Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Doggie Drama for Dog-Loving Author

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Once again I find myself sandwiched and squirming in between canine drama with dogs in my life. Still grieving over the loss of my Seth, the sweet-loving Brittany who stole my heart but I have been flanked by the anchor canine Simon, my strong 9-year-old Britt. And now, here we go getting on a canine-related roller coaster ride. Ugh!
Flashback to Monday... I took Simon to the Vet for a hands-on exam before Aussie puppy Skyler enters our lives. Simon passes tests. No arthritis. No cataracts. No heart woes. But the Vet saw some tartar on his back upper molars. A dental scale later (he's had countless of these because I know the dangers of doggie dental disease), the vet tech told me, "Simon has some trouble spots on his back upper molars." Time for the knock out, deep dental cleaning. Yikes. I get it. And I'm hoping for the best because I've been so diligent with his teeth care... 
So, yes, my boy passed the preliminary blood work. Good dog! I sensed he would do just that. Meanwhile, as I wait for the surgery scheduled tomorrow AM, I'm edgy. A lot. He chews his bones, eats hard food--but something isn't right. Like other canine guardians, I'm not looking forward to the time of him away from me while his mouth is being examined like a frog on a slab in Biology 101. Also, the dreaded call from the Vet: Will it be a deep cleaning or will there be more to do? I hope not. (Not to forget his nose issue...a tiny inflammation and prescribed antibiotic cream. Same place that was biopsied in 2008...A foreign object entered his nose.  But all was OK.)
To complicate pooch matters, our new puppy (to be a therapy dog and help heal us, too, like the healing powers of puppies can do) is due for delivery this weekend. Okay. That means while I'm nursing my healthy but recovering beloved #1 dog (58 in human years and younger than me!), I will nursing an eight week old tyke.  Drama with a capital D.
Already I can see the writing on the wall: Chamomile tea, coffee, chocolate, weight loss so I can fit perfectly in my size 4 new skinny jeans without any muffin top. But the question remains, is all this drama worth the love of dogs? Uh, yeah. Still right now I'm fastening my seat belt for a potential ride with a bit of turbulence due to the novelty that's headed our way. But hey, I've got Zen, my Siamese-mix zen-like kitty who think he's a dog to help keep me balanced during the dog soap opera!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Author-Intuitive Anticipates Aussie Gem

By Cal Orey
The Writing Gourmet

Today, January 17 (the day a major quake hit Northridge, CA), I find myself cool, calm, and playing the waiting game. The second pup from the right will soon be in my life--and I'm so excited! A few hours ago, when I received this photo it captivated me. I feel as though the four-legger (the only male; yes I got the pick of the litter) is looking at me. Bonded.

I am not trying to replace my dear Seth--one of the dogs that left a hole in my heart. Perhaps, this is why I fell into another dog breed. But, the Australian Shepherd has the same traits as the Brittany--my choice for 20 years. Both dogs hold a Type-A personality like me, and are energetic, intelligent, super sensitive, and Velcro dogs if they get a move on during the day.

So here I sit...Puppy gates. Check. Puppy toys. Check. Puppy food. Check. Puppy lead/collar. Check. Puppy shots appointment. Check. 

And I have been giving my Siamese-mix three-year-old kitty Zen tons of TLC as I have been doing with Simon, my best canine friend. We have grown even closer since the loss of our Brittany. And soon, our lives as we know it will change. But I sense despite a few challenges we will adapt and overcome to allow fun into our lives.

So, am I looking forward to playing mom? Not so much. But the work I have to do will be well worth the reward of receiving the healing powers of a puppy. I am trying to move on and bring life and love back into my heart, soul, and home. As the days pass, I am sensing that this decision is the right one. What's more, little "Skyler" (a scholar and protector)--a rare gem--will be loved and cherished by his new family. I can feel it and anticipate the first warm fur fix from my new canine angel.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Animal-Loving Author Awaits Four-Legger Arrival

The Writing Gourmet
By Cal Orey

Since 1986, when I was first published in Dog World Magazine, I've been an author with dogs on the brain. Actually, my love for canines goes back to when I was a kid. My bond with the dog was spawned by my relationship with my dad. He is the man in my life who turned me to the beautiful world of dogs. As a child, I enjoyed a Dalmatian, Casey, and Norwegian Elkhound, Ole...
At 21, I ended up hitchhiking across America with a Maltese who was stolen in front of Lady Luck Casino in Las Vegas--and the loss tore my heart. Soon after, fate hooked me up with a beautiful black Lab six month old puppy. And it was Stone Fox and I who enjoyed the country and more than a decade together.
In my 30s, it was two dogs: Stone Fox and a new yellow Lab Carmella that entered my life and gave me happiness. And I learned that two dogs give me a sense of wholeness. 
Later, during my 40s, when I was Lab-less I fell into Brittanyland. I adopted my first orange and white energetic Brittany and was in love with the happy and hardy breed. So, it was Dylan, who captured my love and he lived to 14--despite his epilespy. (He was seizure-free after age 7; I wrote a book on the holistic remedies to control my "shaky pup".)
Next came Simon and Seth--two Brittanys who were part of my life day and night. As best friends we were a happy and balanced trio. Then, tragedy hit Seth (named after the angel in City of Angels), the dear dog love of my life. Canine neuropathy rocked our world and left me with one dog: Simon. As we both grieve the loss of Seth, a giving and fun-loving pooch, we are preparing, day by day, to welcome a new addition this month to our home and hearts.
Puppy-proofing the home...preparing for adjustment for "Skyler"--an Australian Shepherd (I penned the article on how to do it right), another Type-A breed I've written about in the past--is exciting and a bit unsettling with the fear of unknown. But as a devout dog lover and intuitive, I'm sensing it will all be good sooner than later. The new addition will fill the huge hole in my heart and add life and longevity to my Simon and Zen (a Siamese cat who believes he's a dog). And we await the beginning of a life-changing dog adventure with the healing powers of a puppy to begin in a few weeks.