Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today I Got My Dog's Biopsy Test Results

(Judgment) : Outcome

"An opportunity will present itself that must not be ignored and it could have far reaching implications, changing your life for the better. ...the outcome will be quicker than expected."

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
--Roger Caras

Last Saturday, after a long dog walk with my 10-year-old Brittany and 10-month-old Aussie, I came home and sat down. We were whooped. As I was petting my Britt, Simon, I noticed a lump underneath his fur on the forehead. One vet visit later: A tumor.  The aspiration didn't work. Surgery was scheduled for Monday A.M. And Sunday night was a long one. Even though Simon is a healthy, strong canine--the idea of being put out--and waiting for the results was an ordeal that was frightening. Did the future mean I would lose another dog in the fall and be down to one puppy who loves Simon--a dog who has been a friend, partner in work, muse, my rock for an entire decade?

Monday morning...all was good when I called the vet... Monday afternoon, when my fur child returned home it was a shock. Yes, he was smiling, prancing but the incision was quite large and I was quite shocked. My beautiful boy's face was altered!  I settled down and got it. Health first. And I was told the hair will grow back. 

Each day waiting for the biopsy results was grueling. I took an Internet crash course on tumors in dogs and was tumored out. My intuition told me benign but my "what ifs" (even though most of these never happen) took my imagination way out on the brink of no return. I didn't know what to think anymore. I just wanted to fast forward to the day of my dog's biopsy test results.

I consulted with my psychic reader friends--the trustworthy ones and a few unknowns. The psychics with good track records gave me the same answer. Actually, all the readers were on the same page--benign. Except for one reader: He saw "troublesome outcome" and I kicked his negative read out of my mind and kept the faith.

You'll be on pain meds just a few days (that'll be so you'll be comfy); I will keep the little one mellow so you can get R and R. But we're all here for you. 
Simon, you are a strong, healthy canine. I'm strongly sensing that we're going to get through this with flying colors. You're my resilient boy and can do this. We will be okay. I will be here for you like you have done for me for 10 years. We can do this! You have more dog years to live Simon. With tribute to Bob Marley, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"...  It's going to be fine.  -- September 15

On Thursday I sensed that the results would roll in sooner than later. I did a Tarot Card spread: Hope and The Waiting Game came up-- and the Judgment card earlier in the week did show promise. I did the Sugar Spell for speedy healing and benign tumor. When the phone rang in the early afternoon, I didn't have to look at the Caller ID--I knew it was my vet. "Is it good news or bad news?" I darted. I could tell instantly by the energy and tone in his voice that my boy passed the test! "Benign!" echoed.  I don't think I ever heard my vet so happy during the 12 years I've known him. He's taken care of my past Brittanys, Dylan and Seth (good and bad news), and Kerouac (we bought him 4 more years of quality life until his kidneys finally failed). And today, was one to celebrate.

So my dear Simon got a clean bill of health. I am overwhelmed with joy and peace of mind. This means, my puppy Skyler has an alpha dog to look up to. This means I get a two dog winter. This means my canine companion duo and I will enjoy more days and nights, weeks, months, and years together. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Life goes on.


  1. Through your writing, I have gotten to know and love your fur babies.

    I have been praying for Simon. He has been close to my heart and mind...

    With a deep sigh of relief, I can now ...

    ... SMILE ...

  2. Next Sat. stitches out. Simon is doing fine. Have to keep the pup away--he wants to play. Other than that challenge and growing back his fur--all is good. Simon is my boy! What a wonderful B-Day gift.