Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dog Heaven: First Day of Fall

By Cal Orey
Sweet September
It's Sunday, the first day of Fall at Lake Tahoe. Savoring time with two canine companions--one 10-year- old Brittany and one 10-month-old Aussie is as good as it gets. I love both dogs, a sporting breed and a herding breed who teach me faith, hope, patience, play, and love. They rescue me and I rescue them right back, day after day.
Today, they were walked together. Then, it was time to let Simon get his R & R as he walks the healing path, while Skye got a longer walk to work off his puppy energy. Both dogs sleep as I write. The divide and conquer dog game is working wonders.
Simon's removed lump was benign and we've been healing together. Next Saturday the stitches are gone. And it's back to the two boys playing, sleeping, and living together as one pack. But for now, it's separate rooms, separate sleeping quarters. 
My warrior dog is adapting to the cone and healing.

Simon is doing well. Pain meds, antibiotics are done. Everything else in his day to day routine is back to normal. And his orange and white hair seems to be growing in--I feel fuzz. He has such a pretty orange and white coat. I predict by November it will be a great Thanksgiving to have my bird dog healthy and with his forehead soft with new hair covering his warrior scar.
My puppy is morphing into a dog and I am in love.

Ironically, Skye is up next. In a couple of months he will be neutered for health's sake and he will be wearing the cone. I'm sure Simon will empathize and be supportive. And we will deal once again. 
Simon is like my father and husband...We are both older and wiser, more mellow and get each other. Skyler is like the child in me... He is demanding and fun-loving and keeps me going. 
Am I sorry I got a puppy to complement my senior dog? No way. I adore both canines and they adore me. 
I am looking forward to autumn days with both dogs because they give me the best of both worlds. I feel balanced with two dogs and I know they enjoy each other, too. It's a sweet September day--the first day of fall and I'm in dog heaven.


  1. Keeping the boys away from each other is a challenge. After their walk, the pup went to sleep and I got to cozy up to Simon. A massage, TLC...I miss having both of them together at night. Four more nights to go. Stitches out.

  2. One more night. A tiny ding on scab. Used ACV to dry it up. Tomorrow stitches out. Hair is growing back!