Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn? I Need Help from Squirrels!

By Cal Orey

It's cold outside! And it's only September. The news report this A.M. dishes the Pacific Northwest is getting hit with snow and at Lake Tahoe we're dealing with a cold front. Here I sit in a toasty waterbed with Zen cat and puppy (going to love his double coat this season for double warmth) and I'm clad in a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. (Simon is in the living room watching "Animal Planet"--he has two more days before the cone will be history.) What's more, I'm thinking, "Uh oh, I'm not ready yet for the challenges of autumn weather! Hold the phone."  So, here is my working Fall into Fall To Do List:
It's the change of seasons and I'm not ready...Need to get a move on.

  • OUTDOORS STUFF: First of all, I need more firewood. Got my order in but the wood isn't in as of yet. No flannel sheets. Why aren't they in the stores? Storm windows? Half are in one closet, the other half in the garage. Fireplace needs to be cleaned and the chimney guy needs to come out and deep clean it for safety's sake. (He does it all...maybe I'll wait and let him do it?) And the piles of pine needles are on the rooftop as are all the neighbors' rooftops, thanks to the recent windstorms. Another chore.
  • THREADS FOR WARMTH: I did order earthy colored sweats, jeans, and sweaters from Victoria. It's my birthday present and those little moths created little holes in my fave fall clothes from last autumn. Why do they do that? So, warmer clothes should be here before October 6. Read: We don't have doable malls in the mountains; I do not like shopping.
  • BRING FALL INSIDE: Pine cones...all the new, big fresh ones are dropping onto the ground. Note to self: This weekend collect as many as I can to put in flower beds, and decorate in wicker baskets (for that real mountain fall feel). And throws. Ah, I have wool cozy colored throws that need to be washed to throw on the cold leather sofa, loveseat, chairs--to give my cabin that warm look. And more goldfish. This year my fish (kindred swimming spirits)  get to enjoy the aquarium heater!  No hot and cold temps.
  • STAY WELL: Watching the news and health care changes. To change or not to change? I did call my insurance provider but they outsourced me to India. Today, I was told I get nothing. Same high premiums and add on 20 bucks.Go figure...not poor or rich enough to be rewarded with the exchange discounts. It's making me feel a bit under the weather thinking about it all.  Forgetting a flu shot. I'll stay clear of people--all political parties. It's healthier.

  • GET A MOVE ON: I did finally join the Resort Pool (the tourists are gone) and began swimming for my fall health regime. It is heaven in the morning. Dentist? The day after my birthday, October 6, teeth cleaning is scheduled with the new girl... And Simon's teeth were done during his lump on head surgery; kitty is getting homecare as well as puppy Skye. Speaking of Skyler, he will be the next "conehead" come December when it's time to get him f-i-x-e-d. I keep floundering "December" or "January" because I'm not sure how my Type A pooch will like being a shut-in for two weeks. It's exhausting me thinking about it. 
  • CLEAN PANTRY:  As I'm lost in Olive Oil Land, my kitchen pantry is chock-full of new oils. And, it's time to toss out some items that have expired and make it orderly but not as perfect as the husband likes in the classic film "Sleeping with the Enemy". So the 2nd edition of my olive oil book isn't due until the first week of January. That means I have time for more testing oil products, cooking, baking, using the healing oil(s) in all imaginable ways from head to toe...And it's time to get more teas, coffees, honeys...I cannot forget the last three day power outage so this time around I will be prepared in case the lights go out. And my coffee fall cleaning list may help me to get ready like the plump squirrels with winter storing on the brain.  P.S. I did make Sweet September Pumpkin Waffles!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dog Heaven: First Day of Fall

By Cal Orey
Sweet September
It's Sunday, the first day of Fall at Lake Tahoe. Savoring time with two canine companions--one 10-year- old Brittany and one 10-month-old Aussie is as good as it gets. I love both dogs, a sporting breed and a herding breed who teach me faith, hope, patience, play, and love. They rescue me and I rescue them right back, day after day.
Today, they were walked together. Then, it was time to let Simon get his R & R as he walks the healing path, while Skye got a longer walk to work off his puppy energy. Both dogs sleep as I write. The divide and conquer dog game is working wonders.
Simon's removed lump was benign and we've been healing together. Next Saturday the stitches are gone. And it's back to the two boys playing, sleeping, and living together as one pack. But for now, it's separate rooms, separate sleeping quarters. 
My warrior dog is adapting to the cone and healing.

