Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn? I Need Help from Squirrels!

By Cal Orey

It's cold outside! And it's only September. The news report this A.M. dishes the Pacific Northwest is getting hit with snow and at Lake Tahoe we're dealing with a cold front. Here I sit in a toasty waterbed with Zen cat and puppy (going to love his double coat this season for double warmth) and I'm clad in a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. (Simon is in the living room watching "Animal Planet"--he has two more days before the cone will be history.) What's more, I'm thinking, "Uh oh, I'm not ready yet for the challenges of autumn weather! Hold the phone."  So, here is my working Fall into Fall To Do List:
It's the change of seasons and I'm not ready...Need to get a move on.

  • OUTDOORS STUFF: First of all, I need more firewood. Got my order in but the wood isn't in as of yet. No flannel sheets. Why aren't they in the stores? Storm windows? Half are in one closet, the other half in the garage. Fireplace needs to be cleaned and the chimney guy needs to come out and deep clean it for safety's sake. (He does it all...maybe I'll wait and let him do it?) And the piles of pine needles are on the rooftop as are all the neighbors' rooftops, thanks to the recent windstorms. Another chore.
  • THREADS FOR WARMTH: I did order earthy colored sweats, jeans, and sweaters from Victoria. It's my birthday present and those little moths created little holes in my fave fall clothes from last autumn. Why do they do that? So, warmer clothes should be here before October 6. Read: We don't have doable malls in the mountains; I do not like shopping.
  • BRING FALL INSIDE: Pine cones...all the new, big fresh ones are dropping onto the ground. Note to self: This weekend collect as many as I can to put in flower beds, and decorate in wicker baskets (for that real mountain fall feel). And throws. Ah, I have wool cozy colored throws that need to be washed to throw on the cold leather sofa, loveseat, chairs--to give my cabin that warm look. And more goldfish. This year my fish (kindred swimming spirits)  get to enjoy the aquarium heater!  No hot and cold temps.
  • STAY WELL: Watching the news and health care changes. To change or not to change? I did call my insurance provider but they outsourced me to India. Today, I was told I get nothing. Same high premiums and add on 20 bucks.Go figure...not poor or rich enough to be rewarded with the exchange discounts. It's making me feel a bit under the weather thinking about it all.  Forgetting a flu shot. I'll stay clear of people--all political parties. It's healthier.

  • GET A MOVE ON: I did finally join the Resort Pool (the tourists are gone) and began swimming for my fall health regime. It is heaven in the morning. Dentist? The day after my birthday, October 6, teeth cleaning is scheduled with the new girl... And Simon's teeth were done during his lump on head surgery; kitty is getting homecare as well as puppy Skye. Speaking of Skyler, he will be the next "conehead" come December when it's time to get him f-i-x-e-d. I keep floundering "December" or "January" because I'm not sure how my Type A pooch will like being a shut-in for two weeks. It's exhausting me thinking about it. 
  • CLEAN PANTRY:  As I'm lost in Olive Oil Land, my kitchen pantry is chock-full of new oils. And, it's time to toss out some items that have expired and make it orderly but not as perfect as the husband likes in the classic film "Sleeping with the Enemy". So the 2nd edition of my olive oil book isn't due until the first week of January. That means I have time for more testing oil products, cooking, baking, using the healing oil(s) in all imaginable ways from head to toe...And it's time to get more teas, coffees, honeys...I cannot forget the last three day power outage so this time around I will be prepared in case the lights go out. And my coffee fall cleaning list may help me to get ready like the plump squirrels with winter storing on the brain.  P.S. I did make Sweet September Pumpkin Waffles!

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