Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Coffee Book is Percolating: A Beverage to Love

Today, I was informed that on January 3, 2012, my latest manuscript The Healing Powers of Coffee (July 31, Kensington) will be paying me a visit. Yep, it's editing time. During this phase of book production is work but less work than researching and writing. I put on my editor's hat and read my book with my left brain, not right (creative thinking). So, in two weeks I get to re-enter Coffeeland.
This afternoon I received a package of coffee samples: flavored java for the holidays. It makes my mornings. Imagine: Each a.m. you wake up and can try a new coffee. It's exciting and my new hobby, sort of. And yeah, I've kind of turned into a coffee snob in search of the best cup that's unforgettable.
What's more, today I got to see the cover of my coffee book. I truly adore it--it goes perfectly with the HEALING POWERS book series. (Also available at OneSpirit bookclubs including Good Cook, Quality Paperback, Mystery Guild, Crafters, and Literary Guild.) Now I wait just like when I anticipate a fresh brewed cup of coffee. I choose the beans, grind 'em and chill to savor the first and last taste of Joe wit promise of giving me a feel-good feeling and good flavor. Ah coffee--all types. What's not to love?

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