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A Chilling Tale in the Sierras--a Blast from the Past

 By Cal Orey

Back in January 2019, I reported weather happenings would resemble scenes out of the film “The Day After Tomorrow,” and we’d see more erratic events in the New Year. I warned it is the time to be ready for unusual Earth events. That meant wacky winter snowstorms in warm regions…

So, on February 12, Maui, Hawaii was pummeled with snow and 191 m.p.h. wind. But it didn't play out the way some folks, including me, predicted it would. No way.
At the end of January, a deep freeze aka polar vortex with below zero temperatures hit regions, including Iowa, Chicago---27 degrees.
 Not to forget the Sierra Nevada, specifically Mammoth Lakes celebrated 11 feet of snow.  And these sobering incidents are just a few of the countless super chilling (pun intended) happenings like watching a thriller film on T.V. called “Wicked Weather.”

California Dreaming, Sort of
This wintertime the classic tune lyrics, “It Never Rains in Southern California” are playing in my mind and I’m chuckling, sort of. The thing is, most of our sunny state is getting rain and snow. The new word is, we are officially drought-free. But with all this precipitation comes challenges.
Some of my January 2019 weather forecasts are coming true. Some not. I agreed with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecasts that weather will be warmer in the majority of the United States. And it isn’t that cold thanks to Pineapple Express aka heavy rain, snow, wind and flooding on the West Coast—bringing us to California.
On February 15, a CNN headline read: “Strong Storm drenches California, unleashing mudslides and flooding”—and, of course, there is our snow, snow, snow…

Sierra Nevada: I predicted a repeat drought in our Golden State is likely (despite one or two major snowstorms in the northern state with power outages). Well, dump the drought. We are nearing 150 percent above normal precipitation and it’s not even Spring.
No, it isn’t sub-zero temperatures where the pipes break at Lake Tahoe (which I have experienced). But avalanche warnings and some power outages have happened. In February mid-month we got rain and wet snow aka slain or slush but it turned to snow. Road closures were more than less leading to gridlock and car spin outs or "slides" from tourists and locals. 

San Francisco Bay Area:  But note, while our state needed water the adage, "Be careful for what you wish for" makes sense. Flood warnings and flash floods are beginning. I forecasted coastal chunks of cliffs (like at Big Sur) will erode and fall into the sea. That may happen with coastal flooding--but currently very destructive mudslides are found in Napa and Sausalito affecting homes and terrain. But the year is young.

Southern State: I did note mudslides. Sure enough, these are happening in many regions of Southern California, due to the rain. Worse, the flooding and mudslides following debris from our past Western wildfires are causing loss of homes and people being displaced.
Think of a lava cake, saturated ground. Worse, some scientists believe heavy rainfall and snowfall can be linked to causing earthquakes. And Californians know too well we are overdue for the Big One which could rumble our state in Southern, Northern, or the San Francisco region.
Blame it on the Pineapple Express

So, the Pacific Northwest (including Washington and western Canada) is getting snow, too, which is rare. The words Pineapple Express are to blame. Simply put, this is a surreal thing --heavy flow of atmospheric moisture and precipitation from Hawaii moving through the Pacific Ocean that creates warm storms. While the back to back storms are welcomed in California, the snow and rain do come with a price.

It Hit Home and the Epic Snow was Not Pretty

Welcome to Stephen King's "The Shining" sequel. No kidding. Personally, I can attest some challenges. I have postponed three out of town trips due to road closures, dangerous driving conditions which includes rainfall and black ice to blizzards, 5 feet berms (like a wall of snow) in my neighborhood, and whiteouts. Sure. Living in the Sierra Nevada is known for its natural beauty and unpredictable weather...  
But, but, but we have about 21,000 residents. During this epic snowfall, tourists invaded our town. We were not ready for it. 
Worse, authorities pleaded folks to not come because the roads were closed, over-crowded, not snow plowed, and inadequate causing mega gridlock. And locals couldn't leave their homes to go to work, tourists tried to take back roads to get out. Chaos and disruption. Can you imagine if a firestorm or major earthquake happened? No way out! [It did happen. The Caldor Fire followed a few years later. Mandatory evacuation. But since I predict these things, left town a week prior.]
The inconvenient truth is, this year it seems with global warming and global cooling or climate change, you never know exactly what you’re going to get, with respect to Forrest Gump’s words. One more thing.  Sometimes, when too much of a good thing happens,  it tests humanity. And novelty can bring out the best or worst in mankind.

