Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hello Old Man Winter! It's the 1st Day of a New Season

By Cal Orey
1 year old Aussie, our first Christmas
Last December my Skye was born.

NO SNOW...WATER IMAGES COME TO LIFE...Our ski resort town got 1/2 inch of snow at lake level. Not a good sign. Temps should warm up in the upcoming days, as I forecasted, we're talking fifties. Not normal. I saw "water images" and reported on 12-12, C2C...saying it could be West Coast (that's where I am) and/or Indian Ocean (a swarm is happening as I type). And, not go ignore my waterbed seam sprung a leak. How ironic, huh? 

Come Saturday it will be time to drain, refill, and freeze for a few days. Another thick comforter(s) [this does not work! confirmed Saturday night] from Santa may be in store or my boys will run away from home.  

NEIGHBORHOOD... A new three story home has been built way down the street. Because it's so high, I can see people inside the windows. It gives the rural type of neighborhood without sidewalks a city look. Think: Rear Window film. I wonder why they don't have blinds or curtains. Very odd. Why do I look? It reminds me of the newer movie Disturbia where the teen is under house arrest for the summer and amuses himself by checking out the strange neighbor...

WINTER WONDERLAND...And so, life goes on this winter. While fall is my favorite season, I must give in and go with the flow of the new season. Global warming seems to have paid us a visit because no significant snowstorms are on their way. Still, temps are chilly at night. Fires, scented candles, resort pool/hot tub early mornings, layered clothing, eating hot, nutritious food, and a cozy bed should help make the days ahead doable.  

WATER FORECAST COMES TRUE...Bed filled but Nightmare City.  First, locked self out of house. Climbed through bedroom window (very small, rectangles; thank God I fit). Hose was frozen with ice. Bought new hose. Draining the bed wasn't that bad, other than time consuming (3 hours out of my life). While filling it, hit with a fluke: I was holding the hose and it went wild! Like snake It sprayed its water tons of my electrical stuff. Almost lost cable box. (There is a cable God. The amber lights came back on after an hour. I sensed and hoped they would do that.) Fish aquarium surge protector shot. Short. Quick light flash and scary. My fish babies will be cold without heater and no air pumps tonight. And that's not all...

Filled with cold water, the bed is cold. Surprise. Several comforters does not cut it.  So where to sleep? Hotel? Fave one booked. Great. I love the tourists.  Futon in study? Couch in living room? Make a fire and on floor? (How did I do the hitchhiking journey across America with a dog...I have changed. Gosh, I slept outdoors in a sleeping bag everywhere!) I will never get another waterbed. Done.  Winter wonderland, not. Couch, floor, futon?
Zen not the pup with the coat kept me warm last night. I love cats!

P.S. I may change my mind in three days when my bed warms up. Meanwhile, it's going to be a cold one dog night. Simon, my Brittany left home to be with sibling. Clad in two sets of sweat gear doesn't do much...

UPDATE: The deal is, sleeping on almost a dozen comforters (laid upon a cold waterbed) does not work. By 1 AM tried the couch. Tossed and turned. Pup was restless by novelty. Used him for his double coat. Chased cat. Kitty Zen was zen-like and settled in on my chest. At 3:00 AM tried floor. How do people do that? Back to couch. 3:30 AM fell asleep; 6:30 AM awakened by puppy for food/breakfast. So, three hours sleep. Checked bed. Two more days until it's bed.  The best news? Fish are still alive. I feel wiped out.  

This morning, put a large space heater in bedroom to get air super warm like in the summer. Not super smart. Tripped the breakers. Back to cold bed. I am not having fun. Brainstorm. On waterbed mattress packages it should read: Use at your own caution. Torn seams can cause disruption to your sleep, work, and life. Enjoy.

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