Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Author-Intuitive's Post-Pandemic Predictions Come True

  By Cal Orey

In December 2019, the threat of the novel coronavirus in Asia soon became a sobering reality around the world... So, what will our lives be like in 2021 and 2022? 

UPDATE DECEMBER. 1, 2021: Immune-boosting foods and home-cooking is still hot during the ongoing pandemic with emerging variants... Spice sales spiked amid the heat of the pandemic -- and still are popular (check out The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices.  

As the virus spread in Italy and offshore on cruise ships, we didn’t know of the scope of how the virus named Covid-19 would affect America. As the virus made its way to nursing homes in Washington and New York City became the epicenter – people were introduced
to a global pandemic. And then, our lives changed.

We quickly were introduced to quarantining in our homes to isolation from friends and family. Cities and towns were shutdown. Stockpiling food was the new normal. It was time to mask up, wash our food and hands – and fear the unknown. At first, going to the doctor, work, restaurants, gym, hair salon and dog groomer were off limits. Only essential services – groceries and medications --were available to us unless we were an essential worker – doctors, police, firefighters and store clerks. Now, more than a year later, welcome to what the future may be like for us now in the Spring of 2021 and into 2022.

Social Distancing: These days, more services are open to people depending on where they live and what tier they’re in to determine what activities are safe. Most businesses – except bars, indoor restaurants, and concerts to large crowded events – are open but capacity is limited. Masking up (now we’re told to double up) is the norm but still countless people do not follow the restriction for political reasons. In 2022, wearing a mask inside most businesses will likely be a requirement as a safety precaution – especially where there are isolatedoutbreaks -- and on all public transportation.  (I wrote this article a week before Dr. Fauci's statement was publicized.) And note, some people will continue to stay home, stay safe and keep distancing, especially during outbreaks and when variants are spreading.

Health (Body/Mind): People and doctors adapted to telemedicine. In fact, both patients and healthcare practitioners like the convenience of this high-tech type of appointment. On screen doctors are going to still be used; however, preventive healthcare visits may begin to be more frequent. The downside is post traumatic stress disorder is going to be commonplace. Mental health due to stress, anxiety, and depression due to the pandemic stressors of isolation to losing friends and family, will be more prevalent than ever before. People will seek help through conventional and holistic ways to cope and move forward.

Work from Home: The new work from home or remote working will continue for countless businesses. During the ups and downs of adjusting to the new remote business environment, we’ve learned it is healthier because there is less commuting, cleaner air, and more time for chillaxing. While essential workers will continue to attend the workplace, non-essential workers will stay at home and embrace the new normal.

School Days: Kids, parents, and teachers have all been challenged by dealing with at home schooling or hybrid learning (on and off days at school). By 2022 attending schools will likely be back to normal – but there will be safety precautions for all. Also, for isolated virus outbreaks, at home schooling will be used as needed.

Play Indoors/Outdoors: In 2021 we are still canceling large events, such as sports and music concerts. By 2022, we may find ourselves enjoying crowds once again. However, safety precautions like in other open businesses will be used and accepted. During the next year, probably more than 60 percent of Americans will have been vaccinated but masking up in a crowd will likely still be requested to keep people safer.

Dining Out: Since eating in restaurants is one of the riskiest activities, businesses will be following safety precautions for safety’s sake. But if the virus continues to wane, capacity at eateries may be back to near normal. During the pandemic the surge of home-cooking was a healthful change. People were forced to eat more healthier, immune-boosting, heart-healthy foods and had more control with ingredients and portion sizes. And this trend may last. Also, while gyms have been shut, we have turned to creative at-home workouts which may last.

Travel: Currently, there is talk of “Test Before You Fly” if we want to fly internationally. Showing proof of a negative Covid-19 test is used by some states for domestic travel. Also, some states enforce travelers to quarantine for 14 days. In 2022, the quarantine restriction may be lifted if we show proof of a negative test and/or vaccination. This will vary amongst airlines, states, and countries…Road trips to camping in the great outdoors will still be more common than flying due to changes and rules, much like after 9-11. Cruises will not be as popular as they once were. Hotels will be more popular than motels because they have more of a budget to follow safety precautions. But the hospitality industry will take a long time to recover so most lodging will suffer economic consequences.

