Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Losing an Animal Companion Hurts

By Cal Orey
A healing pup 

Today I am taken back to a time when I lost my last canine companion, Seth (brain disease). And, when I had to let go of Kerouac (kidney failure). Losing animal friends to old age, health problems, a car accident, or stolen is a bitch. I've been there one time too many. And I can tell you that no words can help the loss. It hurts...
A dog close to my heart

Kerouac lived a quality life to the end
As time goes on, good memories outweigh the end but the void still lives on.This time around it wasn't my loss--but as an intuitive I saw it coming for someone else--the animal and its guardian. Perhaps that's why folks say being "psychic" is a gift and a curse. I knew the outcome before it happened. It's been a gentle reminder of Seth, the dog I lost a day after Thanksgiving.

The deal is, when our animal companions are in need of our help, it's time to tune into the whole picture and look at the quality of life. No ethical vet will euthanize an animal unless they know there is no way out of a situation that will not improve.
Dogs sense when their pack is sick

This day, Christmas Eve is a sad one. I am thinking about Seth and a late feline companion who was my muse. In retrospect, Simon, my senior Britt knew his canine pal was "off" and it affected him during and after. We grieved. We bonded. We moved on but it took time...

A week before Kerouac passed, the white cat next door was hovering around the windows in the house; like City of Angels (when the angels pay a person a visit before they died). Animals have a strong sixth sense. In fact, on October 6--my birthday--Seth came to me and was clingy...he was telling me that things were not right. On October 12, he lost all balance and his well-being declined day by day but we fought the battle with time and drugs. The day after Thanksgiving, my once healthy, fun-loving six-year-old Brittany's health took a turn for the worse. We lost. Images of that horrific day still haunt me.

I have no regrets letting my boy go to a place where it's peaceful, nor Kerouac who was strong almost all the way to his demise.  The monsters took both bodies...both spirits had gone. And that is how you know it's time to let go. So, this blog post is dedicated to a friend, and a dog. I get it. I've been there. 

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