Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Tourists Are Coming! The Tourists Are Coming!

By Cal Orey

It is July Fourth, a day of good food, festivities, and fireworks at Lake Tahoe. It's not that I don't like this holiday, but as an author-intuitive living at Lake Tahoe, it can be a challenge with seasonal tourists. (Enter party-goers, two and four-leggers, who invade stores, streets, beaches, pools, parks, and the neighborhoods) Simply put, I'd rather lose control and undergo a root canal or get my roots done. But hey, we're almost half way through this day, this year. There are ways to dodge the chaos, and after 15 years here, I've got it down to a fine art.  
* We do not have AC at Tahoe since the hot days only last two months out of the year. But we do have ceiling fans (above me), and another fan blowing air on my Aussie. It's cool. We are cool.
Knee swollen, from lifting heavy objects?

* Today, the weathered deck is freshly painted. The upside: It looks pristine as it dries. The downside: Early this a.m., instead of my swim (blame no pool on the tourists) I used my coffee physical energy on lifting heavy objects off the deck. End result:  I strained my knee. R.I.C.E. Ah, the pain...
Monday morning, knee water therapy
* Perhaps, the weight lifting injury was a message from the writer gods for me to sit down, ice my leg, and begin the queries (minor edits) for The Healing Powers of Olive Oil.
* As the hours pass, I will slowly but surely turn up the sounds: TV or music, shut most windows...It's called desensitizing my companion animals to the loud booms that will happen late tonight...
Zen slept through the blasts
* ...Simon and Zen get it. They were raised to deal. But sensitive Skye? It's his second 4th...He does not like the sound of the vacuum, hair dryer or water pik. I doubt he will enjoy the blast(s) tonight.  
* 10 PM, the film Non-Stop is turned up high...a nail biting movie that is more intense than the booms I hear outdoors. Not the best pick for those, like me, who are planning a flight-trip and prone to turbulence anxiety. But laid back Zen keeps me balanced.
* 11 PM...All is quiet. We survived the sounds of fireworks; sirens follow. I'd rather go to the dentist. Good boys. But uh, um, it's not over until Labor Day Weekend. No worries. We will just repeat rx tonight as needed.

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