 The bottom line: By 2022, the world as we knew it during pre-pandemic times will be a memory and the future will not be the same. After the height of the AIDS pandemic, we were wary as the uncertainty and danger of contracting the virus lingered. But we adapted to a new normal. While a vaccine was not discovered for HIV, we do have therapeutics that help bolster the immune system, whereas, people who are infected can and do live healthier and longer lives. But there is no cure so we take precautions.

While Covid-19 may never disappear – and the variants may present a more contagious and deadly virus -- nobody knows the answer yet. But the odds are that we will continue to fight Covid-19 and new variants.

We will enjoy socializing, sports and cultural events, and traveling by 2022. But note, we will never forget the horrors of the pandemic and loss of lives. And there is the threat for new superbugs that may pay us a visit. The best part? Some people believe there will be a resurgence of activities like the Roaring Twenties and we will do all the things we’ve missed dearly. Yes, life will go on – but it will be a new, guarded world after the relentless coronavirus blindsided us.

-- Cal Orey, M.A. Is an author and journalist. Her books include the Healing Powers Series (Vinegar, Olive Oil, Chocolate, Honey, Coffee, Tea, Superfoods, Essential Oils, Herbs and Spices) published by Kensington. (The collection has been featured by the Good Cook Book Club.) Her website is http://www.calorey.com.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Spice Up Autumn with Herbs & Spices Book Woman's World+ Approved!

  By Cal Orey

UPDATE: 'Tis the season for flavorful cooking/baking with herbs and spices!

Newsmax is offering The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices as a GIFT BOOK. And it will debut in the July issue of Newsmax Magazine! Yes! It is in the issue...

Plus, The Healing Powers of Herbs & #Spices: Timeless Treasures got the Best Seller banner on Walmart bookstore website.

This gem made its way through the news. On April 7, an article interviewing the author Cal Orey hit Huffington Post...and the piece was picked up by New York Daily, NY Daily Post, City Buzz, and even more online mags and newspapers! 

The new and timely release (yes, McCormick recently shared its Old Bay Seasoning is "hot"). People are still home-cooking more than ever! The reader-friendly book is now in more than 110 libraries worldwide (multiple copies, checked out); Woman's World Book Club approved Feb. 1 issue; reviewed by Booklist; 100% like it on Goodreads; major media outlet is on board carrying copies; Walmart gave it a Best Seller banner for 2 weeks; Best Seller in top 100 health books on Amazon this month; featured in magazines/newspapers...and the year is young. #9 (Series) The book that'll whisk you away!

Best Seller
Product TitleThe Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices (Walmart website)
    • Cal Orey
  • ISBN10: 0806540486
  • ISBN: 9780806540481
  • Format:Paperback

  • The mega-popular Healing Powers series from bestselling nutrition writer Cal Orey continues with its 9th installment, The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices, exploring the many ways fresh herbs in your fridge and dried spices in your kitchen cupboard can provide medicinal powers, home cures, weight loss benefits, beauty treatments, and adventurous flavors and textures to enhance plant-based dishes. 

    And during the pandemic there is a spice surge because of the home-cooking comeback!
    The key to vibrant health for all generations is in your kitchen...
    Anise, bay leaf, garlic, parsley, turmeric, and more (I use a lot of the McCormick classic brand) --for thousands of years, herbs and spices have been praised for preserving and flavoring food, as well as preventing and curing illnesses. The latest research reveals that the seasonings already in your pantry--or easily found fresh in your supermarket or garden--can lower your risk for cancer, heart disease, and obesity. This A-to-Z guide catalogues the most popular and versatile herbs and spices, drawn from the Mediterranean Diet but suitable for any diet plan. You will learn how to harness herbalism to heal your body and mind.

    Discover how to use nature's gifts including allspice, chives, fennel, oregano, pepper, tarragon, saffron, and special blends like Herbes de Provence to:

    ●Bring abundant zest to your table while lowering your cholesterol, balancing your blood sugar, and revving up your metabolism--at any age!
    ●Ward off colds and flu, banish a hacking cough, and even ease PMS or menopause woes, by adding tasty plant therapy to your favorite food or drink.
    ●Lessen your anxiety and boost your mood with aromatic natural ingredients found in dried and fresh flavorings.
    ●Soothe aches and pains without harmful side effects--and trigger feel-good endorphins--using sweet and savory garnishes, including edible flowers.
    ●Create in-home spa treatments using the same herbal potions featured at luxury spa resorts.
    Caraway Breadsticks, anyone? How about Cilantro Lime Slaw, Herbal Greek Bean Soup, or Roasted Paprika Cornish Hens? With over 50 taste-tempting recipes, along with personal stories and fascinating historical anecdotes on medicinal uses dating back to biblical times, The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices is your go-to guide to embracing limitless energy and healthy longevity while feasting on memorable meals full of aroma and deliciousness!

