Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pre-Fall Novelty is Here

By Cal Orey

Fantasy Quebec Trip is Becoming a Reality
Today is Wednesday and it turned out better than I expected.  I get it now that when I wake up (no matter how cold or tired I feel), if I push myself to go swimming/hot tub the day is a good one as it was today. I sense if everyone exercised first thing upon awakening it would be a more balanced world and people would feel better, mind, body and spirit.

My morning oasis
Later, I was notified that The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, Revised and Updated is on its way back to me to proof as authors do. Proof pages. This part of writing a book is exciting like getting ready to bring home a new puppy--as I did 1 1/2 years ago. When I look at this photo (left) and at my 50 pound baby now it makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over again. So, yes, getting to the final stages of a book you work on can feel like puppy power, sort of. 

Senior dogs melt my heart, too. This afternoon we took Simon in to have blood work done to see if he is strong enough to be kenneled without unnecessary shots  (when I run away and try and recapture the past in Canada) . We believe he will pass with flying colors. Simon is my Rock--11 years young, a Gemini on the cusp of Taurus is my dear companion. He is a strong canine. The test results will return one to three weeks. Feeling positive about it.  

So, book proofs on their way. Annual Pet Horoscopes due September 1. Weekly Food Column. Monthly Earth Changes column. I can do this. This thing is, while this work load is strong I am anticipating the trip.  It's time I find my groove as I once had when I was in my early 20s-- adventurous, fearless, and a lust for life. Not a penny, just a knapsack, sleeping bag, dog and I managed to hitchhike to Montreal. True, I freaked by the hectic city, French speaking province, metric system, and vowed I'd return as an author, more centered. I'm determined to find my inner child, once again in between bumps on the road. I can do this.

Not much time to learn French (the book arrived), nor to decode Quebec and Quebec City. I've checked the weather forecasts (hurricanes in the south and severe storms in the northeast are up for fall) and it is a bit unsettling to me but I can do this. Tapes of Bob Marley, creative visualization, deep breathing, and repeating four words: "Go with the flow" will get me there and home again. Yes, despite challenges of leaving my fur kids and fears of the unknown spook me but Quebec is still on. This morning I slept in amid my three boys. I woke up happy. A woman in my dream whispered to me that it's going to be a wonderful trip. And that is a good omen.

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