Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 10 Resolutions for..2014

By Cal Orey

So, I've been reading for callers on the psychic networks. The three big questions are: "When will I find love?" to "Will I get a job?" and "Is he/she going to be with me on New Year's Eve?" Love and work are on the table for 2014. And, I use my intuition, Tarot Cards, and charts based on Sun Signs, lunar cycles, and planets to dish my answers to people who want answers. But what about me, the reader?  Here, the top 10 vows I make for the coming New Year...


10. I promise to swim and dodge tourists early in the mornings; I'll hit the at-home treadmill (teamed with my Aussie) more than four times per week--until we get a snowstorm. (I have to walk the dogs daily so no promise there...it's a done deal.) 

9. I vow to send the ambitious, new, improved completed book project to New York by January 15...and take some quality "me time" for the rest of the month.  

8. I will make more fires at home and enjoy the ambiance despite Lake Tahoe is experiencing a mega drought. (I will do snow dances at night to get a few dumpings of real snow as I forecasted for the winter.)

7. I will continue to brush my fur childrens' teeth (every day) and brush both dogs on a consistent basis.

6.  And I'll finish my dental appointments (two more) until we're done.  (I still feel Nabisco's ginger snap cookie incident deserved more than two cookie coupons. At least I chose whole grain treats this time around with no snap!)

5.  In 2014, I'll find hardy cactus to begin an indoor garden for feng shui...Gotta keep chi flowing through the air.

4. ...I'll return to the pet shop and make sure to get those beautiful black goldfish for good luck the upcoming year. I love the multi-orange and black ones, though.

3. Brushing teeth is one thing...brushing coats on the Aussie "fur ball" and Simon (the Brittany) will be more of a regular ritual...and bathing both--and giving equal attention--on a warm day will happen before February. Note: Try to acclimate Skye to hair dryer so he won't kill it.

2. I'll find Zen's blue collar that puppy attempted to destroy...or get new one because it makes him feel like royalty--the cat not the dog. Also, I will play "get the neon mouse" with him more.

1. Lastly, it's time to count my blessings, from good health, healthy and happy companion animals, completing a new book project, using my writing and intuition to help people, and living in a place with trees, water, and fur kids.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Resolution: Time to Lighten Up!

By Cal Orey

Are we having fun yet?
A few days before the New Year has got me doing some serious thinking about making some serious changes come 2014. It was brought to my attention that I am too "serious"--I don't know how to have fun or celebrate. How do you spell fun? I suppose I can blame my no-nonsense nature on the sluggish economy that keeps me on the gerbil's treadmill, trying to keep up with other gerbils in the world. 

After all, life is expensive! Working as an author and dishing the future on psychic networks, day after, day can be grueling. Why do I work so hard, anyhow? Well, let me count the ways. Paying an arm and leg to keep up with health care premiums (despite I'm in Healthy Tier 1 and never use it); paying for my fur kids' ordeals: from dental surgery to forehead tumor removal and pup's shots to neutering... 
Fun Today:
Dogs walked, fish tended to, waterbed warm, gifted with rugs
and down...
grocery shopping, temporary crown in, animals happy...Time to
work the networks, proof book, watch films and chill!

And then there is the cost of living, housing, food, utilities, clothes, human dentist (two leaky fillings, one tiny cavity equals 1500 bucks) and pet food--and it never stops. I'm not having fun yet. (Living was more fun when I was a penniless hippie hitchhiker with a dog, knapsack, and sleeping bag.)

Life can be full of good times--and balance--but sometimes hard work ends up giving me a sense of accomplishment, security, and helps give me peace of mind, sort of. When you are goal-oriented and complete a goal it is a rush and empowering. Still, there is a time to work; there is a time to play. Caveat: If you're working on a project it's not smart to ditch it to go rejoice a traditional holiday (laugh, drink, and be merry) because you can lose focus. The word belated was created for celebrations of all kinds because life is not on our time table.