Friday, November 26, 2021

TEA IS Timeless! Sale for the Holidays & Perfect to Sip with NEW NOVEL

  By Cal Orey

Then, it happened. A week ago, Newsmax made the decision to bring The Healing Powers of Tea on board to accompany my other books in the Healing Powers Series. 
Last year, November 11, the TEA book was again number 1... this past August 1 The Healing Powers of Tea was graced with the Best Seller banner on Amazon --  #1 again!  And that's not all...

The Caged Bird Sings: A Young Man's Untold War Chronicles (a diary-epistolary novel) created by James Channing Shaw, co-author me, Cal Orey is available in three formats! The Ebook is on sale for 2.99. And next month will be available in audiobook! Also, the characters based in France, WWII? The definitely sip chamomile tea!

Both non-fiction book and novel are a perfect pair for autumn and winter days... And don't forget, January is National Hot Tea Month. Tea, all varieties, is a must-have in winter months. Stock your pantry with black, white, green, and herbal types for well-being.  And there's more...

Recently, my favorite TEA book wore the Best Seller banner "badge" of book honor on the Amazon website. And it doesn't surprise me. This book -- one out of nine -- is one of my darlings. The stories are real, my travels are real, and the info is timeless.

Back on April 29, The Healing Powers of Tea was attracting readers on a variety of online bookseller websites, including amazon, barnes and noble, walmart, kobo, apple, and google. This book is #6 in the Healing Powers Series... 

Also, the popular, prestigious Fairmont Hotel in Victoria, B.C., Canada ordered both The Healing Powers of Tea and The Healing Powers of Honey for their tearoom gift shop. Foreign rights to Estonia! And a Publisher's Weekly Review! And I will never forget the wonder teas I tried, including Harney & Teas...

*The Healing Powers of Superfoods, Honey, Coffee, Vinegar, Chocolate, Essential Oils, Olive Oil will also soothe you this autumn; don't for the 2021 release The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices (complete with surprise travels). The only seasonings book infused with TLC of the Mediterranean herbs and spices for your nose and taste buds and imagination as I whisk you away around the globe!

Monday, November 22, 2021

Healing Powers Series (Bundle 'Em for the Holidays)

  By Cal Orey

UPDATE: While HONEY (mass market and paperback) and VINEGAR (paperback) went back to press (again), HERBS & SPICES has made its way into hundreds of libraries worldwide; HONEY paperback/mass market format has maintained its Best Seller banner for weeks on Amazon and also currently Walmart website. Plus, ESSENTIAL OILS and SUPERFOODS went back to press for third printings. The timeless series continues to attract readers (all ages).


Drawing on the 21st century honey buzz, bestselling author Cal Orey reveals enlightening honey home remedies, straight from the book The Healing Powers of Honey: A Complete Guide to Nature's Remarkable Nectar! (Kensington). Perfect for autumn/winter/holiday season into 2022.

Here are common health ailments from A to Z and amazing at-home honey cures. These are tried-and-true folk remedies based on scientific studies, real-life stories, medical doctors, researchers, and beekeepers. But caution, consult your health-care practitioner before putting to work any honey cure.

1 ALLERGIES (Stop seasonal misery): Dealing with annoying sneezing, a runny nose, and coughing is no picnic, thanks to seasonal pollen. But honey may come to your rescue.
What Honey Rx to Use:  Try eating a tablespoon of locally produced honey. Proponents of honey tell me that your immune system will get used to the local pollen in it (it should be within a 50-mile radius from where you live).
Why You'll Bee Happy:  By taking the honey cure, you may lose your allergy symptoms. It's worth the effort and is less pricey than a visit to the doctor or an allergist. Honey may enhance the immune system to build up a better arsenal against airborne allergens--and help you breathe easier. Honeycomb may line the entire breathing tract.

