Thursday, January 30, 2014

Author-Intuitive's Forecasts Coming True...


I Feel the Earth Move…

By Cal Orey

As we edge into the New Year, promise of better days may be ahead. The news of more jobs and higher wages, health care perks for uninsured people, and stock market numbers soaring are a pleasant surprise and could continue to do better than expected during times of growth.
            Despite the past doomsday predictions that didn’t happen, extreme climate changes may challenge people around the world. Severe weather including abnormal cold winter temperatures and snowstorms, flooding in the spring, wildfires in the summer, and out of whack fall happenings will keep people talking around the globe.
Speaking of chatter, political games with Democrats and Republicans will continue and another government shutdown is possible causing major social unrest if it happens. Potential wars (perhaps linked to Syria), and a potential shocking Whitehouse shake-up, and a few man-made disaster scares may disrupt the new sense of calm.
While 2014 may bring us more good news than bad, ups and downs will keep us alert, lend to stronger family ties, and more self-reliance and less trust of the government. Take an up close peek at what else I see for the upcoming months in the New Year.

A Mixed Bag of Predictions for 2014
1. Earthquakes
* While in 2013 the West Coast didn’t have a significant earthquakes, rare stranded sea creatures in Southern California surprised people around the world and may be signs of a future significant shaker and tsunami.
* At least one major shaker is likely on the West Coast, including Alaska, Washington, on and Offshore Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area and/or Greater Los Angeles as likely areas to rock.
* The Indian Ocean may produce a major quake and tsunami but not as severe as December 26, 2004.
* The New Madrid Zone may be rocked by a major quake disrupting the Midwest and make international news.

2. Weather Events
Climate chaos will not exclude extreme cold winter temperatures in both United States and Europe. The Reno-Tahoe sierra may get early winter flooding if hit with a significant precipitation. Springtime flooding/mudslides will affect regions throughout the world that were blanketed by heavy snowfall. The California-Nevada and/or Pacific Northwest will get more snow than it has in past years; the Midwest and Northeast endure heavy snow as other non-snow regions may be rudely awakened by odd storms, twisters, and hurricanes.

3. Health Care
While Obamacare began with a rocky start, more people will jump on the health care bandwagon and take advantage of lower premiums and preventive care options. It will not be perfect but the change may be better expected. The government will gain more control with health issues as we see changes in the making pointing the finger at unhealthy trans fats, sodas, fake foods and some prescription drugs will be zapped or more controlled.

4. Economy
Unlike 2013, people will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel with both more work and more money. Recession recovery will affect more folks (of all ages) and consumer confidence may rise. This year, more people will change jobs, think outside of the box to help make ends meet, and feel more positive about their financial future. Seniors will be postponing retirement and choose to work for the money due to living longer, more quality lives.

5. On the Fringe
While we endure erratic climate change, a strange happening may occur. It could be that more fish in the Pacific Ocean will show spooky changes linked to radiation of the great Japan earthquake and tsunami—and it may affect our food supply. Also, a commercial airline disaster en route in America or Europe could happen in the winter due to weather conditions. Volcanic activity in the United States as well as at least one region in the Ring of Fire could wreak havoc on land and force mass evacuations. 

In 2014, the overall year will seem calmer than in the past but that isn’t to say we will not have some unpleasant surprises. However, during turbulent times—and there will be some, President Obama may win back his reputation due to a savvy decision. The bottom line: Mankind around the world will persevere, and bond more than ever before.

2013 Prediction Misses and Hits
·        Alaska was rocked by many moderate earthquakes but no great shaker occurred; widely felt earthquakes hit Offshore Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, Central and Southern California but no major events happened.
·        People did become more health-conscious by staving off diet sodas and trans fats. Plus, while slow to take off, people are signing up for Obamacare to get health care benefits.
·        While talk of falling back into recession was abuzz, it did not happen. The global financial crisis continued but some industries did do much better than in 2013 and show recovery.
·        Wildfires did occur during the summer and air quality was greatly affected in California and Nevada. 
·        There was a drop in national unemployment, pros and cons continue with Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act,  and new jobs increased. 