Simon is doing well. Pain meds, antibiotics are done. Everything else in his day to day routine is back to normal. And his orange and white hair seems to be growing in--I feel fuzz. He has such a pretty orange and white coat. I predict by November it will be a great Thanksgiving to have my bird dog healthy and with his forehead soft with new hair covering his warrior scar.
My puppy is morphing into a dog and I am in love.

Ironically, Skye is up next. In a couple of months he will be neutered for health's sake and he will be wearing the cone. I'm sure Simon will empathize and be supportive. And we will deal once again. 
Simon is like my father and husband...We are both older and wiser, more mellow and get each other. Skyler is like the child in me... He is demanding and fun-loving and keeps me going. 
Am I sorry I got a puppy to complement my senior dog? No way. I adore both canines and they adore me. 
I am looking forward to autumn days with both dogs because they give me the best of both worlds. I feel balanced with two dogs and I know they enjoy each other, too. It's a sweet September day--the first day of fall and I'm in dog heaven.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today I Got My Dog's Biopsy Test Results

(Judgment) : Outcome

"An opportunity will present itself that must not be ignored and it could have far reaching implications, changing your life for the better. ...the outcome will be quicker than expected."

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
--Roger Caras

Last Saturday, after a long dog walk with my 10-year-old Brittany and 10-month-old Aussie, I came home and sat down. We were whooped. As I was petting my Britt, Simon, I noticed a lump underneath his fur on the forehead. One vet visit later: A tumor.  The aspiration didn't work. Surgery was scheduled for Monday A.M. And Sunday night was a long one. Even though Simon is a healthy, strong canine--the idea of being put out--and waiting for the results was an ordeal that was frightening. Did the future mean I would lose another dog in the fall and be down to one puppy who loves Simon--a dog who has been a friend, partner in work, muse, my rock for an entire decade?

Monday morning...all was good when I called the vet... Monday afternoon, when my fur child returned home it was a shock. Yes, he was smiling, prancing but the incision was quite large and I was quite shocked. My beautiful boy's face was altered!  I settled down and got it. Health first. And I was told the hair will grow back. 

Each day waiting for the biopsy results was grueling. I took an Internet crash course on tumors in dogs and was tumored out. My intuition told me benign but my "what ifs" (even though most of these never happen) took my imagination way out on the brink of no return. I didn't know what to think anymore. I just wanted to fast forward to the day of my dog's biopsy test results.

I consulted with my psychic reader friends--the trustworthy ones and a few unknowns. The psychics with good track records gave me the same answer. Actually, all the readers were on the same page--benign. Except for one reader: He saw "troublesome outcome" and I kicked his negative read out of my mind and kept the faith.

You'll be on pain meds just a few days (that'll be so you'll be comfy); I will keep the little one mellow so you can get R and R. But we're all here for you. 
Simon, you are a strong, healthy canine. I'm strongly sensing that we're going to get through this with flying colors. You're my resilient boy and can do this. We will be okay. I will be here for you like you have done for me for 10 years. We can do this! You have more dog years to live Simon. With tribute to Bob Marley, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"...  It's going to be fine.  -- September 15

On Thursday I sensed that the results would roll in sooner than later. I did a Tarot Card spread: Hope and The Waiting Game came up-- and the Judgment card earlier in the week did show promise. I did the Sugar Spell for speedy healing and benign tumor. When the phone rang in the early afternoon, I didn't have to look at the Caller ID--I knew it was my vet. "Is it good news or bad news?" I darted. I could tell instantly by the energy and tone in his voice that my boy passed the test! "Benign!" echoed.  I don't think I ever heard my vet so happy during the 12 years I've known him. He's taken care of my past Brittanys, Dylan and Seth (good and bad news), and Kerouac (we bought him 4 more years of quality life until his kidneys finally failed). And today, was one to celebrate.

So my dear Simon got a clean bill of health. I am overwhelmed with joy and peace of mind. This means, my puppy Skyler has an alpha dog to look up to. This means I get a two dog winter. This means my canine companion duo and I will enjoy more days and nights, weeks, months, and years together. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Life goes on.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Warrior Dog: Brittany Post-Surgery

By Cal Orey

Today, Simon, my beloved Brittany Simon did better than expected during his surgery.  When I called he was first having his teeth cleaned; then it was on to the tumor in question--we chose to have it removed. The jury is out until Friday. And yes, I am on edge for my canine of 10 years. The waiting is the hardest part, with tribute to the Tom Petty tune...

