Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Letter to My Brittany, My Love...Surgery Scheduled

By Cal Orey 

Dear Simon, 

It's early Sunday morning...You are on my mind. As you know, I didn't sleep well last night but as usual you were by my side. Tomorrow, near this time you will be going to the vet for a surgical procedure. Yes, Puppy Pie, I know. You just been there, did that in January to have your teeth cleaned...but this may be less scary.

Yesterday, I found a lump on your head! It could be nothing. Or, if it is something we may have indeed caught it in the nick of time. The doctor (he adores you) will remove the lump (no scar! your hair will cover it), and send it to the disease specialist who will study it like you do a bird. And then we wait Big Boy.

We have to wait until Friday for the results. But hey, it could be a win-win deal. I may have caught it in time (thanks to you for showing me how to be intuitive  like you do when you sense imminent earthquakes) --so the news could be good for us either way.

Today, I will bathe you. Simon, you love how your coat feels after a bath. You're super white and fluffy. This afternoon, we'll take you and your brother for a long walk, long car drive...extra treats today as well. You will be even more pampered. (And hey, tomorrow you're going to get your teeth done. Since I've been brushing them it should be a walk in the park, so to speak.)

You'll be on pain meds just a few days (that'll be so you'll be comfy); I will keep the little one mellow so you can get R and R. But we're all here for you. 
Simon, you are a strong, healthy canine. I'm strongly sensing that we're going to get through this with flying colors. You're my resilient boy and can do this. We will be okay. I will be here for you like you have done for me for 10 years. We can do this! You have more dog years to live Simon. With tribute to Bob Marley, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"...  It's going to be fine.

(Judgment) : Outcome
"An opportunity will present itself that must not be ignored and it could have far reaching implications, changing your life for the better. ...the outcome will be quicker than expected."

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