Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOW Available: Forecasts for 2012 in Oracle 20/20 Magazine

The olive branch and dove is symbolic of peace, noted in my book The Healing Powers of Olive Oil.
Early December I wrote my Earth Changes monthly column for Oracle 20/20 --and it's now up and published in the January 2012 issue. Every year I focus on forecasts for the year. This time around, like usual, I included quakes, weather, economy, healthcare, politics, and on the fringe predictions--you know, the weird stuff.
As an intuitive and phone psychic (I work as and advisor for two international networks) people know that I'm down to earth and tell it like it is. No sugar coating but I do leave my forecasts on an upbeat note and provide Plan A, B, C...
I realize now though that I left out the biggie: Peace. I want states, countries, the planet, and individuals to find peace.  But I know this is going to be a challenge during the turbulent year ahead. That symbolic dove has its work cut out for 2012.
Yes, I'm getting calls about unrequited love or "When will I find love?" but it's the scary money matters that affect callers, too. I know we haven't seen the worst to come. Change is in the air around the globe and it will be unsettling, especially for the middle class and people of all ages. 
Despite my forthcoming predictions in Oracle 20/20, I am seeing images of people struggling to capture inner peace by going with the flow or challenging facing their demons.  "Bring it on!"  
Get ready, whether it be for an earthquake, severe weather, money woes, shakeups in the workplace, and relationship changes. Fasten your seatbelts. Life's curve balls will occur, no ifs, ands or buts about it. But most importantly, don't be spooked--be prepared.  

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