Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goodbye Coffee Land, Author Leaves Another Book Adventure

Today, I re-examined my latest manuscript The Healing Powers of Coffee (July 31, Kensington). I feel a sense of sadness, like I did when I left Chocolate World. Or, a metaphor that comes to mind is when my two Brittanys were puppies and once they grew up it was different. Something was missing despite I enjoy the full grown dogs.
So, now that may edited manuscript is back with the editors in New York, I am sitting here in the process of creating another Healing Powers book adventure. I know, I soon? But the topic has been brewing and it is what it is.
Meanwhile, as I dabble with the new topic it feels like waiting to become pregnant (again). Excitement. Visions. Excitement.
Bottom line: I dedicate this blog post to my The Healing Powers of Coffee and the coffee people for all the pleasure it gave me throughout the researching and writing process. And when the galley arrives on my doorstep (in a few months) it will feel like going to the hosptial and waiting for delivery as "I" probe the final necessary words. Think final delivery before giving birth to my fifth Healing Powers book. So, goodbye Coffee Land. We will meet again. I'm counting on it.

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