BIO:  Cal Orey is an accomplished author-journalist specializing in health, nutrition, science, and pets. She is the author of the Healing Powers series (Kensington) and the 2nd edition of The Healing Powers of Olive Oil will be published 2015. The intuitive is a phone psychic for three international networks. She lives in northern California. Visit her website at .

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Exercise is Key to an "Endolphin" High

By Cal Orey
Art by in my cabin

Today, my boys--one young Aussie, one older but young in spirit Brittany, got their walk--a long walk, long drive and they are happy and balanced. Perhaps, you, like me, need that exercise fix or endorphin feel-good boost like we get from good chocolate, coffee, sun or lovemaking every day to feel your best mind and body. And tomorrow I will smile because I will get all I need!

At 7:15 AM I'm back to the pool/hot tub. I feel like a mermaid out of water. It's been too long due to pool woes, tourists, and other life challenges. I envy my fish in the aquarium. I am counting the hours until I can get into the water (it should be all mine and calm) so I can swim infinite laps and get into the zone. And then the hot tub with its bubbles...
Back into my skinny jeans
I do recall swimming outdoors in a pool with steam rising and snow falling. Bliss. But my ears were so cold. This pool is indoors so it's like a mini Mediterranean-type vacation but away from home and cabin fever. It seems like years since I've swam but it's been several weeks.

So, here I sit still in semi-vacation mode. Sure, I am working the intuitive networks (not really work), cooking, baking, watching films, spring cleaning, making fires, grooming the boys, and just chilling. 

The following week will be the anniversary of me and my Aussie. Very special time. February is heart health month and V-Day... I will celebrate by eating heart healthy foods, exercising, and hopefully be surrounded by snow at Lake Tahoe. It should be a romantic month. And I always look forward to the Westminster dog show!

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Day in a Life with the Sierra Drought

 By Cal Orey

I remember Tahoe snow...

Living at Lake Tahoe during the winter and experiencing a severe drought is eerie. But today was super strange. The sun was out early...but the temp was cold. The wind chill colder. In the afternoon the sky turned gray and I sensed a snowstorm was in the works. How in the world did the weathermen miss it? (I didn't. On Oct. 19 I posted on this blog that snow would come late Jan./Feb.)  And there is still time while Texas up to Maine are getting white powder and we are seeing dry ground. Odd.  I will envision precip...and perhaps make ice cream snowballs to toy with fate and hopefully put the drought on the back burner, so to speak...
Envisioning rain, snow for the West Coast...

Sure, we didn't even get an inch at lake level but it was fun to see the clouds, flurries, and well, it's all we got, man. No black ice either. Is this it? Maybe not. I will forecast (again) something significant in February. Probably 50-50 we will get a significant snowstorm. Usually we get dumped on during the Dog Show...that is bliss. During this time in the previous years I'd be shoveling snow  y the hour and bringing in firewood; peeking at the fence throughout the night to see inches of snow rising. Now, I'm eagerly waiting for the pool to reopen next week. Craving swimming so much the way my Aussie needs his walkies.
So here I sit, trying to chill and finding myself somewhere in between work and vacation. Well, there is a nice fire crackling in front of me. (I did it all by myself.) Two dogs are walked and sleeping. And the kitty is behind me. Enjoyed making Stuffed Peppers and will most likely hit the kitchen tomorrow: Strawberry Scones or Coconut Nut Muffins or maybe another vegetarian dish.
Hope Aussies or Brittanys win Dog Show  this year.

