Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quakes, Hurricanes, Floods...Oh My!

It's Saturday afternoon and I feel like I'm watching a chilling rerun of "The Day After Tomorrow." Hurricane Irene (and the shakers in California) are keeping me on edge. I did predict a Category 5 would hit the Atlantic Seaboard this year--I was wrong, sort of. Irene was a 3 downgraded to a 2 and now a 1--but the flooding potential I sense is going to be historical (I did note this hurricane would go down in history). And yes, New York City is a mega concern of mine and I can see (psychic girl here) water, water, water and mega power outages. (Been there, done that in December at Tahoe in a snowstorm for three days. I felt like the character Sam in the sci-film while I wore a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and sat by the fireplace with a huge, crackling fire. I felt isolated not being plugged into the world.)

Meanwhile, on Wednesday I was on Coast to Coast and The Mancow Show and I forecasted that the West Coast (including the SF Bay Area) could be next in line after the 5.3 CO, 5.8 VA, and two jolts on the Hayward Fault in the SF Bay Area. Well, look at the map above and you can see a moderate quake hit in the Pinnacles (San Andreas Fault Zone, the Big Daddy) south of San Jose. Early this morning the Earth moved and this 4.6 was widely reported felt in the SF Bay Area all the way up to Reno, 50 miles from South Lake Tahoe--my home.

Back to Ms. Irene... Some say Irene is a "dud" or "fizzled" -- I say the jury is still out as I did back when Katrina made landfall. I watched anchors do high fives saying all was OK but in the morning the levees flooded New Orleans, as I sensed would happen. I'm not saying NYC will be under water like that but I see water, water, water from a storm surge; mega power outages; chaos with transportation.  I'm talking rain, flooding, flash floods and a mess.

One more thing: The saturated ground from previous rain and the New Moon/High Tides are making this a set up for the "perfect storm"... So, is the media blowing this storm out of proportion? Not sure.  But if I lived on the East Coast I'd be in prepared mode as I was during our Angora Fire in 2007; 7.1 World Series quake in 1989; Santa Cruz Mountain flooding in 1982...And yeah, I've been hitting the crunchy peanut brittle (again) and Zen--my seismically sensitive Siamese-mix just jumped up on my lap. It's 81 degrees! Worse, it feels like earthquake weather outdoors.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quake Sensitive Speaks on Coast to Coast

Surprise...Tonight I made a 2 minute guest appearance on Coast to Coast (scroll down to news segment guest link to hear in their archives). So, what's all this shaking about, anyhow? Well, George and listeners, it's eerie that it all started with the Colorado 5.3 shaker; Virginia 5.8; 4.2 Mammoth Lakes; and two SF Bay Area jolts. These earthquakes were all on 37 latitude--a straight line across the U.S. My gut instinct is saying the West Coast is overdue for a significant "major" quake before the end of 2011 and all this seismic activity could be leading up to it. (And SF Bay Area to Mammoth Lakes are on that 37 mark; a major temblor either region could be felt throughout CA.)...
Also, I did sense the "trigger effect" after the CO quake and posted on my website that the East/New Madrid could be next. Well, four out of seven New Madrid Seismic Zones states did rock--2 hours after I posted that forecast...and I did say SF Bay Area/Tahoe could shake soon due to my cat being oh-so clingy like now the way he was yesterday. Anyhow, my prediction is more shaking ahead. Californians be prepared because the 37 latitude number is a sign to me--the intuitive, phone psychic. My cat Zen will not get off me and Mammoth Lakes is south of Lake Tahoe (felt as far as Carson City, NV) and SF is 200 miles away. Aftershocks for CO/VA are a no-brainer. But we folks in the Golden State get it. We just don't want to go there again.

P.S. Yes, I did forecast a Category 5 Hurricane (Atlantic Seaboard)--back on July 18, on The Mancow Show--saying it would hit during the season and here we are. So, Irene is no surprise. And if the West Coast--especially California, northern or southern, shakes I'll be right here in a "Bring it on" mode because I know it's coming.

