Saturday, January 28, 2012

10 Hot Ways to Blast Cabin Fever: Winter Blues

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet
Ah, the scourge of winter blues. Ever get it?  Today, I was told by a friend that her dogs have fallen victim to "cabin fever." Yep, it's possible. Sure, fresh white powder can be a joy for both two-leggers and four-leggers. But black ice fun? Not so much.
Last night I spoke with the one that got away (two-legger) and he told me how he's not as physically active or prone to clean house during the colder, winter months. At first, I disagreed but then I got it. Sure, come spring, I, too, get that surge of energy.
Yesterday, I went swimming/hot tubbing and wow. It's like taking a mini vacation to another location. No cold temps or fear of falling. A warm, Mediterranean or tropical climate is awesome at the end of January. And I'm hooked.
10 Ways to Get Warm & Cozy
* Make a fire; bake something healthful at the same time.
* Wear a hooded sweatshirt, leggings, and soft socks.
* Turn up the heat while brewing hot herbal tea.
* Open the blinds during the day and let the light shine in/shut at night.
* Layer the bed with thick, cotton comforters, turn up the water heater thermostat.
* Take hot, steamy showers and use fluffy towels next to the wall heater.
* Cuddle at night underneath the covers with two loving dogs and one cat.
* Keep the fish aquarium lights on longer than in the summer months.
* Burn scented candles: Chocolate and Hazelnut.
* Take a teaspoon of raw, natural honey (for energy); a piece of dark chocolate (to boost mood); a cup of java in the a.m., paired with organic milk (to feel warm and fuzzy inside).
Bonus Tip: Swim/Hot tub. Repeat as needed.

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