Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Confessions of a Part-Time Phone Psychic

So, exactly how in the world did I, a veteran author and natural Earth changes prognosticator, end up being a live part-time phone psychic for two networks, anyhow?

Blame it on the Great Recession hit (yes, I predicted it). In the winter of 2010, I called a psychic (or 10) to ask, "When is a foreign rights check for my books coming--and how much?" The answers I got were zany, including "one million dollars"! I offered three realistic choices, "Choose one."  And that's when I called a psychic network manager and predicted: "I can do better."
If you want to contact me: COrey39184@aol.com -- you can use the email and send to PayPal for readings--no topic is too big or small. Appointments same day!  $40 for 30 minutes; $80 for 1 hour... 1 Question? $25
General reading (includes romance, work, family, well-being, and future months ahead for 2016). 
"Time Frame Girl" will deliver you a reading with a wow factor!  (See A Natural Born Intuitive)
After all, I thought, "Since I was 8, people have noticed my sensitive nature and uncanny sixth sense. After I penned the book 'The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes,' I began dishing out quake predictions on national radio shows. Reading people and the challenges that rock their world is no different."
And now I'm one of countless psychic adviser voices who charge by the minute to tune into people and be their personal Magic Eight Ball. (I've received hundreds of positive reviews. Also, I'm tagged as the "time frame" reader with dishes dates. Yes, I'm accurate about 80 percent of the time.

Tuning In to the Faraway Caller
No, I do not use incense, hold a crystal ball or provide spells. I'm often in the company of two sensitive dogs and one black cat (they relax me), and listening to alternative music when the phone rings. I am connected to a caller who is often sad, upset or confused. And, yes, this job can be stressful as well as rewarding. Think  healer.

Once I hear a voice, it sets the stage. Often I can pick up if the call is from the West Coast, South, Northeast, Canada, Trinidad, New Zealand or Australia. And it's not always the accents. It's my animal-like intuition that kicks in from the get go. But there's more ...

Hello, Mother Nature
I use the planets as a baseline, lunar cycles (emotions and calls soar during the New and Full Moon), and a tarot card to get an objective read, which often coincides with what I've picked up with my gut instinct. As a super-sensitive woman, I can predict callers' questions by tuning into their voice, energy and words.

I can also pick up why I'm being contacted, the age of a person, their sun sign (but sometimes I do ask; usually they end up being on the cusp of two signs). If I'm challenged by a skeptical caller, it can end up in a murky reading or a hang-up. It used to hurt my feelings, but nowadays, I sip chamomile tea until the next ring.

I can sense if the caller is sincere -- and then it's show time. Sometimes, the paranormal activity kind of cues I get send chills through my body. The caller feels it, too. That means that I tapped into their psyche and we connected, big-time.

I Can Feel Your Vibrations
Both my callers and I are often surprised that I know things, such as if he or she has a toothache or heartache. The most common problem I am faced with is unrequited love (one-sided romance) -- and it hurts. How do you say, "He or she isn't that much into you?" and/or "Move on for true happiness" -- especially when the caller has her ego wounded, fears being alone or is anxious about the unknown.

I do offer positive advice and words of preparedness for upcoming events (even if a caller can't see what I'm talking about yet). I tell it like it is because saying good things doesn't always bring good or accurate results. It's like saying, "A quake won't hit" when I'm looking at the USGS map, watching an aggressive swarm on an active fault, and the caller is located at the epicenter of a country in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Fire, Earth, Water and Air Signs
Speaking of Earth elements, how do I know if a caller is a Fire, Earth, Water or Air sign? A fire sign is direct and intense, and if the topic is touchy, I can feel their heated emotions (my clavicle often aches). Earth signs are reserved, a bit shy and need a nudge to be real. I can pick up the vibe of passionate water signs' feelings and understand they want me to confirm what they know. And air signs are analytical, good communicators and have a sixth sense, but are hesitant to tune into their gut instincts.

Two days ago, a woman asked me if her sibling would survive a challenging surgical procedure. I strongly sensed "yes." Tonight, I got the answer. I was spot on. I signed on to take another call. I'm sensing the phone will ring within 15 minutes.

Oh, and if you're wondering why, if I'm so psychic, I didn't know when my book check was in the mail, the reason is this: Sometimes it can be tricky to get an accurate read on your own life. Psychic advisers frequently turn to their colleagues (or tarot cards) for an objective outlook, the way I look to the moon and planets to tell me what other people have in store.

There goes the phone, right on time. So, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll take that call. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Released! Healing Powers of Vinegar, #3 Delivered August 30!

