Monday, August 22, 2011

Here Comes Hurricane Irene, As Intuitive Callie Forecasted

The season's first hurricane has hit and could be heading for the U.S. Uh, um--didn't I forecast this to happen this year? Yep, on The Mancow Show  (July 18, in the archives) I did note four predictions: One include a possible Hurricane Category 5 that may hit the Atlantic Seaboard and I hoped it wouldn't make landfall in the Gulf States. Meanwhile, Hurricane Irene is on the move West, headed for the Carolinas and Florida...and it's coming before peak season, as I also noted in Oracle 20-20 Magazine, 2011 Forecasts...
I'm really feeling fall...Crisp nights, falling pine cones, a new coffee brewer, and anticipating Victoria's Secret cataloge. I read baggy jeans and sweaters--colors teal and chocolate brown--will be in vogue. That's cool. Note to self: Find firewood man and order wood.
So, I tried to go swimming yesterday. As a sensitive, I swear the temp was lower than 78 degrees and just couldn't do it. It was so cold, not even a goldfish would do it.  Need to find new, warmer pool for the fall. The trusty treadmill and dog walks will have to suffice.
Three more weeks of edits/proofing the new Healing Powers book #5 and it's out the door en route to New York. Not to forget, I'm lining up radio interviews for The Healing Powers of Honey--my sweet latest book baby chock-full of bee-healthy home cures and charming tales of our sacred honey bee.
So, I look at the aspens in the photo above; I sense real aspens around the Lake at Tahoe are beginning to turn colors as I type. Fall is on its way and I'm loving it. The Brittanys and Zen cat are under the comforters with me--another cue. Oh, oh, oh: Zen, my newest Siamese-mix addition to the household--is going to be featured in Petfolio Magazine, Nov/Dec issue.  How cool is that? He's so vain (yeah, he looks at himself in the mirror a lot) so I'm feeling his strong cat vibe that he's looking forward to it. (I wonder with his cat smarts if I could teach him to clean the fireplace. Nah, he's too smart.)

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