Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Author Booked for Alaska Adventure

By Cal Orey

For the past few years, as the Healing Powers series author traveling for research (for new stories to share) to book signings, I've had a love affair with Eastern and Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. 
Looking forward to meeting Alaskan people
With some flight miles saved I knew I was going to go somewhere in the early fall for a getaway, my birthday, and to celebrate the completion of my book on tea. 
Staying on a high floor at an awesome
 hotel with a pool

Coming to Seward to find a moose
At first, it looked like Cleveland and Ontario, Canada was the destination. But then it just didn't seem to be my fantasy because it would take light years and small aircraft to get across the border.  And I waited...I sent a message to the Barnes and Noble bookstore manager in Anchorage, Alaska, mentioning my the release of my new book The Healing Powers of Vinegar, 3rd edition. After all, it was my sibling who said: "Why don't you go somewhere cool, different--like Alaska?" I waited for a response. But the days turned into a week, two weeks. I assumed it was a no go.  I recall coming home from Seattle and I met a man traveling from Alaska and I was envious. Also, when I arrived in Seattle I was clad in cold weather attire and some people asked me, "Are you going to Alaska?" as they were dressed in shorts for the Mediterranean climate in Washington.  Perhaps, these were signs for me to go out of my comfort zone. And the past month I began to watch Alaskan vets on "Animal Planet"...  The lifestyle makes Lake Tahoe seem citified. I needed to go out of my comfort zone.

Then, one day while retrieving e-mails, there was one message--not the Barnes and Noble from Cleveland (I passed) with the words in the subject title "Anchorage, Alaska." I opened it like a Christmas present. The rest is history. I accepted the invitation for a book signing. I booked a flight. I booked a hotel room. I booked a nature tour. 

The bottom line: I am going to Alaska next month and it's one dream ready to come true. But the question remains: Who is going to break the news to my Aussie?

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