2 ANXIETY (Beat the jitters monster): When anxiety hits (often worsened by stress) you know it like when an earthquake strikes. Anxiety can wreak havoc on your nervous system and up your odds of experiencing heart disease, stress eating, and other health problems.
What Honey Rx to Use: If you're under pressure and feeling high anxiety or sense a stressful event is in the works, make a cup of chamomile tea. Put in 1 teaspoon of your favorite honey. Repeat twice a day as needed.
Why You'll Bee Happy:  Honey--all hundreds of varietals--is touted by folk medicine healers for its calming effects. The natural superfood can help sooth your nerves rather than put you in higher anxiety mode. The relief if provides may be due to its multiple vitamin B content--anti-stress vitamins.

3  COUGH (Outfox irritating hacking):  A cough is another unwelcome visitor and can make you feel terrible. Let's face it, cough medicine can be pricey, doesn't taste good, and may or may not do its job.
What Honey Rx to Use:  A teaspoon of buckwheat honey is recommended before bed. Or you can make syrup of 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon honey, and 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar. Repeat each remedy as needed.
Why You'll Bee Happy:  A group of Penn State College of Medicine researchers discovered that honey may be the cure. The findings showed that buckwheat honey at bedtime was more powerful for curing a cough in children than a cough suppressant found in over-the-counter medications. It is believed that honey will act as a sedative to the nervous system.

4 ENERGY DRAIN (Beat low energy): Getting your cough under control is a good thing, but then what if your energy plummets?  Liquid gold may be the answer again.
What Honey Rx to Use: Each morning include a teaspoon of bee pollen in your breakfast. Go ahead and take it solo. Or try The Honey Association's Energy Drink recipe:  ¼ pint orange juice, ¼ pint natural yogurt, 2 tablespoons clear honey. Place all the ingredients in a liquidizer and blend until smooth. Pour into two tall glasses. Serves two people.
Why You'll Bee Happy: Honey is a source of natural unrefined sugars and carbohydrates, which are easily absorbed by the body. That means, you'll get a quick energy boost with long-lasting effects. Athletes include it in their daily diets. It was even used by runners at the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.

5 HEADACHE (Bye-bye, pain): Fatigue and headaches are not to be taken with a grain of salt, because it can hurt oh, so bad. There are different types of headaches, and some kinds may benefit from the honey bee's gift.
What Honey Rx to Use:  One cup of tea with 1 teaspoon of honey (the darker the varietal the better) is the remedy. Repeat as needed. Also, drink plenty of water and relax.
Why You'll Bee Happy:  "The way honey might work for tension headaches," says New York Headache Center's Alex Mauskop, M.D., "is by treating hypoglycemia, which can cause tension and migraines." He adds that some antioxidants can help prevent headaches, as can magnesium and vitamin B. So turning to antioxidant-rich honey may be a sweet remedy.

6 INSOMNIA  (Find sweet dreams): Getting rid of a headache is a challenge, but not getting adequate shut-eye can have long-term effects, too.
What Rx to Use: Take 1 or 2 teaspoons of your favorite honey, especially before going to bed. Try sipping a cup of 2 percent low-fat milk with a dash of cinnamon. The tryptophan in milk will help to calm you.
Why You'll Bee Happy:  It's a magic trick, according to The Honey Revolution author Ron Fessenden, M.D., providing needed glycogen to the liver so the brain doesn't go in search of extra fuel in the earl A.M. hours when you should be in Dreamland. "Consuming honey before bedtime also reduces the release of  adrenaline, a catecholamine that raises blood pressure and heart rate," adds the honey guru.

7 SORE THROAT (Take the sting away): Not sleeping is miserable, but a sore throat can drag you down, too, where don't feel like walking or talking. Honey has been used as a home for centuries to help sooth one of the symptoms associated with a common cold--namely, a killer sore throat.
What Honey Rx to Use:  For relief of symptoms, take a spoonful of your buckwheat honey, as often as you need, to relieve irritation. In between, sip a cup of tea with honey. Also, try pure honeycomb and honey sticks. Don't forget all-natural honey-lemon lozenges, which also coat the throat for quick relief.
Why You'll Bee Happy: One, honey will coat your sore throat, the symptom of the cause. Two, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will help heal the culprit causing your pain.
8 WAIST WHITTLER (Blast belly fat): Twitches to tummy bulge... if you have a bulging tummy, you'd probably consider a sore throat is easier to get rid of. But wait; there are things you can do to get a flat tummy.
What Honey Rx to Use:  Both morning and night, drink an 8-ounce glass or mug of tea (dandelion or parsley boasts diuretic effects), with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Team this potion with grazing and watch your fat and sugar intake.
Why You'll Bee Happy: Honey and apple cider vinegar contain the bloat-busting mineral potassium. Also, turning to honey will help you to eat fewer sugary treats and enjoy a flatter stomach.

