Friday, December 30, 2011

New Healing Powers Honey Bee Book Trailer Creating a Buzz

As the author of the Healing Powers book series, I have been given the opportunity to learn about some superfoods with amazing powers that have wowed me throughout more than a decade. It all began back in 1999. I was assigned my first book The Healing Powers of Vinegar. Then, several years after, OLIVE OIL, CHOCOLATE, HONEY, and COFFEE followed.
While I'm known as a "health author" -- these books have given me the opportunity to share  healing powers of healing foods and lively anecdotes (mine and others from around the globe) that will linger on your mind like a honey bee on a flower.
The best part is, I feel a sense of spirit has come alive with each of these books, one by one. And my favorite one is The Healing Powers of Honey. This creative new trailer created with heart and soul captures the essence of my book and my feelings about the beloved, hardworking honey bee.
Can you imagine a world without honey bees? Take a peek at the importance of this insect and what honey bees mean to mankind and our planet.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOW Available: Forecasts for 2012 in Oracle 20/20 Magazine

The olive branch and dove is symbolic of peace, noted in my book The Healing Powers of Olive Oil.
Early December I wrote my Earth Changes monthly column for Oracle 20/20 --and it's now up and published in the January 2012 issue. Every year I focus on forecasts for the year. This time around, like usual, I included quakes, weather, economy, healthcare, politics, and on the fringe predictions--you know, the weird stuff.
As an intuitive and phone psychic (I work as and advisor for two international networks) people know that I'm down to earth and tell it like it is. No sugar coating but I do leave my forecasts on an upbeat note and provide Plan A, B, C...
I realize now though that I left out the biggie: Peace. I want states, countries, the planet, and individuals to find peace.  But I know this is going to be a challenge during the turbulent year ahead. That symbolic dove has its work cut out for 2012.
Yes, I'm getting calls about unrequited love or "When will I find love?" but it's the scary money matters that affect callers, too. I know we haven't seen the worst to come. Change is in the air around the globe and it will be unsettling, especially for the middle class and people of all ages. 
Despite my forthcoming predictions in Oracle 20/20, I am seeing images of people struggling to capture inner peace by going with the flow or challenging facing their demons.  "Bring it on!"  
Get ready, whether it be for an earthquake, severe weather, money woes, shakeups in the workplace, and relationship changes. Fasten your seatbelts. Life's curve balls will occur, no ifs, ands or buts about it. But most importantly, don't be spooked--be prepared.  

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sweet Winter Contest: Win Chocolate Book & Chocolate Snowmen!

Two Chocolate Gifts for You!
'Tis the day before Christmas Eve and day after the first day of Winter. Chocolate is on my brain. Actually, during the holiday season through Easter chocolate is a big deal. Really big. I know this because it was discovered during my research for The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington). Ah, those were the days when I received gourmet chocolate from around the globe on my doorstep via UPS.
Yeah, yeah, yeah (popular saying these days) I was in Chocolate Heaven every week, sometimes three times. I'm talking dark chocolate sea salt caramels from Fran's in Seattle to chocolate truffles from Ireland. Not to forget chocolate bars and bon bons from popular chocolatiers in California to New York and Florida to Chicago.
These days, it's coffee which isn't too shabby either. But chocolate is an awesome gift to give or receive. I chose these chocolate covered cookie snowmen from Enjou Chocolat. These cuties seem appropriate due to the snowfall in the Southwest/Midwest. Not so much here in the Sierra. It's 5 degrees and it will be a swim day/fire at night. Manmade snow at Heavenly for now. But I forecast significant snowstorms will follow in January and February.
Meanwhile, edible snowmen will have to suffice. And the chocolate? Well, it'll help boost those feel-good endorphins. Then, one day I'm certain a storm will come in, the white stuff will fall from the sky, shoveling will follow and walking the Brittany duo in knee high powder, and making a real snowman will happen. Till then, a book on the merits of chocolate and eating chocolate cookies is as good as it gets.  (Enter the contest on Foodie BlogRoll website and you just may win these goodies.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Coffee Book is Percolating: A Beverage to Love