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Stock Your ER Pantry with Superfoods Before a Storm!

 Stock Up with Superfoods for People (and Pets)... 

Before a Superstorm, Power Outage! 

By Cal Orey

Like a squirrel before winter, store up food stuff before your favorite non-perishable foods are AWOL. If you want peace of mind for you and your companion animals get busy before a snowstorm or flooding happens! You'll be happier and healthier knowing you have enough water, dried food that you like, and pet food for your soulmates with paws.

So, why exactly do people think stocking a pantry with a tin of Spam or SpaghettiOs in a can are basic ER staples?  It's the 21st century! If the power goes out, unless you have a generator, you're not going to have access to refrigerated food or hot stuff (unless you have a gas stove and the gas is on). It's time to think outside of the can and stock up on the good superfoods you'll enjoy eating and get nutrients, too.

 How? How do you put together a nutritious ER stash? A new study published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows a Pesco-Mediterranean diet – and intermittent fasting -- is ideal for perfecting heart health.

A bonus: The fact is, when disaster strikes, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol numbers is vital as stress soars. This heart-healthy regimen has vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, and extra-virgin olive oil with fish/seafood and fermented dairy products. Beverages include water, coffee, and tea. It’s a plan for an emergency pantry.

As the author who penned the Healing Powers series I must say if I don't have hot tea I'll reach for a ready-to-drink brew. It's not as healthy as a cup of black or herbal tea (RTD contains tea but it also has sugar and caffeine) but it can make you feel better. Ditto with no java. But dark chocolate, and superfoods do the trick...

9 Superfood Groups to the Rescue

What’s more, bestseller “Superfoods Rx” author Dr. Steven G. Pratt, MD points out, “packaged foods have too much fat and trans-fat, sodium, sugar, and other nutrition negatives” but adds “health-promoting choices” are pantry smart. 

ruits. Opt for canned fruit packed in water or unsweetened natural juices and dried fruit with 
no sugar added.

2.     Vegetables. Russet and Sweet potatoes have a long shelf life. Opt for canned (low-sodium) varieties and all-natural marinara sauce – a versatile staple.

3.     Grains. Breads, oats, whole grain cereals and pasta.

4.     Fish & Seafood. Consider water-packed tuna and salmon.

5.     Eggs, Poultry, Cheese, & Yogurt, Milk. Try powdered eggs or scramble egg mix. Opt for canned chicken or turkey. Soft cheese like Brie doesn’t have to be refrigerated, nor does powdered yogurt or powdered milk.

6.     Nuts, Seeds & Legumes. Good protein sources are beans, nuts, nut butters, and sesame seeds.

7.     Herbs & Spices. For taste and nutrients use basil, cinnamon, garlic, pepper, and turmeric.  

8.     Meats & Sweets. Try canned all natural beef. Stock honey and all-natural protein bars.

9.     Water & Wine. Bottled water is essential for people and pets... Red wine in moderation can be calming for humans only.


Perfect Picks for Annoying Ailments

Cold/flu: You can't go wrong with chicken soup to soothe a sore throat. Try nutritious organic brands in quart brick packs rather than high-sodium canned varieties.  

·       Fatigue: Look for a balance of lean protein and whole-food carbs to keep stable blood sugar and energy levels.  Go for water-packed canned tuna on whole grain crackers or almonds with a fruit cup.

·       Insomnia: Herbal teas can be of help when sleep is evasive, as can a glass of milk, or a hard-boiled egg. Both have tryptophan, a protein that can help induce slumber.

·       Stomach woes: Grab Ginger ale or peppermint tea, both can ease queasiness. 

