Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Getting My "Zen" Back...and Much More

By Cal Orey

Zen is back!

Pre-Fall...It's August and I'm feeling pre-fall. The pine cones are dropping and squirrels are eating. It's not in my head. A neighbor shared this observation with me. This morning I pushed myself to get out of the waterbed (colder than normal) and out the door to the resort where a swimming pool and hot tub await. This is an oasis that not only relaxes me but boosts energy for the day. I'm hooked. Once back home I grabbed a slice of apple strudel (semi-homemade), and began to field e-mails...
Being separated from my fur kids is going to be tough

Canadians Like Coffee 'n Chocolate.  I will be indulging in foods with a French twist so I can return home and try and repeat the experience in my kitchen. After all, the Healing Powers Series all have an underlying French Paradox/Mediterranean diet and lifestyle theme...

Leaving my sweet fur kids is on my mind as I
glance at a book on Montreal and Quebec City as well as one on French Sayings. I need coffee! This is a lot of foreign information to digest!

Yes, I am booked for a flight to Quebec. Yes, I am excited. Yes I am scared. It's an odd combination. But it is a done deal. It felt right at the time when I finalized the trip plans. So, I will go despite cold feet. Murphy's Law will enter no matter what and it could be a lesson for me to chill and survive. 

The CRJ900 (a small aircraft) from MN to Quebec seems like it may be a bit of a challenge. Read: Small. Taking the trek to Quebec City and coming back to downtown Montreal may be bothersome; sensing I'll want to stay put after I put in the time and effort to get there. Going solo is a bit lonely yet I won't have to compromise and may revisit yesteryear when I traveled alone and enjoyed it. Getting stuck in Atlanta could happen. Or not. And the layover in Utah could be grueling or maybe time to sleep. Whatever happens it will be a lesson to re-learn how to go with the flow. I will try and not have any expectations.

It Never Rains in California. Ironically, California is in a drought while next door in Nevada we just got another Flash Flood Warning on the TV. Go figure. Last night I was a News Segment Guest on Coast to Coast AM. Topic: Drought and Quakes. Yeah, withdrawing groundwater can mess with Mother Nature just like fracking but putting water into the Earth. Either way the Earth may move little or a lot or it will move without man messing with it. It's just a matter of time before the shaky Golden State shakes. It turns out after I signed off, the host said both geologist and I forecast a "major" earthquake in California is on its way this year.  Super Moon in a few days...Could August be the month? It's possible.

Loving my Zen. My Siamese kitty is back and I'm loving it. He thinks he is a dog. Everywhere I go, he follows. Jumping from cat tree to cat tree; being affectionate; sleeping with me; ignoring the dogs; and all the other stuff cats do normally he is doing. I am thankful his urinary woe was short and appears to be remedied with a change in diet. I am fantasizing about taking pussycat with to Canada. But it probably wouldn't be fair to him or me. So no "Harry and Tonto" sequel.

We wait. A trip is forthcoming. Final book page proofs are forthcoming. The first round of Pet Horoscopes is forthcoming.  A separation from my fur kids is forthcoming. Lots of rest and relaxation is forthcoming. My life is on the brink of experiencing a lot of novelty--planes, people, a foreign language (where is my book on speaking French?), the city--I've got  mountain girl mixed feelings. But I won't back out. As Tom Petty sang, "Waiting is the hardest part."

PET HOROSCOPES... are being input by the website's editors, as I am surrounded by my cat and two dogs. Very excited about the renewal of my column that'll run for another year--I do use astrology as a tool when I read for my pets--and people. Yep, still work the international "psychic" networks. While it can be draining--I love helping others and the reviews of getting "hits" is rewarding. I do wish callers well.  It's the difficult calls I enjoy the most, including finding a lost human or pet, a read on if the caller will get the job or house. And the selfless calls about kids and parents.  Ah, the Super Full Moon is coming up on the 10th. I predict the phone will ring more than not.

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