Friday, December 30, 2011

New Healing Powers Honey Bee Book Trailer Creating a Buzz

As the author of the Healing Powers book series, I have been given the opportunity to learn about some superfoods with amazing powers that have wowed me throughout more than a decade. It all began back in 1999. I was assigned my first book The Healing Powers of Vinegar. Then, several years after, OLIVE OIL, CHOCOLATE, HONEY, and COFFEE followed.
While I'm known as a "health author" -- these books have given me the opportunity to share  healing powers of healing foods and lively anecdotes (mine and others from around the globe) that will linger on your mind like a honey bee on a flower.
The best part is, I feel a sense of spirit has come alive with each of these books, one by one. And my favorite one is The Healing Powers of Honey. This creative new trailer created with heart and soul captures the essence of my book and my feelings about the beloved, hardworking honey bee.
Can you imagine a world without honey bees? Take a peek at the importance of this insect and what honey bees mean to mankind and our planet.

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