Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Power Hour: California Author Dishes on Healing Powers Book Series

I dished out edgy info to Middle America about vinegars, olive oils, and honeys--the 21st century healthful salad dressings....and touted the healing powers of these versatile superfoods.
This morning at 5:00 AM PST, the alarm clock woke me up with rock music. Yes, no Siamese cat alarm today. I got up and brewed a fresh cup of flavored Nutmeg Coffee with a splash of organic milk. And, I walked back to my bedroom and climbed into my cozy oversized waterbed with my two Brittanys, and kitty. Then, at 6:00 AM I was wide-eyed and ready to be a guest on The Power Hour (December 6, Hour 2) with savvy radio talk show host Joyce Riley.
My books published by New York publisher Kensington were put on the table and we discussed the ins and outs of The Healing Powers of Vinegar, The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, and The Healing Powers of Honey. Ironically, tagged a health author it was my job today to dish out how superfoods vinegar, olive oil, and honey can and do keep you healthy and happy. But today I have a pesky flu bug. Read: I feel terrible.
Blame it on the grocery store checker who had the flu on the weekend as she shared her woes while bagging my groceries. (Think the film "Outbreak"-- I was infected.) It didn't help that after the shopping trip I brought in firewood: going in and out of 9 degree temps and 75 indoor climate, and swam/walked the dogs somewhere in between. Also, burning the candle from AM to PM, day after day, didn't do my body any good either.  This workerbee is not feeling like a Queen and desperately needs some R&R.
Anyhow, I'm kind of sensing the Midwestern audience knew that the down-to-earth West Coast guest was fighting aches and pains...Perhaps, my raspy words, here and there gave 'em a hint that I was feeling under the sunny Northern California weather. I did get some emails about my hard work and requests for fat-burning diets.
Actually, on a one to 10 Sickly Scale, I'm about a 7.5 today on Day 2. That's not too bad, right? Major sick, not Great sick. No, I'm not going to go swim and do a hot tub--but I want to. Bed rest, water, oranges, and bed rest is on the agenda. Type-A folks don't do rest well. Perhaps this is a lesson.  And yes, I will drink lots of hot chamomile tea with honey. I wonder if any doomsday films about viruses are on the sci-fi channel. Maybe that's not such a good idea right now. Perhaps a nice chick flick like "City of Angels" or "As Good As It Gets" will make me feel better.  And there are dogs in each one. Or maybe "You've Got Mail"--Meg Ryan's character gets a cold. Misery loves company.

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