So this afternoon I was preparing myself to welcome my beautiful Britt (cone-head, a smallish incision, groggy) back home.  He pranced and smiled. He was back, sort of.  I wasn't ready for such a large incision. And the shaved head with a red cross-like cut with stitches all makes it look oh-so sci-fi film dramatic. When my eyes first met my boy's head, I was super shocked. Images of big and small screen characters in accidents came to mind. I was speechless. (I recalled when I was a kid and my parents had my adorable white shaggy Maltese's coat shaved. I cried for days.)

But after a bit of time to think rationally and talk to vet techs via phone, I get it. The vet had to make a larger incision to get the mysterious lump out, make clean margins--whether the lump was benign or malignant.  He did his job. Objective: keep my companion animal healthy and happy so we can enjoy our human-animal bond for more years. And, of course, my canine's health comes first. Not looks. 

Before the surgery, I was told by the vet that Simon's thickish white/orange hair will grow back and cover the incision. Tonight, two techs agreed. I suppose if there is a dog god she will allow Simon's coat to fill in, bit by bit, perhaps within a few months. (One breeder bred her Britt just to get a coat like my boy!)

Most importantly, is the tumor harmless? We wait... We did this biopsy ordeal several years ago, when a foreign body made his nose swell. He passed the test. No disease. He has a small scar that can barely be seen; not a lot of hair on his nose. The head is different--more hair.  OK. I can do this. I can be strong for my Simon, my warrior dog. I will not cry. I will hug him. I will pamper him. I will love him. After all, he is beautiful inside and outside. 

A Natural Intuitive
I can tune into an upcoming good or bad event (i.e., a health issue for myself to my dog) and often read the end result. And yes, I can and do channel into my companion animals--and read their minds. The spiritual part comes into play time after time, because I become proactive and prepare for the worst and hope for the best as well as forewarn others to be prepared, not scared. 

It's a sense of empowerment to be able to use the messages I receive. These cues come to me in dreams, visions, word/picture images, body signs--anxiety, headaches, ear tones--as well as observing Mother Nature, my seismically sensitive cat/dogs, etc., and also feeling a hunch and/or picking up on vibes from a place, slot machine, wildlife to people. What's more, I do not believe white light power can stop some things from happening, but I do know we can toy with our destiny or fate to a point.  The key is to not tune out our intuition or gut instincts but tune into it for self-preservation--taking care of our mind, body, and spirit. 

The healing powers of intuition also can provide peace of mind. But sometimes, my spiritual guides can be pesky or even "a curse" when I sense something negative will happen. One more thing. Positive thoughts, of course, can help heal ourselves and others and stop negative things from happening--but sometimes it is not enough and we must be like a fierce warrior and take action and that in itself makes me a "healing type medium."

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Letter to My Brittany, My Love...Surgery Scheduled

By Cal Orey 

Dear Simon, 

It's early Sunday morning...You are on my mind. As you know, I didn't sleep well last night but as usual you were by my side. Tomorrow, near this time you will be going to the vet for a surgical procedure. Yes, Puppy Pie, I know. You just been there, did that in January to have your teeth cleaned...but this may be less scary.

Yesterday, I found a lump on your head! It could be nothing. Or, if it is something we may have indeed caught it in the nick of time. The doctor (he adores you) will remove the lump (no scar! your hair will cover it), and send it to the disease specialist who will study it like you do a bird. And then we wait Big Boy.

We have to wait until Friday for the results. But hey, it could be a win-win deal. I may have caught it in time (thanks to you for showing me how to be intuitive  like you do when you sense imminent earthquakes) --so the news could be good for us either way.

Today, I will bathe you. Simon, you love how your coat feels after a bath. You're super white and fluffy. This afternoon, we'll take you and your brother for a long walk, long car drive...extra treats today as well. You will be even more pampered. (And hey, tomorrow you're going to get your teeth done. Since I've been brushing them it should be a walk in the park, so to speak.)

