Thursday, January 2, 2014

Author-Intuitive's 2014 Forecasts (Quake Predictions)

By Cal Orey

My Earth Changes
"I Can Feel the  Earth Move"
 is featured each month
Welcome to the New Year 2014... So, are you wondering what's going to happen around the world? Early in December 2013, I submitted my annual Earth Predictions for Oracle 20/20 Magazine. I include potential earthquakes, weather, health, economics, and on the fringe happenings. And I sit back. I watch my hits and misses unfold, which can be exciting and scary, too...
Forecasts come via images, words, numbers, dreams,
animal and Earth observations,
knowledge of historical happenings 

RING OF FIRE...So far, I did forecast volcanic activity in the Ring of Fire and mass evacuations. It occurred as the New Year hit. Indonesia...thousands of people fled. I was correct spot-on. This prediction hit on cue and the online headline spooked me.

WEATHER...Meanwhile, as we are enduring a drought on the West Coast--and Lake Tahoe--as predicted, the Midwest and Northeast are facing blizzards and snowfall--the stuff we used to get.
So, as we wait for rain or snow on the West Coast...hope that the Earth doesn't rock--but it most likely will, I wait. It is odd to not have black ice, snow flurries, blackouts, snowfall at a ski resort. The lack of white powder in the Sierra feels wrong and anything but right. But I'm sensing things may change in February. Or not. Last year, on Groundhog Day, there was no snow when I traveled to SAC to get my new Aussie. One year later, the pup is a dog but there still is no snow.

EARTHQUAKES...Here's a glimpse of earthquake forecasts for those living or traveling to shaky ground:  

A Mixed Bag of Predictions for 2014
1. Earthquakes
* While in 2013 the West Coast didn’t have a significant earthquakes, rare stranded sea creatures in Southern California surprised people around the world and may be signs of a future significant shaker and tsunami.
* At least one major shaker is likely on the West Coast, including Alaska, Washington, on and Offshore Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area and/or Greater Los Angeles as likely areas to rock.
* The Indian Ocean may produce a major quake and tsunami but not as severe as December 26, 2004.
* The New Madrid Zone may be rocked by a major quake disrupting the Midwest and make international news.

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