By Cal Orey

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Almost two decades ago, I was assigned a book project on vinegar. Actually, red wine vinegar was to be the twist. I went into research mode and fell into the world of the Mediterranean diet--including olive oil--and mixed it up with RWV, balsamic vinegar, olive oil--and the superfoods of this diet that ranks as one of the top ones in the U.S. This was the book that spawned the Healing Powers series: Olive Oil, Chocolate, Honey, Coffee--and Tea.

Tomorrow, the vinegar book that has sold nearly 1/4 million copies, translated in more than a dozen languages, featured in Woman's World magazine and the Good Cook Book Club--will be released. This edition? It's bigger and better and definitely updated! Take a peek. 


New Recipes * New Health Research * New Home Cures

With a New Foreword by Dr. Will Clower, CEO Mediterranean Wellness

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“A practical, health-oriented book that everyone who wants to stay healthy and live longer should read.” —Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D., author of Apple Cider Vinegar

“The essential book on vinegar—the number-one superfood of all time!” —Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., author of The Fat Flush Plan
From Folk Medicine to 21st-Century Favorite—Discover the Amazing Powers of Vinegar!
Revised and updated, this comprehensive book draws on the latest scientific studies and interviews with top health researchers to reveal how apple cider and red wine vinegars—as well as balsamic, fruit, rice, and herb-infused vinegars—can help you stay healthy. You’ll also find proven home health cures, innovative cosmetic secrets, lively anecdotes, and environmentally friendly household hints—from making countertops sparkle to cleaning up kids and pets.
*Take advantage of vinegar’s natural therapeutic, antioxidant, and culinary virtues as this 5,000-year-old healer evolves in new uses and products—from sipping vinegars to home-cooked foods.
* Learn how vinegar helps lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and bone loss. 
*Discover how vinegar’s acetic acid kills bacteria, and may help prevent tuberculosis and combat antibiotic-resistant superbugs.
Create home cures to treat allergies, arthritis, toothaches, sunburn, swimmer’s ear, sore throat, and other pesky ailments.
…and discover much more in this invaluable resource to help you slim down, shape up, and enhance longevity!

“Vinegar is right there in your cupboard—waiting for you to open its health properties for you and your family. Cal Orey’s book can show you how.” —Dr. Will Clower, CEO Mediterranean Wellness

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An Author's Day in the Life: Dog Surgery, Quakes, Eulogy

By Cal Orey
Today was surreal. I feel like I was on a roller coaster from 7 AM to 11: 21 PM.  Let me count the twists and turns... 

In the morning my beloved Aussie, 3 1/2 was whisked off to the vet for a dental check. I chose Plan B (a dental scale on one back molar, mild sedative)... Plan C upstaged my wish. Skyler got his second (first when neutered before 1 yrs. old) dental scaling and one extraction. So, pup survives and now has 41 teeth. (This saddens me because I was with him when he lost his baby teeth.) But I'm happy that it was taken care of, passed the pre-surgery tests and is home asleep...

Cat...Zen taken in for a dental check. Holding his own and doing okay for a middle-aged Siamese-mix with a predisposition for gingivitis. No surgery. Cat sleeps. I sit here still pondering the day's challenges.

My right arm heals from straining a muscle when the dog walker had a stare down with Skye and I tried to get everything under control. Day 10 and almost back to normal. My arm. Note to dog walkers: Do not play the stare-down game with a pooch.

Moving on to the call from a producer from Coast to Coast AM... I was the News Segment Guest... An impromptu eulogy one month after geologist Jim Berkland's passing. Ironically, today is the day of a catastrophic earthquake that happened in the man's primary seismic window, 7 days after the Full Moon. Yes, even on the other side his theories work and he is the man. Bless the people who are challenged by the devastating earthquake. Oddly, one month ago I purchased a wall divider of Rome...

And in The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes notes of a potential major Rome quake in 2015-2016...and the book was written a decade ago. 

What's more, I made a forecast for my 2016 predictions that Anchorage, AK would be hit by a major plus quake in 2016...and yet I am booked for a book signing in AK next month. What are the odds? It's time to sleep... The pup and kitty have the right idea.

Major Italy Quake Hit in Geologist's Seismic Window

Cal Orey

Update: August 24, 2016 a major catastrophic global earthquake hit near Rome, in central Italy--greatly affecting the ancient town of Amatrice-- early in the morning. This earthquake happened 7 days after the Full Moon on August 18 (in the late geologist Jim Berkland's primary seismic window).

Geologist's Theories Validated Days Before Death

Days before the unconventional American scientist's passing, national news headlines read:

"Some earthquakes on San Andreas fault are triggered by gravitational tug of of sun and moon" -- In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences researchers claimed there is a link to the moon/sun/tides and earthquakes, including the San Andreas Fault Zone. 