Today, I was informed that on January 3, 2012, my latest manuscript The Healing Powers of Coffee (July 31, Kensington) will be paying me a visit. Yep, it's editing time. During this phase of book production is work but less work than researching and writing. I put on my editor's hat and read my book with my left brain, not right (creative thinking). So, in two weeks I get to re-enter Coffeeland.
This afternoon I received a package of coffee samples: flavored java for the holidays. It makes my mornings. Imagine: Each a.m. you wake up and can try a new coffee. It's exciting and my new hobby, sort of. And yeah, I've kind of turned into a coffee snob in search of the best cup that's unforgettable.
What's more, today I got to see the cover of my coffee book. I truly adore it--it goes perfectly with the HEALING POWERS book series. (Also available at OneSpirit bookclubs including Good Cook, Quality Paperback, Mystery Guild, Crafters, and Literary Guild.) Now I wait just like when I anticipate a fresh brewed cup of coffee. I choose the beans, grind 'em and chill to savor the first and last taste of Joe wit promise of giving me a feel-good feeling and good flavor. Ah coffee--all types. What's not to love?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Intuitive Cal Orey Forecasted December '11 Ring of Fire Earthquake

A major quake hit in the Pacific Ring of Fire
On December 14, the Earth moved near the Indian Ocean region, as I predicted that it would. No tsunami. The depth of the shaker was too deep. When I forecast major quakes, it is calming to know that the area dodged a bullet. So, I was right when this region  in Papua New Guinea shook. The story is newsworthy and was picked up by major newspapers.
Last week I finished my 2012 forecasts for Oracle 20/20 Magazine, January issue. I cover quakes, weather, politics, economy, and on the fringe prediction. It's the shakers, though, that truly intrigue me. And this time around I predict my forecasts may be unsettling to some readers as they are for me but getting prepared is our best defense. As a down-to-earth intuitive (and phone psychic for two international networks) I call 'em as I see 'em and don't sugar coat what I see.
My Ring of Fire/near Indian Ocean major quake prediction was made on Earthquake Epicenter Forum. As it was cited in the article (link below the map above): "Strong earthquakes are relatively common in Papua New Guinea. The country lies on the "Ring of Fire" – an arc of earthquake and volcanic zones that stretches around the Pacific Rim." And, I based this forecast partially on the astrological fact that it's the time frame of Sagittarius--fire. And the long left ear tones and mention of Indian Ocean (and it's quietude) also were on my mind.

Re: 7.0+ Pacific Ring of Fire Now-Dec. 31
December 04, 2011, 11:03:21 AM
7.0+ (Maybe an 8.0)
Indian Ocean, Japan (near Tokyo, aftershock) are potential epis as well as the entire West Coast is vulnerable and ripe
Odds 70%
Based on intuition, time frame because of potential aftershocks for Japan and Indian Ocean is overdue...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Healing Powers of Chocolate Hits Kindle

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
Enjou Chocolat
Recently, I noticed that my book  The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington) by Cal Orey is now offered in kindle format. That means that kindle folks can read about the amazing powers of chocolate ASAP!
Did you know?...
* Known as Mother Nature's "food of the gods," the medicinal benefits of chocolate were recognized as far back as 4000 years ago.
* Eating chocolate can help boost the immune systerm, lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes--even obesity!--and increase lifespan.
* A 1.5 ounce bar of quality chocolate has as much antioxidant power as a 5 ounce glass of wine--without the side effects of alcohol.
* Chocolate is full of mood-enhancing ingredients, including phenylethylamine (the "love drug") and serotonin.
* Chocolate can relieve a host of ailments, including depression, fatigue, pain and PMS, as well as up your sex drive!
So, imagine: You can enjoy The Healing Powers of Chocolate and savor chocolate bunnies and eggs during the spring season as you enjoy this one-of-a-kind book--wherever you are. Exploring the world of chocolate, Mediterranean-style, heart-healthy recipes, home cures, and beauty and anti-aging spa treatments is just a mouse click away! That's chocolate power in the high tech 21st century!
P.S. Want to peek at a yummy excerpt about the beauty of chocolate? How about coming along with me back in time to a Diary of a Chocolate Goddess? This is a real-life story of how I entered Chocolateland and indulged in a chocolate bubble bath at a high end spa! Ah, it was unforgettable.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Power Hour: California Author Dishes on Healing Powers Book Series