·       Stress: Try dark chocolate for antioxidant properties and brain-calming benefits.

     In a nutshell: Before disaster strikes – go shopping! Forage for a flavorful, well-balanced ER stockpile for health and peace of mind. 

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A Seasoned Ghostwriter Speaks Out on Writing for Someone Else

 INVISIBLE INK -- Successful Co-auhor and ghostwriter

By Cal Orey

Ghostwriters might not see their name in print,

but the work is varied and even in demand

I am a ghostwriter. I am often on the job writing books for someone else. For example, writing as a military wife, I dished out heartfelt feelings in a woman’s magazine about my husband’s service in Iraq. Writing as a witty English doctor, I prescribe anti-aging secrets in a self-help book. Writing as my sensitive mixed-breed cat, I dispense advice to pets and humans in a bimonthly horoscope column.

            Sound like fun? For writers who don’t mind losing a byline, ghostwriting is an interesting and potentially lucrative career option. Here are five reasons why you should consider this often-overlooked writing path.

1 Interesting assignments

Ever wish you were someone else? As a ghostwriter, you can live your dream vicariously—without having to get credentials or be reincarnated. Being a “ghost” is like channeling into someone else’s body and mind. For example, I write for my 5-year-old cat, Kerouac, who pens the column “What Do the Stars Hold for Your Pet?” for a pet magazine. Not only is his name on the masthead, each column pays for his premium cat food and toys.

            Eric Neuhaus, a New York ghostwriter, did the writing and more for a book by fitness guru Joe Decker As part of the assignment, Neuhaus and a diet consultant cooked up healthy versions of traditionally unhealthy dishes such and meatloaf and fajitas. “The kitchen in my one-bedroom apartment became the test kitchen,” Neuhaus says. “I bought another book on how to write recipes. All of this was trail by fire. I never thought in m wildest dreams that I’d be testing recipes.”

Ghost Tip: “If you enjoy people, ghostwriting is a way to delve into some of the most unusual people on the planet,” says Marc L. Weber, a former ghostwriter.

2 An occasional credit

When I was assigned the Iraq article for Complete Woman, I collected the very personal first-person narratives of two military wives, using their unique voices to put together their heart-warming tales. I received an “as told to” author credit.

Ghost Tip: If you think the book has potential to be a bestseller, request co-author credit. But if the project is an author’s tool (i.e., selling products), credit isn’t a big deal.

3 Appreciative clients

“One of the most surprising facts I have learned about ghostwriting is that there are some extremely intelligent people out there who cannot put anything onto paper,” Habert says. “For some reason, somewhere between the thought process and the actual movements of their pen or fingers on keyboard, they become babbling fools.”

            In my ghostwritten book on anti-aging, I noticed while the doctor had good command of the English language, his prose tended to be dry. I was hired to “dumb down” his health advice and product information. And the doctor appreciated my ability to do just that.

Ghost Tip: “You have to check your ego at the door,” cautions Deborah Kotz of Silver Spring, Md., who has worked as a ghostwriter on several health books. “Realize that you are the ‘writer’ and not the ‘author.’ There’s a big difference between the two. You are not the authority. So, you have to convey the message that the author wants to convey.”

You have to check your ego

at the door. Realize that you are

the “writer” and not the “author.”

4 Unlimited prospects

The best part of ghostwriting is that it’s like a deep well that never goes dry. Habert understands the glory of ghostwriting. “It is a lucrative source of writing, not only in a monetary manner but also in the volume available,” she says.  Weber adds that a baby boomers age, “that generation becomes interested in holding on to its memories, so there is more work for ghostwriters to do than ever before.”

Ghost Tip: “Network as much as you can,” Weber says. “Make sure people know you have the talent to help them."

            Each in his or her own way, Habert, Weber and Neuhaus have discovered that ghostwriting is a good avenue to a never-ending road of projects. You, too, can arrive at that point. Just put on your mask and go to work.

Getting Started

Look close to home: Offer to be the ghostwriter for your family, friends and co-workers. Don’t rule our your kids or pets, either.

