Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Olive Oil Books with Old Mediterranean Charm Attract Readers (Again)

By Cal Orey
Have you read The Healing Powers of Olive Oil? 

News: Today, I was told the 1st ed. mass market is going back to press, more copies distributed in Walmart stores, some grocery chains, and other non-book outlets. Also available: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, IndieBound, Bookish.com, Target. 
And...the NEW, NEW, NEW 2nd ed. upcoming December 30, 2014! Mass Market 2016.  This book includes lively and intimate anecdotes from yesteryear and present-day, new health perks, more oils, must-have easy and sophisticated recipes that'll make you hungry, and more old Mediterranean charm. I inserted my heart and soul plus sweat and tears into each and every page. 
It's odd. But tomorrow I'm whipping up a cool chocolate mousse. I found this blog post below, same time of year, same thoughts about tourists and thinking autumn. Some things change, some things stay the same but with re-dos or twists that are incredible. 
And today, I'm still planning an overdue trip with a Mediterranean spin.  Many times I almost clicked my mouse to book a flight to Montreal, Quebec. I'm close. Looking for the best time, best deal and getting the nerve to leave my fur kids. Actually, this is more of a challenge than dealing with turbulence anxiety.

It's Summer--Time for Chocolate Olive Oil Ice Cream

By Cal Orey,
The Writing Gourmet

Living in a tourist town has its ups and downs. Personally, I am an autumn gal and my mantra is "fall, fall, fall." I have been writing articles for mags getting ready for the season of gray skies, leaves changing colors, cooler air, crackling fires, warm sweaters and jeans, cozy comforters, and baking food. I know my choice of seasons will come again. But now it's time to chill and go with the flow of it all. Summer has arrived...

And that means it's time for less clothes, gardening, windows open--night and day--homemade lemonade and iced tea, seasonal fruits and vegetables, lighter eating--and cold, creamy ice cream. Chocolate is the flavor of flavors, naturally.
So, while I--Ms. Introvert--gets into the swim of seasonal change--tourist overload, no indoor spa pool/hot tub, noise with a capital N, warmer temperatures, crowded roads, the beaches and stores filled with kids 'n' parents--I crave feel-good chocolate to make it all feel better.  Here is a recipe from my book The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington, 2010).

* * *
Chocolate Olive Oil Ice Cream

2 1/2 cups milk
1/2 cup Hershey's dark chocolate chips, melted
1 small orange in segments, banana, peach, or fruit of your choice
2 teaspoons vanilla
Pinch of sea salt
2 eggs (or 4 egg whites)
1/2 cup sugar
In a blender add all ingredients; blend until smooth. Pour into an ice cream maker; follow manufacturer's directions. The olive oil is a substitute for unhealthy fat.

One more thing. I know tourists love Lake Tahoe and locals love tourists for self-preservation. But many residents do look forward to off season--me for one--because of its quietude. It is a challenge to write a book and stay focused while so many people are away on vacation or here playing in our resort town. But I can do this--with ice cream and swimming in a new, improved place (it's a secret) and did I say ice cream? Three little months. "Fall, fall, fall."

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