          So go ahead and use the type of honey advised or your own preference; all-natural, raw honey, dark varietals are recommended for best results. (Warning: To avoid infant botulism, do not fee honey to an infant.)

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Raw Edges--Review Answers from Co-Author of The Caged Bird Sings

By Cal Orey

Here are some of the questions I was asked by an insightful and amazing reporter for a newspaper article covering the new release The Caged Bird Sings: A Young Man's Untold War Chronicles created by James Channing Shaw and co-author Cal Orey. Read on...

I finally have questions for you! I’m sure I’ll have more but here’s a few to get started. I loved the book!!! Such a great story.

1. You said that you started this project as a ghost writer but suggested first person writing, so you ended up getting more involved in the story writing. Is that the first time you’ve gone from ghost writer to a credited author?

1.     I tend to get too passionate as a ghostwriter. And yes, in the past I’ve been credited co-author. The creator of The Caged Bird Sings wowed me with his well-written historical story based in Rouen, France during WWII. However, I found a fatal flaw. It was originally penned in third person narrative. I thought, “It’s too dry. The protagonist Benjamin Cohen faces so much drama. I want to hear his feelings, get the real deal.” I channeled into the character and yes it was easy-peasy. I morphed into the teen and felt his erratic world spin out of control through his eyes.

2. Where did you get the inspiration for Benjamin? I know you said he helped you during the evacuation but when writing his experience, were there any personal experiences you pulled from?

     Benjamin is an introvert. His father, a doctor, wants him to be a doctor like his older brother. But this teen, not unlike I was at 13, is creative. He is a brilliant musician. So, he took another road (or two). He followed his heart and passion.

3. Also, I’ve also thought it would be difficult to write from a child or teenager’s point of view but you did it wonderfully. I could see his youth and naivete but I could feel him being forced to grow up. How were you able to put yourself in the mind of a 13 year old, without him being colored by your adult experiences? 

  It was easy. My “wonder years” on the surface were normal, growing up in “suburbia.” However, I did cope with the Viet Nam war and its effects. I still have scars of sibling rivalry, and a father with his vision for my career—a dental assistant. I grew up Catholic but I was open-minded, like Benjamin.  My family saw me as the “underdog” but like Benjamin I grew up fast during the rebellious post-hippie era and was on my own in many ways.  And I chose to write poetry in a journal -- a place I could go to to express my real feelings without being judged. It was  like Benjamin's diary or "word journal" that was his private space to give him comfort.

4. What was your favorite part of working on this book?

 I confess. I brought in the bird. The bird may be seen as a young man’s best friend, especially in the end. As an animal lover since a kid I always had a dog or cat. Since I was shy it was easy for me to bond with a constant companion like Benjamin does with his parrot. Also, Benjamin falls in love with a nun-in-training. And, of course, this blossoming romance is close to me—an unconventional die-hard romantic.

5. What do you hope people will take from the book?

       During the evacuation of the Caldor Fire, this novel was in production. As an “evacuee” like thousands of Lake Tahoe residents who witnessed our town being threatened, I gained strength from both Benjamin and Emile. They do what they have to do to deal with the “invasion.”  When the family is separated and the brothers are on the run, their amazing courage is inspirational. Also, Benjamin’s creativity to help others paired with his resilience to be pro-active during uncertainty inspired me to deal with nature’s wrath and the possibility of loss of life, home, and our town. I hope readers are inspired like I am by the strength and growth of all the characters -- even the parrot! It's family ties and love that keep us grounded during the dark times in life.

6. Would you be interested in doing another project like this?

        In graduate school I wrote historical fiction. I penned a short story on the Viet Nam war. It was told from a young man's perspective. My professor submitted it to a national writing contest. It was heartfelt because I experienced our young men who came back --and those who did not. These types of projects are genuine and timeless; I love to infuse emotion into characters. The next project up is a romance novel but the setting is present-day. And yes, there is tragedy but a strong heroine in over her head. Ah, that’s my cup of tea!