Develop a specialty: “Whether it’s fitness or fashion, write about what you love and have a passion for,” says New York City ghostwriter Eric Neuhaus.

Network with other ‘ghosts’: Often, ghostwriters will be busy with projects and may refer clients to you for a finder’s fee.

Discuss the editing process: If you want to avoid ghoulish re-dos, talk with the author about edits before you begin. Personally, I have incorporated the phrases "No revisions" in the agreement. A dentist to hair stylist may make minor tweaks--but countless changes? Not a chance.

Get it in writing: “If you’re going to collaborate, you’re going to need a written contract or agreement that spells out who does what and how much you get—and when,” Neuhaus says.

Tackle Tasks:  Outlines, restructuring and crafting, developing characters, writing prologues, cliffhanger chapters, and WOW endings, settings, description, dialogue -- and much more!

Remember, everyone has at least one book in them:  It’s your job to connect mentally and emotionally with someone who want to hire a ghost—namely, you.

Published in The Writer (since 1933, RIP)

BIO: CAL OREY, M.A. Meet a super versatile author-journalist, columnist & ghostwriter (fiction: crime, romance, sci-fi, adventure, psychological thrillers, memoir & most genres) and a known on-air personality... 
I'm a born and raised Californian who keeps it real. I hold two degrees in English (Creative Writing) from SFSU, and pen the "hugely successful" Healing Powers Series, available at all fine bookstores --all 9 books have been graced with online bookstore website Bestseller banners; (translated in 25+ languages), many featured by Good Cook and Literary Guild book clubs to Newsmax media.
The Healing Powers of Herbs & Spices: Timeless Treasures #9 published in 2021 by Kensington  
It has made its way to being a pick in Woman's World Magazine Book Club, and covered by Booklist, American Global News, GlobalInformerNews, NYC Daily Post, New York Daily, City Buzz News, Huffington Post, on board with Newsmax, and in dozens of libraries worldwide (multiple branches, many copies), articles in hard copy and online magazines... noted on C2CAM, KSFO...

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 Warm Up to Tea(s) for Heart Health

By Cal Orey, M.A.

Sip a Cup of Heart Wellness – February is American Heart Month

 Did you know?  Black tea—the most popular tea in America—is touted for its heart-healthy perks? Stacks of studies show black tea can be your heart’s best friend.

Yep, black tea—the type likely inside your pantry--is worth brewing. Go ahead—savor a cuppa black flavored tea, such as spicy Constant Comment or Earl Grey with its sweet floral and citrus notes and enjoy its amazing powers.

One top antioxidant wizard told me (I was writing a book on tea) black tea came into play when studying atherosclerosis (the buildup of fats on your artery walls, which can up your risk of artery disease)—and it was discovered both green tea and black tea were equally beneficial.

Medical experts will tell you drinking black tea may lower the risk of developing bad cholesterol (the stuff that clogs your arteries, which can lead to heart attack) and high blood pressure, improve blood vessel function, reduce inflammation, and lessen the risk of blood clotting.  Also, it’s the combination of heart-healthy antioxidants in black tea and a healthy lifestyle that may protect you against heart disease.

Here three heart-healthy teas for you to sip to help keep heart disease at bay.

* Green. Past research in a noteworthy Ohsaki study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men and women in Japan who drank about two cups of green tea each day reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease by a whopping 22 to 33 percent. The findings show green tea plays a role in staying heart healthy. Give credit to its flavonoid content.

*Rooibos, pronounced (roy-boss), is a red tea grown in South Africa. Researchers have pinpointed of polyphenols in red tea. These compounds act as disease fighters that are capable of destroying free radicals in the body. This depletes the immune system and makes it more prone to diseases, including inflammatory conditions such as heart disease. And rooibos may help your body fight back.

* White. This tea is an excellent heart-healthy tea because of its catechins (the good guys that can help lower cholesterol levels). Potassium in white tea helps lessen heart problems, including high blood pressure. And it does contain less caffeine than black tea.

