Friday, March 2, 2018

Tea Time: Ask the Healing Powers Series Author a Question!

By Cal Orey

Q:  Help! I think I caught the flu. How can I feel better--and fast, naturally?

A:  Tea and honey come to the rescue! Here are two superfoods that'll help you heal!

Flu: Catching the flu, which can come on suddenly, drags you down and into bed. Viruses come in all forms and can give you anything from a 24-hour bug to a stubborn virus that’ll hang on for weeks.

What Tea Rx to Use: Take 2 cups of tea (black, green, or white) and 1 cup of your favorite vitamin C-enhanced herbal tea– such as hibiscus.  Repeat as necessary in moderation.  Add honey, nature's finest anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory to soothe a sore throat.  Also, a cup of chamomile can help as well as be an aid to get a good night's sleep.
Why You’ll Feel Tea-rrific: It’s no surprise that tea is chock-full of antioxidants—the good guys that can keep your immune system healthy and stave off germs you could encounter. By drinking tea and a vitamin-rich tisane teamed with a nutrient-dense diet (hot soup is a folk remedy that can help you feel better), you’ll be keeping your immune system stay strong or bolstering it--and if down will be back up faster.  Staying hydrated will also help make you feel better along with rest and relaxation.

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