oil book.
A: When I started the vinegar book, red wine vinegar was supposed to be the new twist.  During my research, however, I discovered while it does contain some good for you compounds like resveratrol (found in red wine), I needed more information to honestly tout vinegar’s health benefits. I fell into the wide world of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle because it includes not only red wine but healthful olive oil—and that superfood led to the first and second edition—The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, A Complete Guide to Nature’s Liquid Gold, Revised and Updated. The first edition is my second best-selling book and now the second edition has been released--three formats.

Q:  Did you discover any real surprises while researching this book?
A: I found out that other oils, including coconut and canola, have healing perks. Combining olive oil with other oils can help fight fatigue, infections, and insomnia, and help you to fight fat and shape up!

Q: What's an interesting fact about olive oil that most people don't know?
A:  Discovering the you can combine a variety of oils is becoming more commonplace in the kitchen; even seen on Food Network with its creative celeb chefs as well as every day folks are teaming these oils in entrees to desserts as well as home cures and beauty recipes.

Q: Did you learn something new that will shock readers?
A: Bring on the butter—especially the right kind and right amount. When paired with oils, this twentieth-century “forbidden” saturated fat is a new twenty-first-century health food. I’ve learned that while I was sneaking butter into my recipes and diet that I was doing the right thing. Lose the margarine!

Q. Do you have a personal favorite dish that you use two oils instead of just olive oil?
A: Chocolate! I simply adore chocolate semi-homemade brownies. It makes my kitchen smell like I’ve soared to Chocolate Heaven and the taste and crunch with nuts and chewy coconut takes me away to a happy place.

Fudgy Coconut Oil Brownies
* * *
Welcome to fudgy brownies with both olive oil and coconut oil. Also, dark chocolate and nuts are part of this bar—heart healthy foods—perfect for February is American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day. This is a classic recipe but with my own healing oils spin of semi-homemade (the brownie mix nutrition label reads no trans fats). But note, these bars are good so if you want to stave off a “muffin top” as noted in Eat Pray Love,  savor one not a whole batch like I did.

¼ cup and 2 teaspoons cup extra virgin olive oil                   ¼ cup coconut oil
¼ cup water                                                                             2 organic brown eggs
1 package store-bought premium dark chocolate                  ¼ cup whole-wheat flour
brownie mix (with no trans fats)                                             (at high altitude)
½ cup dark chocolate chips                                                    ½ cup almonds or walnuts, sliced
1 cup sweetened coconut, shredded                                       
butter for greasing dish
NEW! Includes coconut oil and other healing oils for home cures,
beauty and rustic recipes!
In a large bowl, combine oil, beaten eggs, and water. Add brownie mix and flour, stir till smooth. Fold in chips and nuts. Lightly grease (with extra virgin olive oil or butter) an 8-inch-by8-inch glass square dish, pour and spread brownie mixture. (Or pour batter into a cupcake paper lined muffin pan.) Bake at 325 degrees for about 40 minutes. Don't over bake. While warm from the oven, sprinkle top with coconut. Makes about 12 brownies. Serve with coffee or tea. More amazing healing oils shared in dozens of new recipes.   The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, Revised and Updated (Kensington), is available in tradecover and E-book at,, and Walmart as well as other fine bookstores.