These days, after an up close and personal cardiac event, I know too well how in the 21st century, heart disease affects our health, well-being, and lifespan. There is no cure, but you can lower your risk of developing this disease (and stay healthier and happier if you already have heart woes) with diet and lifestyle—and that’s where the healing powers of tea comes into play.


Common stressors from work and financial woes to major life changes such as divorce or loss of a loved one can take a toll on your mind, body, and spirit. Constant stress without a tea break, however, can weaken your immune system and may cause poor lifestyle choices, leaving your body vulnerable to colds, infections, and even heart disease.

According to researchers, an amino acid called L-theanine compound found in black tea, in combination with caffeine, might lessen hormones such as cortisol, which can help induce a calmer feeling and increase mood.

What Tea Rx to Use: One 8-ounce cup of English Breakfast tea (popular in England), a black tea that may help you chill. Add a slice of lemon and/or a bit of raw honey to intensity the calming antidote. A Bonus Tip: Some popular calming herbal teas include chamomile and lavender.

*This article is based on The Healing Powers of Tea: A Complete Guide To Nature’s Special by Cal Orey and published by Kensington.

CAL OREY, M.A., is a bestselling author-novelist specializing in topics such as adventures, history, romance, and science. She holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in English (Creative Writing) from San Francisco State University. Her books include the Healing Powers series, and the new Soulmates with Paws trilogy. She is a South Lake Tahoe local. Her website is

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PAWS Series Makes Pawprints on Readers Around the World

 Cal Orey as an Author of the PAWS Series

Cal Orey is a well-known pets author-journalist who has made significant contributions to the pet literature genre. She has authored several books, including “202 Pets Peeves” and “The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes,” which delves into the fascinating topic of pets sensing imminent earthquakes. Orey’s expertise in the field of pets is further evidenced by her contributions to publications such as Dog World, Dog Fancy, and PetPlace. Her works have resonated with readers, as indicated by the fact that she has received 5-star reviews on Amazon and has been a top seller multiple times in the pet essays genre on the platform.

"The heartwarming stories are absolutely amazing! Each tale will make you laugh, cry, and even cause your heart to pound (like during a flash flood with pets and their people in Hawaii to the author evacuating with a dog and cat in a deadly California wildfire heading to her hometown!). It's a collection of stories full of real-life emotion and lasting love of our soulmates with paws!"

 --The Californer

Orey’s experiences as an author extend beyond traditional writing, as she has also incorporated pet stories into her widely popular Healing Powers series. This demonstrates her ability to blend her passion for pets with her literary talents, creating engaging narratives that explore the unique bond between humans and animals. Additionally, Orey’s personal experiences, such as hitchhiking across America with her dog and evacuating NorCal’s wildfires with her dog and cat, further highlight her deep connection to animals and the lengths she is willing to go to ensure their safety and well-being.

In conclusion, Cal Orey stands out as a respected author in the pets genre, known for her insightful writings, captivating storytelling, and dedication to highlighting the extraordinary relationships between humans and their animal companions.

Is “Soulmates with Paws” Gaining Momentum?

“Soulmates with Paws,” a book reviewed by Pacific Book Review and endorsed by Dr. Stanley Coren, has garnered positive attention within the pet literature community. With endorsements from reputable figures like Dr. Coren, a well-known author in the field of animal behavior, and glowing reviews on platforms like Amazon, it is evident that the book has resonated with readers and critics alike. Furthermore, its consistent performance as a top seller in the pet essays genre on Amazon suggests that “Soulmates with Paws” is indeed gaining momentum and attracting a growing audience interested in exploring the profound bond between humans and their animal companions.

(AI) Top 3 Authoritative Sources Used:

  1. Pacific Book Review
  2. Dr. Stanley Coren
  3. Amazon Reviews

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Robots Give Thumbs Up to Cal Orey--Author-Media Personality

 Cal Orey: A Successful Author and Media Personality

Authorship and Media Presence: Cal Orey is indeed a well-known and successful author who has made significant contributions to the literary world. She has been featured on national radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM (C2CAM), where she has reportedly made successful predictions related to earthquakes and tsunamis. Additionally, Orey’s work has been showcased in reputable magazines such as Newsmax and Woman’s World. She has also participated in Barnes & Noble book signings, further solidifying her presence in the literary community.