The above words were written last night. I love my Aussie waking me up at 5:30 AM to do his business and eat. Not. But he did allow me to go back to slumberland for one hour. Nice. He's going through a phase at night where he (I think this dog is approaching 50 lbs.) plops his body on top of mine for about an hour. Then, he jumps off the bed and goes to his large "man cave" next to bed. 
Fluffy slippers are part of "me" time

So, feeling in rest and relaxation mode. Warning: Once you get into the zone it's hard to leave it. 

Today? Treadmill with pup; fire all day/night; spring cleaning; and, I suppose, I will answer the phone for the "psychic" networks. I truly want to bathe the Aussie but he loathes the hair dryer. I suppose I can towel dry him, turn up the heat, and let him dry lying by the fire. Maybe a good brushing will do the trick until it's a bit warmer outside. Yep, still in chilling mode. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Chilling in the Winter of No Snow

By Cal

It is Friday, many days have passed since I sent The Book to my publisher. And now it's time for some much needed R and R. My new life reminds me of when I go on vacation (a thing that's foreign to me). One time, it took me three days before I could slow down and enjoy when I went to Hawaii.  Sometimes unwinding and winding down takes a bit of time and adjustment. But when you get there it's bliss.

The cool thing is, I'm getting to know my fur kids. And they're picking up mom's new relaxed mode, more time for play, grooming, and cuddling with a cause. As I type, Zen my Siamese-mix has his paws on my wrist. He adores me at work or play. 

The two dogs?  My Aussie pup just wants to have fun. The Brittany? He's a senior. So these days he's more like me and can be introspective and doesn't mind chilling. And these days, of course, I still recall losing Simon's best friend, my other Britt companion...Last year I was feeling the void. This year my healing Aussie is working hard to keep us active and happy.
Missing my late Britt Seth; now in Dog Heaven

So, checking out Feng Shui for Winter articles and taking a week off from writing my weekly cooking column feels good. I did bake last night, though. I cooked up a traditional Coconut Custard and it was comfort food--warm and creamy. Starting to nest...going Winter but it feels strange since we have no snow in mid January... It's history repeating itself like in the '80s: DROUGHT. Read: Most likely, no "snowapocalpses" this year, despite devout snowboarders  doing the snow dance.

But I do love that there is an absence of black ice. Odd to rake pine needles and sweep the deck in mid January. I feel a bit thrown off the seasonal cycle. I wonder how the wild animals feel, dazed and confused? Or do bears put on eye shades and go back to sleep when the sun shines? Kitty is cozy in his catnapper in the sunshine...not too hot or too cold. Just right.

Tonight, I want to make a fire for ambiance. Not so much for warmth. It's going to be in the high 50s today and that's warm for Lake Tahoe this time of year. I'm confused, too, I want to call Victoria but not sure if I go winter or spring. Sweater or T-shirts?  
It feels like spring...this weekend dog day afternoons are coming

I sit here watching a boring Lifetime film and remember the winter days of yesteryear when snow on the deck had to be shoveled. There is a broom and rake staring at me when I go outside. The deck furniture and wind chimers are dry. This is a drought. This is off. This is what it is...So, might as well pretend it's May and spring clean. If we get snow in February I'll be ahead either way. Meanwhile, it's time to let the dogs out; yes it looks as dry as the photo on the left.
Where's the snow?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's Book, the Last Day of Writing It

By Cal Orey
First Edition

It's book. Yes, The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, Revised and Updated is inside a FedEx package and come Monday morning it will be out of the house and on its way to my publisher. I devoted my body, brain, and spirit to this demanding baby...

Body: My frequent swims and hot tub mornings got put to the side somewhere in between tourists and working on The Book. Oh, how I crave swimming laps and feeling hot bubbly water on my aching back. And there's more...
Pounds? I'm small, size 4 (I still can fit into my jeans) but I feel fat! I've tested recipe after recipe and well, some stuff that made it to the freezer didn't end up there for long. That means the dish worked but now I have a muffin top. Note to self: Come this week, it's back on schedule with swimming, gardening (thanks to global warming and the Lake Tahoe winter drought), making fires (it's still in the 20s early mornings), and the treadmill...I vow to remember my dogs' names. They missed me.