Have another article on olive oil coming up
Walking dogs on dry ground is calming

But come mid January I vow to enjoy down time...more play with the dogs, sleeping in an additional hour (I did that today and it was heaven).  Nesting more. While my cabin is in order, there are some winter-pre-spring projects I'd like to do. The other day, for one, I took my huge collection of stuffed bears and moved them from the top piece of  built-in wooden furniture to the study. I replaced it with plates and baskets for a more earthy, clean "Food Network" chef's look. But a gift rug with wildlife--including bears is now on my floors. Do the bears want to come back to the study/dining room to party? Are we having fun yet?

Regarding diet and exercise. Early next year it's back to the pool in the early mornings (when the ski-loving tourists are sleeping) and dabbling in the Paleo diet for health's sake. The treadmill looks inviting. Note to self: Make fire and share with Aussie Skye spells fun. And despite global warming, I might as well use firewood for the ambiance of it all. Baking and cooking on no-Paleo diet days will fill the cabin with heavenly scents...

And, I will probably go back to the webcam psychic network to entertain folks from abroad and provide readings. The managers have missed me and actually it's like having guests from the UK to Australia visit me and my fur children.

I'd like to go to Europe or Arizona (my Gran used to live there) but I don't think I could leave my kids at a kennel. Skye already has an attitude when I bring up relocating to the desert. He did enjoy Carson City, yesterday (it was colder than South Shore). He sports a winter coat...

Need to find a new java, old one is boring
I adore Zen...he lowers my BP
And my trusty pet sitter? She told me a year ago she doesn't like cats. Zen didn't like that, nor do I. So I am pet sitterless.  I don't have to travel to amuse myself. Actually, I have fun just hanging at watching films, cleaning, creating healthful dishes, writing columns, and working on new ideas for another book.  Note to self: Drink coffee for inspiration.

So, am I too serious? I do like things to run smoothly. Probably need to laugh at life's super crazy foibles, though.  (Easier to do so after than during.) I am an introvert. I am Type-A (go to the dictionary and see a head shot of me). I love to be centerd but realize in the real world we cannot always be on even keel 100% of the time because life is like a roller coaster and sometimes I scream during twists and turns. Other times we can coast. We can be calm. So, as I finish this long and much enjoyed ride through exotic Olive Oil Land I do promise to lighten up (a bit) come the New Year. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Losing an Animal Companion Hurts

By Cal Orey
A healing pup 

Today I am taken back to a time when I lost my last canine companion, Seth (brain disease). And, when I had to let go of Kerouac (kidney failure). Losing animal friends to old age, health problems, a car accident, or stolen is a bitch. I've been there one time too many. And I can tell you that no words can help the loss. It hurts...
A dog close to my heart

Kerouac lived a quality life to the end
As time goes on, good memories outweigh the end but the void still lives on.This time around it wasn't my loss--but as an intuitive I saw it coming for someone else--the animal and its guardian. Perhaps that's why folks say being "psychic" is a gift and a curse. I knew the outcome before it happened. It's been a gentle reminder of Seth, the dog I lost a day after Thanksgiving.

The deal is, when our animal companions are in need of our help, it's time to tune into the whole picture and look at the quality of life. No ethical vet will euthanize an animal unless they know there is no way out of a situation that will not improve.
Dogs sense when their pack is sick

This day, Christmas Eve is a sad one. I am thinking about Seth and a late feline companion who was my muse. In retrospect, Simon, my senior Britt knew his canine pal was "off" and it affected him during and after. We grieved. We bonded. We moved on but it took time...

A week before Kerouac passed, the white cat next door was hovering around the windows in the house; like City of Angels (when the angels pay a person a visit before they died). Animals have a strong sixth sense. In fact, on October 6--my birthday--Seth came to me and was clingy...he was telling me that things were not right. On October 12, he lost all balance and his well-being declined day by day but we fought the battle with time and drugs. The day after Thanksgiving, my once healthy, fun-loving six-year-old Brittany's health took a turn for the worse. We lost. Images of that horrific day still haunt me.

I have no regrets letting my boy go to a place where it's peaceful, nor Kerouac who was strong almost all the way to his demise.  The monsters took both bodies...both spirits had gone. And that is how you know it's time to let go. So, this blog post is dedicated to a friend, and a dog. I get it. I've been there. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Forecasting the Future, Ups and Downs

By Cal Orey

Survived the "water images" waterbed incident
Tagged as an author-intuitive, it's no secret that I work three international psychic networks, pen a monthly mag Earth changes column full of predictions, and have been a long-time guest tagged the "quake sensitive" on Coast to Coast A.M. But the deal is, it's spooky dishing the future...

