Monday, December 23, 2013

Forecasting the Future, Ups and Downs

By Cal Orey

Survived the "water images" waterbed incident
Tagged as an author-intuitive, it's no secret that I work three international psychic networks, pen a monthly mag Earth changes column full of predictions, and have been a long-time guest tagged the "quake sensitive" on Coast to Coast A.M. But the deal is, it's spooky dishing the future...

WATER IMAGES...Now, this forecast that I made on a C2C, 10-24 (in the water sun sign Scorpio), was spooky. Because a deadly typhoon hit soon after and a strong shaker in the Indian Ocean, 12-1.  One client thanked me for suggesting she stay away from the region during this time, this year. 

Ironically, water images hit home with the waterbed and the hole in its mattress seam. As noted in my previous blog post, when filling up the new mattress that is what's really scary. A case of post traumatic stress disorder (replaying the scene in my mind). The hose spun out of control and I was in shock as I held onto the wild "snake" spraying water onto my electric equipment, including a cable box, TV, and fish aquarium.  I told my sibling I sensed the cable box could dry out and work again. He told me it was fried. One hour later: The amber lights, time, station showed and picture came up. I got a hit. Same deal with the fish aquarium. Surge protector was drenched in water. Next day it worked. Luck or sixth sense?

READINGS... This week I got a sweet hit with a regular client. She missed a person (silent treatment), so I played cupid (it was a hunch). 

After my advice broke the ice, I gave it 48 hours before getting together. Mission accomplished. My caller was at peace. Back together. It made me feel good and special. I took a risk and and it worked.

Sometimes, readings are not always a hit. As I tell callers, "Readers are not God. We are not 100% accurate.  Use us as a tool. But if you quiet yourself and tune into your situation you may find out that you have the answer like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Caveat: You can be too close to a challenge and then it's difficult to get an accurate read, like trying to turn on a radio station but you get static.

We miss Seth, left

SHAKY DOGS...This week has been a rough one for someone who has a canine that I adore but never met. I sensed after some odd behavior in between vet visits (something like my late Seth) it was not over. Today, seizures. As the author of a book on pet epilepsy, this ordeal affects me. I am close to the topic. Been there with two different Brittanys. It saddens me. Tears. As I have said in the past, neurological issues are a bitch.

My dream kitchen to copy this winter...
THE SEASON...Speaking of things, the Langoliers (Stephen King) have arrived at Lake Tahoe. There is no real snow. But hotels are filled. The stores are a madhouse. Tourists tried to run me down with their shopping carts. Thank God I've decided to eat light for the holidays and got out of the grocery store sooner than later.

I do not like winter. It's cold. There is lack of life. It's eerie. But I can do it. Within the week I will get new rugs, a few lights, cozy throws...I'm getting ready to get into my hibernation mode. I put up the I Am Legend fence every night to keep the tourists' off leash dogs "dark seekers" out of my yard. The best part, come January I will go to the resort pool at 7:30 AM. (the tourists should be sleeping) and get my swim/hot tub in for the colder days. Note: We may get belated flooding in January as did Big Sur with a belated wildfire. And in February, I predict real snow--my youngest canine child will be thrilled to flaunt his double dense coat.

So, here I sit waiting for callers to ask me about the future. My 2014 Forecasts will be published January 1. I predict my book will be submitted on January 15--I will meet my deadline and exhale. I predict the waterbed will be warmer tonight; and almost perfect tomorrow night. I predict come mid January I will nest and chill and try to enjoy the fun things of winter: baking, cooking, movies, snuggling with the critters, Mediterranean type swims, and images of spring when life begins to show once again. I predict I will survive the season of discontent.

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