Friday, January 17, 2014

Chilling in the Winter of No Snow

By Cal

It is Friday, many days have passed since I sent The Book to my publisher. And now it's time for some much needed R and R. My new life reminds me of when I go on vacation (a thing that's foreign to me). One time, it took me three days before I could slow down and enjoy when I went to Hawaii.  Sometimes unwinding and winding down takes a bit of time and adjustment. But when you get there it's bliss.

The cool thing is, I'm getting to know my fur kids. And they're picking up mom's new relaxed mode, more time for play, grooming, and cuddling with a cause. As I type, Zen my Siamese-mix has his paws on my wrist. He adores me at work or play. 

The two dogs?  My Aussie pup just wants to have fun. The Brittany? He's a senior. So these days he's more like me and can be introspective and doesn't mind chilling. And these days, of course, I still recall losing Simon's best friend, my other Britt companion...Last year I was feeling the void. This year my healing Aussie is working hard to keep us active and happy.
Missing my late Britt Seth; now in Dog Heaven

So, checking out Feng Shui for Winter articles and taking a week off from writing my weekly cooking column feels good. I did bake last night, though. I cooked up a traditional Coconut Custard and it was comfort food--warm and creamy. Starting to nest...going Winter but it feels strange since we have no snow in mid January... It's history repeating itself like in the '80s: DROUGHT. Read: Most likely, no "snowapocalpses" this year, despite devout snowboarders  doing the snow dance.

But I do love that there is an absence of black ice. Odd to rake pine needles and sweep the deck in mid January. I feel a bit thrown off the seasonal cycle. I wonder how the wild animals feel, dazed and confused? Or do bears put on eye shades and go back to sleep when the sun shines? Kitty is cozy in his catnapper in the sunshine...not too hot or too cold. Just right.

Tonight, I want to make a fire for ambiance. Not so much for warmth. It's going to be in the high 50s today and that's warm for Lake Tahoe this time of year. I'm confused, too, I want to call Victoria but not sure if I go winter or spring. Sweater or T-shirts?  
It feels like spring...this weekend dog day afternoons are coming

I sit here watching a boring Lifetime film and remember the winter days of yesteryear when snow on the deck had to be shoveled. There is a broom and rake staring at me when I go outside. The deck furniture and wind chimers are dry. This is a drought. This is off. This is what it is...So, might as well pretend it's May and spring clean. If we get snow in February I'll be ahead either way. Meanwhile, it's time to let the dogs out; yes it looks as dry as the photo on the left.
Where's the snow?

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