Intuitive Cal Orey Predicts Next Quake on The Mancow Show

This morning at 5:00 AM, PST, I was a guest on The Mancow Show. My cameo appearance was short and sweet. Mancow noted my sixth sense is like the horses that sensed the oncoming East Coast shaker that hit yesterday... and rocked 22 states, including the New Madrid Seismic Zone, like I predicted it would...just 2 hours prior, noted on my earthquake website.
Meanwhile, a 3.6 hit the SF Bay Area (as I noted it would do in an email to the show's producer before it happened) last night before midnight. On my blog post below this one I noted I needed peanut brittle yesterday (like popcorn to chill before shakers) and sure enough a 4.2 hit this a.m. south of Lake Tahoe, my home. Note to self: Zen cat is seismically sensitive and wouldn't get off me last night. Good kitty.
So, on air I predicted that CA will be next for a major quake by the end of the year. And right now while Easterners are freaking out I'm sensing we may see a ping pong effect in our Golden State like we did in June 2005 after the 7.2 Offshore NorCal...
And lastly, I did predict a category 5 hurricane would hit the Atlantic Seaboard/Gulf States during the season...on both The Mancow Show and Oracle 20-20 Magazine I forecasted this puppy and it's now a category 3 and headed toward the East Coast this weekend. I need a cup of comforting coffee. Second thought, a cup of chamomile tea. I hope I can find peanut brittle on my quest somewhere in this resort town sometime today. 
One more thing: While I predicted CA is next for a major quake--the entire West Coast from AK to South of the Border is not immune.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Predicted the East Coast 5.8 Shaker, Sort Of

As an author-intuitive and phone psychic the 5.8 East Coast earthquake didn't surprise me. At all.  Back in January 2011, I penned forecasts for the year in my Earth Changes column published by Oracle 20-20 Magazine. I noted quakes may happen in seismically inactive regions and noted the New Madrid Seismic Zone may get hit with stronger shakers than it did back in 2010.
Fast forward to this morning when Colorado got its 5.3 (not unusual for CO to rock but a quake of this magnitude is a bit odd). So, at 9:19 I posted on my quake forum website that I sensed a trigger effect was in the works for the East and noted the New Madrid Zone... This afternoon, short after 1:00 pm, a 5.9 (downgraded to a 5.8) rocked Virginia, near Washington, D.C. And, thousands of USGS felt reports rolled in, including people feeling the earth move in 22 states--Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennesse (New Madrid states).
So, did I get a "hit" with my prediction? Sort of. I did sense a trigger effect--and that's what happened back in Dec. 2004.  An 8.1 hit three days prior to the great quake and big wave; and more events elsewhere after. Today, I did mention the word "east" and I did note New Madrid states. But that's not all...
On July 18, I was a guest on The Mancow Show and I dished out predictions. One: A category 5 Hurricane on the Atlantic Seaboard (maybe the Gulf States); a major West Coast quake; a financial meltdown/Recession Sequel; no end of world on Oct. 21, as Harold Camping forecasted his extended end of days prediction.
Tomorrow morning at 5:15 a.m. PST I'm going to be a guest, once again, on The Mancow Show. I know what I know and sadly, when I pass out more predictions I do hope I'm wrong. It's kind of like being in those sci-fi films like "Knowing" -- and they spook me. Worse, I'm really craving crunchy peanut brittle (it's a 21st century version of volcano predictor King's popcorn effect before an earthquake)--and there is none to be found at Lake Tahoe.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Here Comes Hurricane Irene, As Intuitive Callie Forecasted

