Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Intuitive Cal Orey Predicts Next Quake on The Mancow Show

This morning at 5:00 AM, PST, I was a guest on The Mancow Show. My cameo appearance was short and sweet. Mancow noted my sixth sense is like the horses that sensed the oncoming East Coast shaker that hit yesterday... and rocked 22 states, including the New Madrid Seismic Zone, like I predicted it would...just 2 hours prior, noted on my earthquake website.
Meanwhile, a 3.6 hit the SF Bay Area (as I noted it would do in an email to the show's producer before it happened) last night before midnight. On my blog post below this one I noted I needed peanut brittle yesterday (like popcorn to chill before shakers) and sure enough a 4.2 hit this a.m. south of Lake Tahoe, my home. Note to self: Zen cat is seismically sensitive and wouldn't get off me last night. Good kitty.
So, on air I predicted that CA will be next for a major quake by the end of the year. And right now while Easterners are freaking out I'm sensing we may see a ping pong effect in our Golden State like we did in June 2005 after the 7.2 Offshore NorCal...
And lastly, I did predict a category 5 hurricane would hit the Atlantic Seaboard/Gulf States during the season...on both The Mancow Show and Oracle 20-20 Magazine I forecasted this puppy and it's now a category 3 and headed toward the East Coast this weekend. I need a cup of comforting coffee. Second thought, a cup of chamomile tea. I hope I can find peanut brittle on my quest somewhere in this resort town sometime today. 
One more thing: While I predicted CA is next for a major quake--the entire West Coast from AK to South of the Border is not immune.

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