You'll be on pain meds just a few days (that'll be so you'll be comfy); I will keep the little one mellow so you can get R and R. But we're all here for you. 
Simon, you are a strong, healthy canine. I'm strongly sensing that we're going to get through this with flying colors. You're my resilient boy and can do this. We will be okay. I will be here for you like you have done for me for 10 years. We can do this! You have more dog years to live Simon. With tribute to Bob Marley, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"...  It's going to be fine.

(Judgment) : Outcome
"An opportunity will present itself that must not be ignored and it could have far reaching implications, changing your life for the better. ...the outcome will be quicker than expected."

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Senior Dogs Make Me Smile

By Cal Orey
I love senior dogs. At the age of 10 (about 60-70 in human years), canines get you. Simon, my beloved Brittany and I have been together for a decade. We are bonded till death do us part.

You may have heard that humans and their dogs eventually begin to look like one another. Well, I admit I get low lights in my hair to match my boy. We both have chocolate brown eyes; and while he has a long nose, I have an oval face.

But our human-animal bond goes beyond looks. We are connected. He has been there for me for 10 years. Not to forget how my Simon has flanked me at book signings, and helped me to sense oncoming quakes in California (we have been featured on He has walked with me in the moonlight on snowy nights at Tahoe and to the Lake in the summertime. What's more, during tough times, he helped me raise another Brittany--our Seth, our boy--our family. We loved and lost him together. We grieved and moved on together.

And now we have a new pooch in the house that we are grooming and adore for getting us through it all.

Simon is my "rock".  He is strong. He is sensitive. He is smart. As a sporting dog girl, I have shared my days and nights with three beautiful Brittanys. Two of them were very close to me. Dylan, at the age of 5, fell victim to epilepsy. Actually, the grand mal seizures bonded us. I ended up writing a book about holistic remedies for "shaky pup"...And within two years he was seizure free. He lived a quality, active life to the age of 14.

Seth was not as fortunate. He, too, lived and loved a good life. But at the age of 6 a neurological disorder got him like the monsters that chased my Dylan. Sadly, like Seth, the fallen angel in "City of Angels" made a love connection with me but instead of falling to Earth to be with me--the angels rescued us in time of dire need. (I get that now, the angels did answer my prayers.) Seth made a departure to Dog Heaven--a better place even though I did not get to savor more time with my orange and white canine companion.

So, senior dogs, like Simon, are like humans in their golden years. They are wise. They are mellow. They are good. I appreciate his age. I feel like he is my husband, father, brother, and dog all in one. He is dog but with human qualities. So, for people who aren't sure about older dogs (and think back to wonder years of puppyhood), I ask you to reconsider all the positives of enjoying your aging canine. Lose the ageism and enjoy the best years of a good dog and good years with good health care: check ups, dental care, exercise, and love. Old(er) dogs are one of God's greatest creatures on Earth. Cherish your canine's mellow years like a fine wine.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Autumn's Amazing Coffee Grounds for Fall Cleaning

By Cal Orey

            Drinking coffee for its healing powers is healing, but did you know that you can use coffee for healing your personal environment, too? Welcome to the world of coffee uses in the home, another perk of the coffee tree. Before I entered Coffee World, I didn’t know coffee grounds were eco-friendly and something to use. But now I know uncommon grounds can be home-friendly.  God bless nature’s little dark coffee grounds for their multi-purpose uses indoors and outdoors. Straight from The Healing Powers of Coffee (Kensington).
Use An Abrasive Cleaner. Use grounds as a scouring agent to tackle any greasy or dirty surface. It also can get rid of pungent odors from pans and your hands.
Go for a Deodorizing Buzz. Dry coffee ground (not soggy used ones) placed on a cookie sheet and put in an open container in your fridge or freezer can be an instant way to help absorb odors. Also, fill a sachet with dried grounds paired with cinnamon sticks and whole cloves and place it in close drawers (baby and pet-proof).

Living Room/Dining Room/Bedroom
Furniture Concealer:  Coffee grounds can do away with smells and unsightly scratches on furniture, too. Steep grounds and apply the dark brew to wood furniture with a cloth. I tried this household treatment on an antique dark chest in my bedroom and it worked. I thought, “If coffee stains cups, coffee pots, and teeth, it has to work on brown furniture.” And it did just that. Flavored coffees provide a nice aroma unlike commercial types with strong, undesirable scents.
Fireplace Dust Buster: Ever notice that when you clean out the ashes from the fireplace that dust gets in your eyes and nose? You can control the dust by using wet coffee grounds on the cool ashes because they keep the dust down and not in the air. Note to self: Try to see if this method works.