The season's first hurricane has hit and could be heading for the U.S. Uh, um--didn't I forecast this to happen this year? Yep, on The Mancow Show  (July 18, in the archives) I did note four predictions: One include a possible Hurricane Category 5 that may hit the Atlantic Seaboard and I hoped it wouldn't make landfall in the Gulf States. Meanwhile, Hurricane Irene is on the move West, headed for the Carolinas and Florida...and it's coming before peak season, as I also noted in Oracle 20-20 Magazine, 2011 Forecasts...
I'm really feeling fall...Crisp nights, falling pine cones, a new coffee brewer, and anticipating Victoria's Secret cataloge. I read baggy jeans and sweaters--colors teal and chocolate brown--will be in vogue. That's cool. Note to self: Find firewood man and order wood.
So, I tried to go swimming yesterday. As a sensitive, I swear the temp was lower than 78 degrees and just couldn't do it. It was so cold, not even a goldfish would do it.  Need to find new, warmer pool for the fall. The trusty treadmill and dog walks will have to suffice.
Three more weeks of edits/proofing the new Healing Powers book #5 and it's out the door en route to New York. Not to forget, I'm lining up radio interviews for The Healing Powers of Honey--my sweet latest book baby chock-full of bee-healthy home cures and charming tales of our sacred honey bee.
So, I look at the aspens in the photo above; I sense real aspens around the Lake at Tahoe are beginning to turn colors as I type. Fall is on its way and I'm loving it. The Brittanys and Zen cat are under the comforters with me--another cue. Oh, oh, oh: Zen, my newest Siamese-mix addition to the household--is going to be featured in Petfolio Magazine, Nov/Dec issue.  How cool is that? He's so vain (yeah, he looks at himself in the mirror a lot) so I'm feeling his strong cat vibe that he's looking forward to it. (I wonder with his cat smarts if I could teach him to clean the fireplace. Nah, he's too smart.)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Healing Powers of Honey Book is Abuzz

I feel fall is in the air, as I predicted I would mid August. Yep, last month I told my sibling that on August 15, we would feel autumn at Lake Tahoe. Indeed. Tomorrow night the temps will fall to 36 degrees. Pine cones are falling onto the ground, and baby squirrels are seen here and there. Sure, I still see blue jays, feel warm sunshine, and today went swimming outdoors. But fall is on the horizon and I am thrilled as a queen honey bee in her comfy, cozy hive.
Speaking of the honey bee, last week advance copies of my latest book The Healing Powers of Honey (Kensington Books, Sept. 27, 2011) were in a package on my doorstop.  Excitement hit. My fourth Healing Powers series book has arrived.
Meanwhile, I'm still busy working on book #5 -- like a busy bee I'm burning the beeswax candle at both ends. But, I can see the light. It's a challenge to be an author-phone psychic. If you told me when I was a kid that this would be my life -- it wouldn't surprise me. I was the girl who read her biography in front of the class in fifth grade; on overcast Sundays sat in her bedroom writing poems, gazing at the trees my dad planted around the house in the burbs and was wowed by the view of Los Gatos foothills-Santa Cruz Mountains (viewed from the living room window), and cuddled up with her Dalmatian.
So, here I am, granola girl, solo again (like a queen bee), with her honey bee book (packed with stories about me on the road like a wayward bee) and finishing her next nature's finest superfood book, surrounded by two Brittanys, Simon and Seth, and one Siamese-mix cat, Zen. Yep, I've found my balance to bee happy and healthy--it's got to be because my season is coming around the mountain.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Joy of a Recession II: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Today was scary, straight out of a Stephen King sci-fi film or The Final Destination. As I watched CNN, I saw my forecast begin to come to fruition. A financial meltdown coming into play. I predicted the last recession (and was one month off); it's no surprise that this time around I could be right again. The jury is still out, as outlined by economists. Actually, in Oracle 20-20 Magazine (Jan. 2011, in the archives online) you can see that I said a double-dip could happen by the end of the year. But hey, I flunked math in college. Liberal Arts major here who doesn't like to balance her checkbook...
And tomorrow may be worse--perhaps we may hit the 10,000 mark--when the jobs data by the Labor Department report graces the TV screens and anchors report the numbers. (I may sleep in or start slowly with the Asian markets before turning on CNN. Thank God for Mocha Java.)
On the upside: Coffee companies are doing well, according to the stocks today. And, I am working in Coffee World on a new book. Perhaps, it will be java that'll keep people feeling good, energized, stave off diseases if and when we do fall into the sequel: Recession II. Or not.
It's weird being an author-intuitive. When bad things happen that I write and forecast it's not a cool thing to scream out: "Hey, I got a hit!" especially when people are going down, down, down. But it does feel right when my vision does come true. It shows that my intuition isn't broken and it's working.  Meanwhile, I promise not to complain that I'm working hard for the money as an author and intuitive. I am pleased to have work and coffee--lots of coffee--roasts, flavored coffees, and blends from around the globeDespite sad money matters on Earth, I believe there is a happy coffee God in heaven.