Sunday, January 26, 2014

Exercise is Key to an "Endolphin" High

By Cal Orey
Art by in my cabin

Today, my boys--one young Aussie, one older but young in spirit Brittany, got their walk--a long walk, long drive and they are happy and balanced. Perhaps, you, like me, need that exercise fix or endorphin feel-good boost like we get from good chocolate, coffee, sun or lovemaking every day to feel your best mind and body. And tomorrow I will smile because I will get all I need!

At 7:15 AM I'm back to the pool/hot tub. I feel like a mermaid out of water. It's been too long due to pool woes, tourists, and other life challenges. I envy my fish in the aquarium. I am counting the hours until I can get into the water (it should be all mine and calm) so I can swim infinite laps and get into the zone. And then the hot tub with its bubbles...
Back into my skinny jeans
I do recall swimming outdoors in a pool with steam rising and snow falling. Bliss. But my ears were so cold. This pool is indoors so it's like a mini Mediterranean-type vacation but away from home and cabin fever. It seems like years since I've swam but it's been several weeks.

So, here I sit still in semi-vacation mode. Sure, I am working the intuitive networks (not really work), cooking, baking, watching films, spring cleaning, making fires, grooming the boys, and just chilling. 

The following week will be the anniversary of me and my Aussie. Very special time. February is heart health month and V-Day... I will celebrate by eating heart healthy foods, exercising, and hopefully be surrounded by snow at Lake Tahoe. It should be a romantic month. And I always look forward to the Westminster dog show!

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