Ant Repellent: In the mountains I don’t see ants but in the city I did. And if they weren’t in the kitchen they took over the bathroom, especially around water. Rather than using a chemical spray, try using coffee grounds on the area thirsty ants go to. (Be sure kids, cats and dogs are not around as the natural ant eater does its job.)

Plant Fertilzer: Plants that like acidic soils will like your coffee grounds. Use grounds on the top layer of soil, or mix it with potting soil before planting. I started dumping coffee grounds on the aspens in the front yard.  It could have been the late summer rain and/or the green grounds that helped the trees perk up.
Compost: Grounds not only feed your plants and trees, but they can feed your compost bin (if you have one). Simply add compost piles to increase nitrogen balance. Coffee filters and tea bags (yes, I have both, especially if my youngest Brittany doesn’t scarf down the chamomile tea bags) will also break down fast during composting. I still don’t do the compost dance it but it’s on my list of to-do changes and coffee grounds and filters will be included. I continue to sprinkle grounds on one wilted aspen in the front yard but so far it’s not showing signs of being a coffee lover…
Insect Repellant: But tossing coffee grounds on the deck, dirt, or sidewalks may have a faster effect. Again, it’s a risk to do this if you have indoor/outdoor dogs or cats, because you don’t want a sequel of the Ethiopian goat herder’s dancing goats. And that’s not all…

Welcome your home sweet home to the art of feng shui—the ancient Chinese art of placement—with a twist of coffee. By putting stuff in the right spots in your kitchen and other rooms it can enhance the flow of positive energy and zap negative vibrations, bringing you good health, happiness—and even fortune.
Declutter Your Coffees. If you’re a coffee lover, chances are you’re going to have more than less java beans and gadgets in your home. Rather than stuffing it all in one place, such as your pantry, I suggest storing it in a variety of places just in case of a blackout. You’ll find cans of coffee (these have expiration dates) in my pantry. Plus, they are sealed so I feel safe and secure that my fur kids won’t get into the java. Also, when I open my freezer, there is an array of well packaged coffees lined up in rows. It makes me feel safe in case there is a shortage on coffee. And, in my fridge, I also have concealed containers filled with coffee in use, from day to day. It’s clutter free but coffee definitely has its place(s) in my kitchen.
Clean the Coffee Pot(s) to Coffee Grinder. This is a chore but it’s good chi to have a squeaky clean pot (or two) and grinder. For the pot, use vinegar, water, and lemon (use hot water, let soak). As far as the grinder goes, day by day cleaning will keep you and yours healthy coffee drinkers.
Brighten Up with Lighting.  In your kitchen, you’ll want to have neutral of earthy coffee colors, from a tan, light coffee or wood paneling.  Fresh, white curtains will lighten up the room and your energy.
Scent It Up. And, of course, the constant aroma of fresh brewed coffee will linger from room to room.
Boost Your Mood with Coffee Mugs. Select your favorite coffee mugs and place them together or in a mug holder on the counter. This is inviting for you or coffee.
Use Coffee Art. Framed coffee prints can give your kitchen a nice visual effect, especially if they boast Mediterranean colors: red, brown, gold, and blue.
Flaunt Coffee Companions. Glass canisters filled with biscotti to coffee candy, look inviting and are your friends whenever you decide to brew a cup of java.
Bring Out the Fresh Fruit. Seasonal fruit in lucky numbers, such as eight, is good for you both physically and mentally. Citrus fruit, such as oranges goes well with coffees—and the shelf life is good.
Conceal Knives and Scissors. These are a must-have item so when you open a new bag of coffee you can do it the right way and without going on a hunt through the house or using your nails or teeth.
Hide the Gadgets. Too many coffee makers will give you clutter. So, choose your coffee toys and store the others in cupboards. Recycle these to fit the season and your mood. 
Place Coffee Books in Piles. Cookbooks are attractive and show that you like being in the kitchen. Line these up in an appealing way or pile books in stacks. Either way it will give a nice coffee literary feel and will be on hand to inspire you.
A bonus tip: Purchase a coffee calendar. It will keep you up-to-date on seasons and holidays—a great coffee lover’s tool so you can plan meals and coffee accordingly. And, of course, with your coffee-ized kitchen, what better way to celebrate than to have a cake, like this heavenly recipe, baking in the oven?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of the World 2012 Scenarios That Didn't Happen


