Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dumping My Comfort Zone for the Thrill of It

By Cal Orey

This is life, and you need not worry,
for you are exactly where you need to be. 
- A D Kruk quotes 

SLC Airport
This morning I woke up with traveling on my mind. After a cup of joe I called the airline and tried once again to change my flight plan. Each time I do this it seems to get more challenging, whether it be getting up at 2:30 am to a layover in Salt Lake City for several hours. So, for some reason, the route I have is meant to be. It is what it is and I've decided to exhale and go with the unknown. 
Plus, I confess I've been watching every airplane disaster film, from "Snakes on a Plane" to "Non-stop" and even "Alive"! Perhaps I'm looking for adventure or I'm a fool; but I'm ready to toss cable TV, computer and forget getting a cellphone. 

Today it hit me. I'm trying to recapture the little girl in me. After all, at 21 I set out for adventure; I was fearless. Hitchhiking across America with a small dog and going north (on a whim) to Quebec was on my agenda. I did it without any "what ifs". I desperately need to get back to that place where I relinquish control and face life face to face. So, if I miss my flight connection--so what? Ironically, while I stress now about it--other challenges await. Baby steps. The funny thing is, the more I plan to make a perfect vacation the more stumbling blocks get in the way. Perfection doesn't exist. It's over-rated. I don't like the woman with phobias that I've become. I crave to go back in time and embrace life without worrying about consequences. It's time.
Adventure may happen anywhere while en route

The flight plan is done. I will not call and try and re-route--this is a challenge in itself. There are only so many routes going from Reno-Tahoe Airport to Quebec. I prefer larger aircraft (another fear) over smaller planes. That phobia probably stems from a book tour to Seattle. When I entered the commuter plane ideal for little people like in The Wizard of Oz--I sensed trouble ahead. Can you spell t-u-r-b-u-l-e-n-c-e?  Women were losing their "fishies" in the airline bags, our pilot talked to us via intercom throughout the "fasten your seatbelt" bumpy flight from hell to Seattle. A man next to me quickly befriended me and talked me through the rough ride, minute by minute. But I survived.

The bottom line: The itinerary is done. No more tweaking. The thing is, while I ponder if a severe thunderstorm will hit Tahoe-Utah a Southeast hurricane or Northeast chill may be the challenge. I cannot control Mother Nature. 
Note to self: Pack bathing suit, jeans, and T-shirt in carry-on just in case my baggage gets lost during the tight 31 minute flight connection. My mantra: "I will end up where I'm supposed to be--wherever that is."

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