Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Joy of a Recession II: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Today was scary, straight out of a Stephen King sci-fi film or The Final Destination. As I watched CNN, I saw my forecast begin to come to fruition. A financial meltdown coming into play. I predicted the last recession (and was one month off); it's no surprise that this time around I could be right again. The jury is still out, as outlined by economists. Actually, in Oracle 20-20 Magazine (Jan. 2011, in the archives online) you can see that I said a double-dip could happen by the end of the year. But hey, I flunked math in college. Liberal Arts major here who doesn't like to balance her checkbook...
And tomorrow may be worse--perhaps we may hit the 10,000 mark--when the jobs data by the Labor Department report graces the TV screens and anchors report the numbers. (I may sleep in or start slowly with the Asian markets before turning on CNN. Thank God for Mocha Java.)
On the upside: Coffee companies are doing well, according to the stocks today. And, I am working in Coffee World on a new book. Perhaps, it will be java that'll keep people feeling good, energized, stave off diseases if and when we do fall into the sequel: Recession II. Or not.
It's weird being an author-intuitive. When bad things happen that I write and forecast it's not a cool thing to scream out: "Hey, I got a hit!" especially when people are going down, down, down. But it does feel right when my vision does come true. It shows that my intuition isn't broken and it's working.  Meanwhile, I promise not to complain that I'm working hard for the money as an author and intuitive. I am pleased to have work and coffee--lots of coffee--roasts, flavored coffees, and blends from around the globeDespite sad money matters on Earth, I believe there is a happy coffee God in heaven.

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