I Feel the Earth Move…

2012 Phenomenon–The End of the World

By Cal Orey
Welcome to the spooky, sensationalized end of the world “2012 Phenomenon.” Thanks to an array of spellbinding theories tossed about on the Internet, books, TV, and blockbuster films, catastrophic events were feared to hit in the year 2012.
Today, in 2013, doomsday followers still believe the world will stop, too. Read on—unravel some believe it or not no-nonsense scenarios that may or may not happen.
While smoky skies in Northern Calif. and Nevada isn't doomsday, the Rim Fire is catastrophic and one of the worst wildfires in history for the Golden State.

  • Alien Attack: In the exciting film “Independence Day” aliens pay a visit to Earth. The extraterrestrials are hostile and their arrival causes devastation. Other UFO films like “War of the Worlds” and open-minded human observers show us that we may not be alone.
    • 2012 Scenario: And come December 21, an E.T. sequel could take place on our planet. But, the rumor is, this 2012 Phenomenon scenario may come with a Planet X aka Nibiru and collide with Earth.
  • Great Earthquakes: If you don’t like space creatures, you may not enjoy a group gathering of planets that can shake it up. The Jupiter Effect, a book penned by John Gribben, Ph.D., and Stephen Plagemann, predicted an alignment of the planets of the solar system would cause gravitational effect on the Earth’s crust and create great earthquakes, including a great movement of the San Andreas Fault, on March 10, 1982. It didn’t happen.
    • 2012 Scenario: Still, some folks believe, like in The Jupiter Effect, there is going to a “galactic” line up but with the sun and black hole at the center of our galaxy and it may spell disaster on Earth.
  • Asteroid/Meteor: If the West Coast doesn’t go down, the East Coast may be next in line, according to the film “Armageddon,” when an asteroid zooms toward Earth. As the rock nears, meteorites damage New York with cause of concern for our planet. According to California Geologist Jim Berkland, we may be tested during the 2029 scheduled close approach of an asteroid.
    • 2012 Scenario: But 2012 end days fans believe a large asteroid or meteor may arrive sooner than later on Earth. If it’s large enough, doomsday could be the end result.
  • Polar Shift: In another sci-fi thriller, “2012” shows us a pole shift in motion where the North Pole and South Pole change places.
    • 2012 Scenario: If there is a pole shift (shifts of geographical locations of the poles and the axis of rotation of the Earth), great earthquakes and massive flooding could be the end result of such an event.
  • Solar Storms: Seattle-based, science author Mitch Battros believes there may be a connection between the Sun and Earth’s magnetic field shift and earthquakes. In my book The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes (Sentient Publications), he noted his studies have been targeted toward solar activity and its link to weather. So, what is Battros’s equation? Sunspots – Solar Flares – Magnetic Field Shift – Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents – Extreme Weather and Human Disruption.
      • 2012 Scenario: Solar flares are nothing new. In the movie “Knowing” the sun’s solar flares scorch the Earth and a lethal tidal wave of fire sweeps the Earth. Some theories suggest on December 21 a solar storm could happen.
Meanwhile, I suspect the media and commercialism will have a heyday about the potential coming apocalypse. More chatter about a dangerous reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field (which could cause a mega glitch in technology to solar radiation) will be the buzz. As an intuitive, I sense we will be challenged and endure more natural disasters and man-made catastrophes–whatever the cause may be. And it may feel like end times but in the end we do not have control over catastrophic events.
The End of the World as We Knew It
Back in 1999, people feared the Y2K crazies linked to a potential computer crisis but we survived and entered the 21st century. In 12 years our world has endured events that have felt like the sky was falling. Who can forget the attack of America on September 11, 2001; The 2004 Asian Tsunami; Hurricane Katrina; the BP oil spill; the 2009 flu pandemic; and the 9.0 Japan Quake-Tsunami(s) and nuclear plant crisis. These events were horrific. Lives were lost, humans and animals were displaced, and our environment was challenged. But despite the chaos, life goes on and our world is still here.