This theory is exactly what Jim Berkland, the "maverick geologist" (who predicted the SF quake that hit near the SAF on October 17, 1989 ) had been saying for decades... He was right, after all. He made a difference. His theories are immortalized.

After dozens of attempts with the "editors"  on wikipedia my words updating his theories remain on the website. 
He was like a surrogate father to me: a man who loved nature, swimming, dogs, and traveling on book tours.
I miss him... and will not forget our last conversation. I knew I was losing my dear friend... For more than three decades we bonded through articles and a book I wrote about him. The time was fading as the man's time left on Earth. And I cried.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

An Author's Work is Never Done!

By Cal Orey

Barnes and Noble Book Signing in Anchorage, AK
Today is the end of August 19, 2016. It is the day that my latest book The Healing Powers of Tea is ready to put to bed. I just printed out nearly 400 pages. I look more cross-eyed than my Siamese-mix cat and am feeling whooped. Think taking 20 classes and passing. Each time I open the document and go to a chapter to see if I got it right--I did. I am entering  the land of over-proofing. The book is out the door Monday morning. Done!
Nature Tour -- Early B-Day Gift
That said, of course there could be worse things on the Earth that are happening. In fact, I am watching an end days film as I type and it looks quite grim for the characters. This is not the case. I traveled to Tea Land and back again. It's tea time...
Come Monday the FedEx people will arrive and take my baby out of my hands and it the 85,000 word manuscript will be en route to my editor in New York. Speaking of new, I will feel a breath of fresh air...time to live life a bit like that...and go the where the hub of Fed-Ex is! Alaska.

Preparing for Departure to Alaska!
The Aussie has a dental appointment on Wednesday. I have a dental cleaning at the end of the month. It will be a time to swim every day, and go back to the resort pool for its hot tub and less tourists as the summer ends. It will be time to bake scones, order a fresh pair of flannel sheets, pre-fall clean, order long wool socks, and prepare...

I am going to Alaska! Adventure: A Barnes and Noble book signing for The Healing Powers of Vinegar, 3rd edition (release date August 30)...Then, it's to Seward for Wildlife sightings. Hoping to see the Northern Lights, enjoy my hotel room with a view, and anticipate a little rough air and a few shakers--nothing too big but enough for a little "ah!" and "oh" for the thrill of it.

The worst part of my departure is leaving my beloved dog and cat, it's a little like letting go of my TEA child. But I can do it...I will be back and embrace all three of my loves. So, as the end of summer is upon us, I can feel the change in the air. It's colder in the mornings, it's getting darker earlier at night, pine needles are dropping, tourists are less, the town is less crowded and chaotic...feeling a sense of solitude. And that's the way I like it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Author Booked for Alaska Adventure

By Cal Orey

For the past few years, as the Healing Powers series author traveling for research (for new stories to share) to book signings, I've had a love affair with Eastern and Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. 
Looking forward to meeting Alaskan people
With some flight miles saved I knew I was going to go somewhere in the early fall for a getaway, my birthday, and to celebrate the completion of my book on tea. 
Staying on a high floor at an awesome
 hotel with a pool

Coming to Seward to find a moose
At first, it looked like Cleveland and Ontario, Canada was the destination. But then it just didn't seem to be my fantasy because it would take light years and small aircraft to get across the border.  And I waited...I sent a message to the Barnes and Noble bookstore manager in Anchorage, Alaska, mentioning my the release of my new book The Healing Powers of Vinegar, 3rd edition. After all, it was my sibling who said: "Why don't you go somewhere cool, different--like Alaska?" I waited for a response. But the days turned into a week, two weeks. I assumed it was a no go.  I recall coming home from Seattle and I met a man traveling from Alaska and I was envious. Also, when I arrived in Seattle I was clad in cold weather attire and some people asked me, "Are you going to Alaska?" as they were dressed in shorts for the Mediterranean climate in Washington.  Perhaps, these were signs for me to go out of my comfort zone. And the past month I began to watch Alaskan vets on "Animal Planet"...  The lifestyle makes Lake Tahoe seem citified. I needed to go out of my comfort zone.

Then, one day while retrieving e-mails, there was one message--not the Barnes and Noble from Cleveland (I passed) with the words in the subject title "Anchorage, Alaska." I opened it like a Christmas present. The rest is history. I accepted the invitation for a book signing. I booked a flight. I booked a hotel room. I booked a nature tour. 

The bottom line: I am going to Alaska next month and it's one dream ready to come true. But the question remains: Who is going to break the news to my Aussie?