Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Strange Forecast...No Snow in the Sierra

Today, January 4, 2012 I sit in my cabin getting over a pesky ear infection. Blame it on last week's swimming, hot tub, tourists, the altitude, or allergies. Perhaps all of it. Antibiotics Day 4. Starting to feel normal but when I look outdoors it looks anything but normal for Lake Tahoe. The weather is San Francisco Bay Area temps. Too weird for words.  No snow. (But I forecasted that we wouldn't have a white Christmas; we would have snow in January and February.)
Tonight I may make a fire. Or not. It may be too warm. Really. I'm sensing tourists aren't thrilled. Locals who count on tourists aren't thrilled. But me? Well, I'm torn. I like the white stuff, sort of. An oncoming storm is exciting. The snowfall late at night is soothing. Shoveling piles of powder is not fun. Walking the dogs on black ice is spooky. High utility bills and extra dog nail trims aren't fun either.
So, here I sit getting well in a mountain resort town with no snow during winter; an extended fall season (my dream come true). But hey, I predicted this would happen. However, I also forecasted the Sierra would get a few significant snowstorms this winter. I hold my ground (even though it's dry right now).We do have three months, give or take some days...But I'm wondering what to do with all that wood I purchased? Roasted marshmallows, anyone?


  1. Just read an article that fire danger is in the works for the Reno region. Without snow/precip we're in trouble.

  2. For some reason, Google picked this blog post up today. Anyhow, yes, I was spot-on. Barely a winter; still have a cord of wood. And we are -- the West -- in trouble for fire danger this summer, as noted in my 2012 Jan. Forecasts in Oracle 20/20 Magazine.