I dished out edgy info to Middle America about vinegars, olive oils, and honeys--the 21st century healthful salad dressings....and touted the healing powers of these versatile superfoods.
This morning at 5:00 AM PST, the alarm clock woke me up with rock music. Yes, no Siamese cat alarm today. I got up and brewed a fresh cup of flavored Nutmeg Coffee with a splash of organic milk. And, I walked back to my bedroom and climbed into my cozy oversized waterbed with my two Brittanys, and kitty. Then, at 6:00 AM I was wide-eyed and ready to be a guest on The Power Hour (December 6, Hour 2) with savvy radio talk show host Joyce Riley.
My books published by New York publisher Kensington were put on the table and we discussed the ins and outs of The Healing Powers of Vinegar, The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, and The Healing Powers of Honey. Ironically, tagged a health author it was my job today to dish out how superfoods vinegar, olive oil, and honey can and do keep you healthy and happy. But today I have a pesky flu bug. Read: I feel terrible.
Blame it on the grocery store checker who had the flu on the weekend as she shared her woes while bagging my groceries. (Think the film "Outbreak"-- I was infected.) It didn't help that after the shopping trip I brought in firewood: going in and out of 9 degree temps and 75 indoor climate, and swam/walked the dogs somewhere in between. Also, burning the candle from AM to PM, day after day, didn't do my body any good either.  This workerbee is not feeling like a Queen and desperately needs some R&R.
Anyhow, I'm kind of sensing the Midwestern audience knew that the down-to-earth West Coast guest was fighting aches and pains...Perhaps, my raspy words, here and there gave 'em a hint that I was feeling under the sunny Northern California weather. I did get some emails about my hard work and requests for fat-burning diets.
Actually, on a one to 10 Sickly Scale, I'm about a 7.5 today on Day 2. That's not too bad, right? Major sick, not Great sick. No, I'm not going to go swim and do a hot tub--but I want to. Bed rest, water, oranges, and bed rest is on the agenda. Type-A folks don't do rest well. Perhaps this is a lesson.  And yes, I will drink lots of hot chamomile tea with honey. I wonder if any doomsday films about viruses are on the sci-fi channel. Maybe that's not such a good idea right now. Perhaps a nice chick flick like "City of Angels" or "As Good As It Gets" will make me feel better.  And there are dogs in each one. Or maybe "You've Got Mail"--Meg Ryan's character gets a cold. Misery loves company.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Healing Powers Books Author Goes to the Dogs at B&N Signing in Reno

Author Cal Orey's Healing Powers books series B&N signing went to the dogs.
Last Friday I took a trip 50 miles away from Lake Tahoe to Reno, Nevada for a signing of my Healing Powers book series. As a reclusive author-intuitive, this was a big trip for me. But it's not like I haven't done the book tour thing at B&N bookstores before. I have experienced the West Coast book tour adventure--I have.
I've done lectures/signsing at B&N bookstores in Chico (college kids kept me up all night);  Seattle (amazing solo trip and fell in love with the mini SF); San Francisco (big audience with Geologist Jim Berkland); San Mateo (for my book Doctors' Orders but no docs arrived); Sacramento (big audience and my face turned red when reading); Glendale (bigger audience with Berkland and quake sensitives); and Palmdale (was on TV after the book signing); and many other B&N stores.
Sometimes, I've greeted a crowd of more than 40 people. Other times it was like a ghost bookstore. You never know what you're going to but you go with the flow. This time around last week it was Black Friday and the bookstore was buzzing with people and dogs. Yes, canines. Sure, my poster boasting The Healing Powers of Honey book teamed with a photo of my beloved Brittany Simon was next to me--and so were special dogs clad in a variety of human-type suits. So it was two hours of talking to locals about the powers of honey, vinegar, chocolate, and olive oil...
As I sipped a comped Pumpkin Latte I sort of wished my forthcoming coffee book (due to be released July 2012) was with me and my Healing Powers children. But I did get a sweet cuppa holiday java and enjoyed dangling conversations with two-leggers and four-leggers. Yep, the book signing went to the dogs.
I even had one woman put her Doxie in my lap. The pooch was clad in a Santa's suit. What can I say? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. It was fun despite I sold several books instead of dozens. And I admit I was happy to return to Tahoe's trees, lake, cool temps, and my Brittany duo whom I left at the kennel and Zen cat who held down the cabin for his reclusive mountain authoress who took a trip to the city.