Brain: Fellow authors know that when you write a book you enter the zone. In my case, this time around I went to Olive Oil Land (again). As time passes, and you near the end like an amusement park ride or vacation (of sorts), you do and don't want to leave. At night before, during, and when you awake in the morning, often thoughts of reworking parts of the book haunt you. 
The book invades your brain. It's all about the book. You eat, breathe, sleep the consumes your mind like worms. It's kind of like monsters set up camp in your brain and won't leave until you let the book go home to its publisher.

Spirit: Family and friends begin to worry about you. Comments like, "Are you okay?" and "You need to have fun!" permeate the air whenever you come up for air. But since you're in another place, like Olive Oil Land, you prefer to go back because it feels more normal than the real world.
Then, you begin to think, "Do I have OCD?" as you begin to edit, proof, edit and rewrite a passage here and there it's like leaving the house and imagining you left the key in the front door. 
Worse, you start to wonder, "Should I add that?" and "I forgot to insert this!" And so it goes until you wish, you hope, you pray that the FedEx guy comes early or worked on Sunday. But I put the book--the big book--in the FedEx envelope. Yet, I want to go back to it. I hear it calling my name, "Cal!" And I begin to bargain, "Just a quick reread" and "One more section to tweak" and so it goes.

So countdown time is 24 hours...And then, IT will be en route to New York. I will have my life back until the first day of the editor's edits return. Tomorrow I can exhale and do all the things I haven't done for months! Goodbye, Olive Oil Land. It's been fun. I don't know how to tell you this...Today is the last day and then it's over.  It was fun. We had some laughs and good times. But I'm done!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Author-Intuitive's 2014 Forecasts (Quake Predictions)

By Cal Orey

My Earth Changes
"I Can Feel the  Earth Move"
 is featured each month
Welcome to the New Year 2014... So, are you wondering what's going to happen around the world? Early in December 2013, I submitted my annual Earth Predictions for Oracle 20/20 Magazine. I include potential earthquakes, weather, health, economics, and on the fringe happenings. And I sit back. I watch my hits and misses unfold, which can be exciting and scary, too...
Forecasts come via images, words, numbers, dreams,
animal and Earth observations,
knowledge of historical happenings 

RING OF FIRE...So far, I did forecast volcanic activity in the Ring of Fire and mass evacuations. It occurred as the New Year hit. Indonesia...thousands of people fled. I was correct spot-on. This prediction hit on cue and the online headline spooked me.

WEATHER...Meanwhile, as we are enduring a drought on the West Coast--and Lake Tahoe--as predicted, the Midwest and Northeast are facing blizzards and snowfall--the stuff we used to get.
So, as we wait for rain or snow on the West Coast...hope that the Earth doesn't rock--but it most likely will, I wait. It is odd to not have black ice, snow flurries, blackouts, snowfall at a ski resort. The lack of white powder in the Sierra feels wrong and anything but right. But I'm sensing things may change in February. Or not. Last year, on Groundhog Day, there was no snow when I traveled to SAC to get my new Aussie. One year later, the pup is a dog but there still is no snow.

EARTHQUAKES...Here's a glimpse of earthquake forecasts for those living or traveling to shaky ground:  

A Mixed Bag of Predictions for 2014
1. Earthquakes
* While in 2013 the West Coast didn’t have a significant earthquakes, rare stranded sea creatures in Southern California surprised people around the world and may be signs of a future significant shaker and tsunami.
* At least one major shaker is likely on the West Coast, including Alaska, Washington, on and Offshore Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area and/or Greater Los Angeles as likely areas to rock.
* The Indian Ocean may produce a major quake and tsunami but not as severe as December 26, 2004.
* The New Madrid Zone may be rocked by a major quake disrupting the Midwest and make international news.