WATER IMAGES...Now, this forecast that I made on a C2C, 10-24 (in the water sun sign Scorpio), was spooky. Because a deadly typhoon hit soon after and a strong shaker in the Indian Ocean, 12-1.  One client thanked me for suggesting she stay away from the region during this time, this year. 

Ironically, water images hit home with the waterbed and the hole in its mattress seam. As noted in my previous blog post, when filling up the new mattress that is what's really scary. A case of post traumatic stress disorder (replaying the scene in my mind). The hose spun out of control and I was in shock as I held onto the wild "snake" spraying water onto my electric equipment, including a cable box, TV, and fish aquarium.  I told my sibling I sensed the cable box could dry out and work again. He told me it was fried. One hour later: The amber lights, time, station showed and picture came up. I got a hit. Same deal with the fish aquarium. Surge protector was drenched in water. Next day it worked. Luck or sixth sense?

READINGS... This week I got a sweet hit with a regular client. She missed a person (silent treatment), so I played cupid (it was a hunch). 

After my advice broke the ice, I gave it 48 hours before getting together. Mission accomplished. My caller was at peace. Back together. It made me feel good and special. I took a risk and and it worked.

Sometimes, readings are not always a hit. As I tell callers, "Readers are not God. We are not 100% accurate.  Use us as a tool. But if you quiet yourself and tune into your situation you may find out that you have the answer like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Caveat: You can be too close to a challenge and then it's difficult to get an accurate read, like trying to turn on a radio station but you get static.

We miss Seth, left

SHAKY DOGS...This week has been a rough one for someone who has a canine that I adore but never met. I sensed after some odd behavior in between vet visits (something like my late Seth) it was not over. Today, seizures. As the author of a book on pet epilepsy, this ordeal affects me. I am close to the topic. Been there with two different Brittanys. It saddens me. Tears. As I have said in the past, neurological issues are a bitch.

My dream kitchen to copy this winter...
THE SEASON...Speaking of things, the Langoliers (Stephen King) have arrived at Lake Tahoe. There is no real snow. But hotels are filled. The stores are a madhouse. Tourists tried to run me down with their shopping carts. Thank God I've decided to eat light for the holidays and got out of the grocery store sooner than later.

I do not like winter. It's cold. There is lack of life. It's eerie. But I can do it. Within the week I will get new rugs, a few lights, cozy throws...I'm getting ready to get into my hibernation mode. I put up the I Am Legend fence every night to keep the tourists' off leash dogs "dark seekers" out of my yard. The best part, come January I will go to the resort pool at 7:30 AM. (the tourists should be sleeping) and get my swim/hot tub in for the colder days. Note: We may get belated flooding in January as did Big Sur with a belated wildfire. And in February, I predict real snow--my youngest canine child will be thrilled to flaunt his double dense coat.

So, here I sit waiting for callers to ask me about the future. My 2014 Forecasts will be published January 1. I predict my book will be submitted on January 15--I will meet my deadline and exhale. I predict the waterbed will be warmer tonight; and almost perfect tomorrow night. I predict come mid January I will nest and chill and try to enjoy the fun things of winter: baking, cooking, movies, snuggling with the critters, Mediterranean type swims, and images of spring when life begins to show once again. I predict I will survive the season of discontent.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hello Old Man Winter! It's the 1st Day of a New Season

By Cal Orey
1 year old Aussie, our first Christmas
Last December my Skye was born.

NO SNOW...WATER IMAGES COME TO LIFE...Our ski resort town got 1/2 inch of snow at lake level. Not a good sign. Temps should warm up in the upcoming days, as I forecasted, we're talking fifties. Not normal. I saw "water images" and reported on 12-12, C2C...saying it could be West Coast (that's where I am) and/or Indian Ocean (a swarm is happening as I type). And, not go ignore my waterbed seam sprung a leak. How ironic, huh? 

Come Saturday it will be time to drain, refill, and freeze for a few days. Another thick comforter(s) [this does not work! confirmed Saturday night] from Santa may be in store or my boys will run away from home.  

