Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Not a Snow Bunny...Creating Winter Wonderland

By Cal Orey

In less than two weeks, Old Man Winter will be knocking on my door. Right now there is an ice dam on the front deck, two heating devices on the rooftop, and black ice everywhere in the sierra. The fact is, winter is not my favorite season. At all.

But today, my freshly neutered Aussie pup Skye had the biggest smile on his face as he sported his double dense winter coat during his pre-winter walk. Yep, he adores the season unlike his mistress. Perhaps he is a mismatch for me weather wise, but his personality is endearing and healthy for me. Skyler is upbeat, fun-loving, playful, affectionate, protective, and his markings make me smile. What can I say?

I'm mad about an outgoing Australian Shepherd and an introspective senior Brittany. Both dogs give me a sense of calm, balance and happiness even during snow days.
So, today was a productive one. My 2014 Forecasts for the Earth Changes column is sent out. The "What's Cookin' at Callie's Cabin" column is completed for the week. And, the OLIVE OIL book? 
My oasis this AM
It's more than three fourths done and I'm seeing it like a puzzle. The picture is coming together...a piece here and a piece there and by January 15 it will be a project stamped DONE! 

Here I am, snug and cozy covered with white flannel sheets and Skye is in his "man cave" and Zen Siamese kitty is next to me. One more night and Simon, my man dog who gets me (10 1/2 year bond) will be mine again. During the healing process of Skye's neuter it was smart to separate the boys so they stay cool and we don't have any re-dos.  My boy is now de-sexed and still a happy canine! But the post-neuter "Don't move!" was a bitch for my potential stud...

Come December 26th to the dentist I go...not Simon this time. No cone but I'm sure I will not feel well after a couple of procedures--tiny cavity, a leaky filling. But hey, after it's over I will have peace of mind and life will go on with teeth. And I can focus on the joys winter. A few more lights to add warmth, a couple of faux fur throws, more fires (yes, I finally broke and began my firefest for ambiance and to feel warmer during minus 9 temps) will help. Meatless casseroles, hot teas and coffees, scented candles, layered clothing, chocolate, and visits to the serene resort pool in the A.M.s to dodge tourists, and walks on fresh snow--these are the things that will get me on Skye's winter wonderland agenda. 
Washington? But I don't like rainy days and nights.  It's back to creating winter wonderland. 

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