Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 10 Resolutions for..2014

By Cal Orey

So, I've been reading for callers on the psychic networks. The three big questions are: "When will I find love?" to "Will I get a job?" and "Is he/she going to be with me on New Year's Eve?" Love and work are on the table for 2014. And, I use my intuition, Tarot Cards, and charts based on Sun Signs, lunar cycles, and planets to dish my answers to people who want answers. But what about me, the reader?  Here, the top 10 vows I make for the coming New Year...


10. I promise to swim and dodge tourists early in the mornings; I'll hit the at-home treadmill (teamed with my Aussie) more than four times per week--until we get a snowstorm. (I have to walk the dogs daily so no promise there...it's a done deal.) 

9. I vow to send the ambitious, new, improved completed book project to New York by January 15...and take some quality "me time" for the rest of the month.  

8. I will make more fires at home and enjoy the ambiance despite Lake Tahoe is experiencing a mega drought. (I will do snow dances at night to get a few dumpings of real snow as I forecasted for the winter.)

7. I will continue to brush my fur childrens' teeth (every day) and brush both dogs on a consistent basis.

6.  And I'll finish my dental appointments (two more) until we're done.  (I still feel Nabisco's ginger snap cookie incident deserved more than two cookie coupons. At least I chose whole grain treats this time around with no snap!)

5.  In 2014, I'll find hardy cactus to begin an indoor garden for feng shui...Gotta keep chi flowing through the air.

4. ...I'll return to the pet shop and make sure to get those beautiful black goldfish for good luck the upcoming year. I love the multi-orange and black ones, though.

3. Brushing teeth is one thing...brushing coats on the Aussie "fur ball" and Simon (the Brittany) will be more of a regular ritual...and bathing both--and giving equal attention--on a warm day will happen before February. Note: Try to acclimate Skye to hair dryer so he won't kill it.

2. I'll find Zen's blue collar that puppy attempted to destroy...or get new one because it makes him feel like royalty--the cat not the dog. Also, I will play "get the neon mouse" with him more.

1. Lastly, it's time to count my blessings, from good health, healthy and happy companion animals, completing a new book project, using my writing and intuition to help people, and living in a place with trees, water, and fur kids.

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