Saturday, December 14, 2013

Author-Intuitive on C2C, 12-12: Quake Forecasts

By Cal Orey
Author-Intuitive, Guest News Segment C2C

QUAKE SENSITIVE ON C2C  Last night at 10 PM, I dished earthquake forecasts for the near future. Actually, this isn't too difficult. A day before, my 2014 Forecasts was completed so I had Earth changes on the brain. When I create predictions it's a lot like a reading for callers on the psychic networks. However, for shakers, weather, economics, health, strange happenings--I use my intuition, some lunar cycles (I get images, words, remote viewing, and automatic writing)--Tarot Cards are a tool I use for humans--and sometimes my own challenges.  I just listened to the archives of my dire forecast on C2C...I'm spooked! 

It's also kind of spooky, sometimes, to reread what I forecast and think, "Whoa! I am forecasting that?" Then, when a prediction happens it's an odd feeling. If it's something big and bad I sort of want to run and hide. But I don't and life goes on... Maybe that's why they say being "psychic" is a gift and curse. 

WATER IMAGES, EARLIER FORECAST On October 24, I was a guest on C2C and noted I saw water images, the West Coast and Indian Ocean...but I didn't make note of the oncoming typhoon (but the Celebes Sea divides it from the islands of Indonesia), a catastrophic event. We were in Scorpio (water) so it makes sense, the whirlwind water pics I was seeing (not a tsunami); perhaps that's why I didn't expound on a date for the Southern Calif. and Indian Ocean quake that is overdue. Though, on December 1, the Indian Ocean did have a strong moderate earthquake that made the news; if it's a foreshock time will tell.

I tune into my own critters and when some odd happenings happen I zone into wildlife, whether it be in Southern California, Northern California or a faraway land. When I'm on a news segment, it's impromptu. Basically, I said that we are in Sagittarius until December 21. That means, to me, the Ring of Fire: Volcanic activity, large quakes and potential tsunamis (and going into Capricorn more earthquakes).  

Hours after on C2C, CA rocks!

TUNING INTO CRITTERS AND CREATURES What's more, on October 24, I noted the rare sea creatures (oarfish as seen before the great Japan Earthquake-Tsunami) in Southern California could be cues of a significant earthquake in the coming weeks or months. I stand my could trigger activity throughout the West Coast. Also, I noted all of the West Coast and Indian Ocean region (I still see water) is in danger, so to speak. 

But to predict the exact day and time for an earthquake to happen is a challenge. I've done it. I did when we had a significant swarm outside of Reno. In April, at 11:45 P.M. I felt the strong quake which rumbled throughout NorCal and Nevada. I was waiting for Mr. Quake. My animals and I were getting plenty of symptoms: High anxiety. My cat was vocalizing, my sensitive Brittany was clingy and pacing, and even human sensitives were calling me throughout radio shows, on and off air, and sharing their physical symptoms that earthquake sensitives can get prior to a shaker.

So, we wait.  Meanwhile, the temps are warming up in the sierra, as I forecasted on October 19.  Will we endure flooding later this month? It depends. If we have another snowstorm, more snow than last week, and if the temps soar--water in the Reno-Tahoe region is a possibility. We wait.

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