Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Healing Powers of Tea Does Good (Again)

  By Cal Orey

Then, it happened. A week ago, Newsmax made the decision to bring The Healing Powers of Tea on board to accompany my other books in the Healing Powers Series. 
Last year, November 11, the TEA book was again number 1... this past August 1 The Healing Powers of Tea was graced with the Best Seller banner on Amazon --  #1 again!

It's a perfect read for autumn and winter days... And don't forget, January is National Hot Tea Month. Tea, all varieties, is a must-have in winter months. Stock your pantry with black, white, green, and herbal types for well-being.  And there's more...

Last week, my favorite TEA book wore the Best Seller banner "badge" of book honor on the Amazon website. And it doesn't surprise me. This book -- one out of nine -- is one of my darlings. The stories are real, my travels are real, and the info is timeless.

Back on April 29, The Healing Powers of Tea was attracting readers on a variety of online bookseller websites, including amazon, barnes and noble, walmart, kobo, apple, and google. This book is #6 in the Healing Powers Series... 

Also, the popular, prestigious Fairmont Hotel in Victoria, B.C., Canada ordered both The Healing Powers of Tea and The Healing Powers of Honey for their tearoom gift shop. Foreign rights to Estonia! And a Publisher's Weekly Review! And I will never forget the wonder teas I tried, including Harney & Teas...

*The Healing Powers of Superfoods, Honey, Coffee, Vinegar, Chocolate, Essential Oils, Olive Oil will also soothe you this autumn; don't for the 2021 release The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices (complete with surprise travels). The only seasonings book infused with TLC of the Mediterranean herbs and spices for your nose and taste buds and imagination as I whisk you away around the globe!

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