Thursday, January 17, 2013

Author-Intuitive Anticipates Aussie Gem

By Cal Orey
The Writing Gourmet

Today, January 17 (the day a major quake hit Northridge, CA), I find myself cool, calm, and playing the waiting game. The second pup from the right will soon be in my life--and I'm so excited! A few hours ago, when I received this photo it captivated me. I feel as though the four-legger (the only male; yes I got the pick of the litter) is looking at me. Bonded.

I am not trying to replace my dear Seth--one of the dogs that left a hole in my heart. Perhaps, this is why I fell into another dog breed. But, the Australian Shepherd has the same traits as the Brittany--my choice for 20 years. Both dogs hold a Type-A personality like me, and are energetic, intelligent, super sensitive, and Velcro dogs if they get a move on during the day.

So here I sit...Puppy gates. Check. Puppy toys. Check. Puppy food. Check. Puppy lead/collar. Check. Puppy shots appointment. Check. 

And I have been giving my Siamese-mix three-year-old kitty Zen tons of TLC as I have been doing with Simon, my best canine friend. We have grown even closer since the loss of our Brittany. And soon, our lives as we know it will change. But I sense despite a few challenges we will adapt and overcome to allow fun into our lives.

So, am I looking forward to playing mom? Not so much. But the work I have to do will be well worth the reward of receiving the healing powers of a puppy. I am trying to move on and bring life and love back into my heart, soul, and home. As the days pass, I am sensing that this decision is the right one. What's more, little "Skyler" (a scholar and protector)--a rare gem--will be loved and cherished by his new family. I can feel it and anticipate the first warm fur fix from my new canine angel.

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