Sunday, July 27, 2014

Healing Powers Series Author Faces Zen

A place to find my balance

The Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 

The courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

This month of July has been full of twists and turns all leading me to a mixed bag of novelty. Like a cat, I don't prefer stress and yearn for "zen" (a very calming place) but shake-ups and surprises are part of life. And that is what I'm trying to do--start living again, go with the flow (with tweaks) and face challenges without yowling too much.

Zen, my fearless Aries feline
ZEN: For starters, my Zen, a strong, laid-back Siamese-mix, 5, had an ER ride to the vet on Monday. Tests later, my boy was diagnosed with crystals in his urine. I noted my prediction on Facebook before the results came back: "FUS" (feline urological disorder). Some believe this urinary tract woe is linked to stress and environment; even sensitive cats sensing oncoming earthquakes and/or eating the wrong diet.  So, he had a flare-up. Not fun for him or me. Straining to go is no laughing matter for cats or humans. For now, diet change is the Rx plus water fountain. We wait. We retest. (Another incident this a.m. Pain med (syringe) was a challenge for me to do. But I did it.) Goal: Be zen-like for this feline, one whom I'm connected to mind, body, and spirit. 

MOVING ON: I booked a flight and downtown hotel for Montreal, Quebec. As an isolated author-intuitive living in the mountains for 15 years it was time to push myself out of this  comfort zone. I'm facing my fears: cities, crowds, flying, high-rise buildings, new food, a French-speaking province--and going solo like I did back in my twenties.  
Decades ago, I was a fearless female hitchhiking across America with a small shaggy dog. I smuggled him into Quebec and we didn't do well: cultural shock.  But my vow to return when I became an author (plus umpteen dreams of me on a train in the northeastern region) has called me back...  
...I got the best hotel for me and my love for swimming and best flight  for me so I'll feel both safe and sprinkled with adventure.  The funny this is, when I went there before I didn't have a penny; I wore a big knapsack with a rolled up sleeping bag on my back--guts and glory.

A NEW BOOK, FINAL EDITS: Before I leave the West Coast and flee to the Northeast, getting off the grid as much as possible (no ties to computers, cell phones), The Healing Powers of Olive Oil proof pages will fly back to me from New York to proof. This is exciting. This book is close to me. This book is the second edition with more stories, more studies, more home cures, and more comfort food recipes with a Mediterranean French flair.

MY PET COLUMN RETURNS: As the book is wrapped up, I received a message last week. I've been asked to pen my monthly column for one year. The topic: pet horoscopes about cats and dogs for pet parents. This is a fun assignment; as an intuitive I didn't see this one coming but I was on the popular website looking up information for Zen when I received the request.  Coincidence or meant to be?

COMPANION ANIMALS: While writing about pets revisits my life, Simon had to revisit the vet on Saturday. As a senior pooch, we're faced with mysterious new lumps and bumps--but overall, Simon is aging gracefully and I am there for him all the way. In fact, rather than get more shots for him and before he is boarded we will test his antibodies and hopefully that will be enough so no taxing his body. 
Boarding my three boys at the vet kennel is the best decision for all. I know they will get good care, be safe. Of course, leaving my trio and flying away frightens me, sort of like Tom Hanks character in Castaway (when he loses Wilson, his best friend, a ball). I get it.

A new adventure was scary but amazing
Callie needs to go out of her comfort zone
So, I ordered: a little book on French phrases and Montreal/Quebec City. But first, I need to write two months of horoscopes; finish book edits, write my Earth Changes and food columns, and pray that Zen beats these pesky crystals. My plate is full. I can tell you that it's Skyler "name means protector" a lively Aussie and Simon, my strong Rock who give me life and that fun-loving, adventurous spirit to just do it. 

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