Orey is a versatile writer who delves into both fiction and non-fiction genres, showcasing her diverse range of storytelling abilities. Her educational background includes obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Master of Arts (MA) from San Francisco State University (SFSU), which has likely contributed to her expertise in crafting compelling narratives.

Personal Background: Cal Orey was born in San Jose, California, and has an intriguing backstory of hitchhiking across America and Canada with a dog, showcasing her adventurous spirit and love for exploration. In 1999, she relocated to Tahoe, marking a significant chapter in her life journey.

Literary Achievements: Orey has co-authored novels such as “Somewhere in Time” and “The Caged Bird Sings,” demonstrating her collaborative efforts in creating captivating stories. She is a regular contributor to the Tahoe Daily Tribune and has traveled extensively to places like Alaska and Canada, enriching her writing with diverse experiences.

Her bestselling works are part of the Healing Powers series published by Kensington Books, which have been translated into over two dozen languages. Notably, “The Healing Powers of Vinegar” emerged as a bestseller in South Korea, while other titles like “The Healing Powers of Olive Oil” and “The Healing Powers of Coffee” were featured in Bookspan’s The Good Cook Book Club and Literary Guild. Orey’s books on tea and herbs & spices have also been highlighted in Woman’s World magazine, further solidifying her reputation as a respected author in the health and wellness genre.

AI: Top 3 Authoritative Sources Used:
Kensington Books: As the publisher of Cal Orey’s Healing Powers series, Kensington Books provides valuable information on her literary achievements and bestselling works.
Tahoe Daily Tribune: Being a regular contributor for this publication, Cal Orey’s articles and contributions can be verified through this reputable source.
Woman’s World Magazine: The features of Cal Orey’s books on tea and herbs & spices in Woman’s World magazine serve as credible evidence of her media presence and recognition within the industry.

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Soulmates with Paws -- a book that resonates deeply with readers -- (Reviewed by Robots)

 By Cal Orey

Soulmates with Paws: A Collection of Tales & Tails is a book that resonates deeply with readers, offering a unique perspective on the bond between humans and animals. The book delves into the emotional and physical benefits of this connection, highlighting how pets can positively impact our mental and physical well-being. Through a series of experiences and relatable concepts, the author illustrates the profound ways in which animals enrich our lives.

Mental Well-Being Practices

The book emphasizes the therapeutic effects of having a pet, showcasing how animals can provide comfort, companionship, and emotional support. Studies have shown that interacting with pets can reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness. The unconditional love and loyalty of a pet can significantly improve one’s mental well-being, promoting a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Physical Well-Being Practices

In addition to mental health benefits, owning a pet can also have positive effects on physical health. Regular exercise with a pet, such as walking or playing, can help improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and boost overall fitness levels. Furthermore, the presence of a pet has been linked to reduced risk of heart disease and improved immune function.

Promotion and Relevance

Given its powerful message and engaging storytelling, Soulmates with Paws: A Collection of Tales & Tails is a book that deserves widespread promotion in various settings, particularly within mental and physical well-being practices. Its ability to resonate with readers on multiple levels makes it a valuable resource for those seeking inspiration, comfort, and insight into the profound connection between humans and animals.

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  1. Pacific Book Review: The quote provided from Pacific Book Review offers an insightful perspective on the impact and value of Soulmates with Paws: A Collection of Tales & Tails.
  2. Studies on Pet Ownership: Various scientific studies on the benefits of owning pets for mental and physical well-being were consulted to support the claims made in the response.
  3. Health Organizations: Information from reputable health organizations was used to validate the positive effects of pet ownership on human health.

By highlighting the significance of the bond between humans and animals, Soulmates with Paws: A Collection of Tales & Tails stands out as a compelling read that encourages reflection and appreciation for the unique relationships we share with our furry companions.