NEIGHBORHOOD... A new three story home has been built way down the street. Because it's so high, I can see people inside the windows. It gives the rural type of neighborhood without sidewalks a city look. Think: Rear Window film. I wonder why they don't have blinds or curtains. Very odd. Why do I look? It reminds me of the newer movie Disturbia where the teen is under house arrest for the summer and amuses himself by checking out the strange neighbor...

WINTER WONDERLAND...And so, life goes on this winter. While fall is my favorite season, I must give in and go with the flow of the new season. Global warming seems to have paid us a visit because no significant snowstorms are on their way. Still, temps are chilly at night. Fires, scented candles, resort pool/hot tub early mornings, layered clothing, eating hot, nutritious food, and a cozy bed should help make the days ahead doable.  

WATER FORECAST COMES TRUE...Bed filled but Nightmare City.  First, locked self out of house. Climbed through bedroom window (very small, rectangles; thank God I fit). Hose was frozen with ice. Bought new hose. Draining the bed wasn't that bad, other than time consuming (3 hours out of my life). While filling it, hit with a fluke: I was holding the hose and it went wild! Like snake It sprayed its water tons of my electrical stuff. Almost lost cable box. (There is a cable God. The amber lights came back on after an hour. I sensed and hoped they would do that.) Fish aquarium surge protector shot. Short. Quick light flash and scary. My fish babies will be cold without heater and no air pumps tonight. And that's not all...

Filled with cold water, the bed is cold. Surprise. Several comforters does not cut it.  So where to sleep? Hotel? Fave one booked. Great. I love the tourists.  Futon in study? Couch in living room? Make a fire and on floor? (How did I do the hitchhiking journey across America with a dog...I have changed. Gosh, I slept outdoors in a sleeping bag everywhere!) I will never get another waterbed. Done.  Winter wonderland, not. Couch, floor, futon?
Zen not the pup with the coat kept me warm last night. I love cats!

P.S. I may change my mind in three days when my bed warms up. Meanwhile, it's going to be a cold one dog night. Simon, my Brittany left home to be with sibling. Clad in two sets of sweat gear doesn't do much...

UPDATE: The deal is, sleeping on almost a dozen comforters (laid upon a cold waterbed) does not work. By 1 AM tried the couch. Tossed and turned. Pup was restless by novelty. Used him for his double coat. Chased cat. Kitty Zen was zen-like and settled in on my chest. At 3:00 AM tried floor. How do people do that? Back to couch. 3:30 AM fell asleep; 6:30 AM awakened by puppy for food/breakfast. So, three hours sleep. Checked bed. Two more days until it's bed.  The best news? Fish are still alive. I feel wiped out.  

This morning, put a large space heater in bedroom to get air super warm like in the summer. Not super smart. Tripped the breakers. Back to cold bed. I am not having fun. Brainstorm. On waterbed mattress packages it should read: Use at your own caution. Torn seams can cause disruption to your sleep, work, and life. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Author-Intuitive on C2C, 12-12: Quake Forecasts

By Cal Orey
Author-Intuitive, Guest News Segment C2C

QUAKE SENSITIVE ON C2C  Last night at 10 PM, I dished earthquake forecasts for the near future. Actually, this isn't too difficult. A day before, my 2014 Forecasts was completed so I had Earth changes on the brain. When I create predictions it's a lot like a reading for callers on the psychic networks. However, for shakers, weather, economics, health, strange happenings--I use my intuition, some lunar cycles (I get images, words, remote viewing, and automatic writing)--Tarot Cards are a tool I use for humans--and sometimes my own challenges.  I just listened to the archives of my dire forecast on C2C...I'm spooked! 

It's also kind of spooky, sometimes, to reread what I forecast and think, "Whoa! I am forecasting that?" Then, when a prediction happens it's an odd feeling. If it's something big and bad I sort of want to run and hide. But I don't and life goes on... Maybe that's why they say being "psychic" is a gift and curse. 

