Saturday, August 20, 2016

An Author's Work is Never Done!

By Cal Orey

Barnes and Noble Book Signing in Anchorage, AK
Today is the end of August 19, 2016. It is the day that my latest book The Healing Powers of Tea is ready to put to bed. I just printed out nearly 400 pages. I look more cross-eyed than my Siamese-mix cat and am feeling whooped. Think taking 20 classes and passing. Each time I open the document and go to a chapter to see if I got it right--I did. I am entering  the land of over-proofing. The book is out the door Monday morning. Done!
Nature Tour -- Early B-Day Gift
That said, of course there could be worse things on the Earth that are happening. In fact, I am watching an end days film as I type and it looks quite grim for the characters. This is not the case. I traveled to Tea Land and back again. It's tea time...
Come Monday the FedEx people will arrive and take my baby out of my hands and it the 85,000 word manuscript will be en route to my editor in New York. Speaking of new, I will feel a breath of fresh air...time to live life a bit like that...and go the where the hub of Fed-Ex is! Alaska.

Preparing for Departure to Alaska!
The Aussie has a dental appointment on Wednesday. I have a dental cleaning at the end of the month. It will be a time to swim every day, and go back to the resort pool for its hot tub and less tourists as the summer ends. It will be time to bake scones, order a fresh pair of flannel sheets, pre-fall clean, order long wool socks, and prepare...

I am going to Alaska! Adventure: A Barnes and Noble book signing for The Healing Powers of Vinegar, 3rd edition (release date August 30)...Then, it's to Seward for Wildlife sightings. Hoping to see the Northern Lights, enjoy my hotel room with a view, and anticipate a little rough air and a few shakers--nothing too big but enough for a little "ah!" and "oh" for the thrill of it.

The worst part of my departure is leaving my beloved dog and cat, it's a little like letting go of my TEA child. But I can do it...I will be back and embrace all three of my loves. So, as the end of summer is upon us, I can feel the change in the air. It's colder in the mornings, it's getting darker earlier at night, pine needles are dropping, tourists are less, the town is less crowded and chaotic...feeling a sense of solitude. And that's the way I like it.

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