Sunday, March 4, 2018

Spring into Feng Shui--by the Healing Powers Series Author

Spring into Feng Shui for a Cleaner
Spirit and Soul
Spring has sprung. It’s time to move forward and get moving into spring cleaning mode. The cleaner your kitchen is, the cleaner your spirit and soul, which is a good thing for you, yours, and your environment…

Welcome to the world of Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Its goal is to bring you harmony. By putting stuff in the right spots in your kitchen it may enhance the flow of positive energy and zap negative vibrations. The end result: good health, happiness, and fortune.

1 Declutter Your Stuff. Ditto. Getting rid of things you don't use will up your energy. It's true.
2  Brighten Up with Lighting. During the colder days without sun you'll want to have sunny-type lighting which can up your energy and mood--linked to good health.

3  Bring on the Water. Fish aquariums and spa resorts with ambiance provide positive energy in the dining room, especially with a gentle filter Ever notice Asian restaurants and the calming ambiance of fish?

4  Fish, Fish, Fish. Goldfish can bring you good luck and prosperity. In fact, nine is the lucky number. The colors? Gold and one black one. (Go smaller rather than bigger in size = less cleaning.)

5  Bring Out the Fresh Fruit. I've got several plump healthful seasonal fruits on display and ready to eat, such as pears placed in a stainless steel colander. According to feng shui consensus, a full bowl may lead to a full life. Think 3, 6, or 7. Always fresh!
6  Hang Wind Chimes with Crystals.  Feng shui gurus recommend hanging chimes in the doorway to the kitchen or over the stove sings good energy. And sit down, exhale, enjoy!

7 Brew a pot of tea. Keep the tea pot, tea cups, and candles on a kitchen or dining room table. Inviting for you or guests and calming...Place on a cloth or mat.

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