Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Predicted the East Coast 5.8 Shaker, Sort Of

As an author-intuitive and phone psychic the 5.8 East Coast earthquake didn't surprise me. At all.  Back in January 2011, I penned forecasts for the year in my Earth Changes column published by Oracle 20-20 Magazine. I noted quakes may happen in seismically inactive regions and noted the New Madrid Seismic Zone may get hit with stronger shakers than it did back in 2010.
Fast forward to this morning when Colorado got its 5.3 (not unusual for CO to rock but a quake of this magnitude is a bit odd). So, at 9:19 I posted on my quake forum website that I sensed a trigger effect was in the works for the East and noted the New Madrid Zone... This afternoon, short after 1:00 pm, a 5.9 (downgraded to a 5.8) rocked Virginia, near Washington, D.C. And, thousands of USGS felt reports rolled in, including people feeling the earth move in 22 states--Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennesse (New Madrid states).
So, did I get a "hit" with my prediction? Sort of. I did sense a trigger effect--and that's what happened back in Dec. 2004.  An 8.1 hit three days prior to the great quake and big wave; and more events elsewhere after. Today, I did mention the word "east" and I did note New Madrid states. But that's not all...
On July 18, I was a guest on The Mancow Show and I dished out predictions. One: A category 5 Hurricane on the Atlantic Seaboard (maybe the Gulf States); a major West Coast quake; a financial meltdown/Recession Sequel; no end of world on Oct. 21, as Harold Camping forecasted his extended end of days prediction.
Tomorrow morning at 5:15 a.m. PST I'm going to be a guest, once again, on The Mancow Show. I know what I know and sadly, when I pass out more predictions I do hope I'm wrong. It's kind of like being in those sci-fi films like "Knowing" -- and they spook me. Worse, I'm really craving crunchy peanut brittle (it's a 21st century version of volcano predictor King's popcorn effect before an earthquake)--and there is none to be found at Lake Tahoe.

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