WATER IMAGES, EARLIER FORECAST On October 24, I was a guest on C2C and noted I saw water images, the West Coast and Indian Ocean...but I didn't make note of the oncoming typhoon (but the Celebes Sea divides it from the islands of Indonesia), a catastrophic event. We were in Scorpio (water) so it makes sense, the whirlwind water pics I was seeing (not a tsunami); perhaps that's why I didn't expound on a date for the Southern Calif. and Indian Ocean quake that is overdue. Though, on December 1, the Indian Ocean did have a strong moderate earthquake that made the news; if it's a foreshock time will tell.

I tune into my own critters and when some odd happenings happen I zone into wildlife, whether it be in Southern California, Northern California or a faraway land. When I'm on a news segment, it's impromptu. Basically, I said that we are in Sagittarius until December 21. That means, to me, the Ring of Fire: Volcanic activity, large quakes and potential tsunamis (and going into Capricorn more earthquakes).  

Hours after on C2C, CA rocks!

TUNING INTO CRITTERS AND CREATURES What's more, on October 24, I noted the rare sea creatures (oarfish as seen before the great Japan Earthquake-Tsunami) in Southern California could be cues of a significant earthquake in the coming weeks or months. I stand my ground...it could trigger activity throughout the West Coast. Also, I noted all of the West Coast and Indian Ocean region (I still see water) is in danger, so to speak. 

But to predict the exact day and time for an earthquake to happen is a challenge. I've done it. I did when we had a significant swarm outside of Reno. In April, at 11:45 P.M. I felt the strong quake which rumbled throughout NorCal and Nevada. I was waiting for Mr. Quake. My animals and I were getting plenty of symptoms: High anxiety. My cat was vocalizing, my sensitive Brittany was clingy and pacing, and even human sensitives were calling me throughout radio shows, on and off air, and sharing their physical symptoms that earthquake sensitives can get prior to a shaker.

So, we wait.  Meanwhile, the temps are warming up in the sierra, as I forecasted on October 19.  Will we endure flooding later this month? It depends. If we have another snowstorm, more snow than last week, and if the temps soar--water in the Reno-Tahoe region is a possibility. We wait.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Not a Snow Bunny...Creating Winter Wonderland

By Cal Orey

In less than two weeks, Old Man Winter will be knocking on my door. Right now there is an ice dam on the front deck, two heating devices on the rooftop, and black ice everywhere in the sierra. The fact is, winter is not my favorite season. At all.

But today, my freshly neutered Aussie pup Skye had the biggest smile on his face as he sported his double dense winter coat during his pre-winter walk. Yep, he adores the season unlike his mistress. Perhaps he is a mismatch for me weather wise, but his personality is endearing and healthy for me. Skyler is upbeat, fun-loving, playful, affectionate, protective, and his markings make me smile. What can I say?

I'm mad about an outgoing Australian Shepherd and an introspective senior Brittany. Both dogs give me a sense of calm, balance and happiness even during snow days.
So, today was a productive one. My 2014 Forecasts for the Earth Changes column is sent out. The "What's Cookin' at Callie's Cabin" column is completed for the week. And, the OLIVE OIL book? 
My oasis this AM
It's more than three fourths done and I'm seeing it like a puzzle. The picture is coming together...a piece here and a piece there and by January 15 it will be a project stamped DONE! 

Here I am, snug and cozy covered with white flannel sheets and Skye is in his "man cave" and Zen Siamese kitty is next to me. One more night and Simon, my man dog who gets me (10 1/2 year bond) will be mine again. During the healing process of Skye's neuter it was smart to separate the boys so they stay cool and we don't have any re-dos.  My boy is now de-sexed and still a happy canine! But the post-neuter "Don't move!" was a bitch for my potential stud...

Come December 26th to the dentist I go...not Simon this time. No cone but I'm sure I will not feel well after a couple of procedures--tiny cavity, a leaky filling. But hey, after it's over I will have peace of mind and life will go on with teeth. And I can focus on the joys winter. A few more lights to add warmth, a couple of faux fur throws, more fires (yes, I finally broke and began my firefest for ambiance and to feel warmer during minus 9 temps) will help. Meatless casseroles, hot teas and coffees, scented candles, layered clothing, chocolate, and visits to the serene resort pool in the A.M.s to dodge tourists, and walks on fresh snow--these are the things that will get me on Skye's winter wonderland agenda. 
Washington? But I don't like rainy days and nights.  It's back to creating winter wonderland.