Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quake Sensitive Speaks on Coast to Coast

Surprise...Tonight I made a 2 minute guest appearance on Coast to Coast (scroll down to news segment guest link to hear in their archives). So, what's all this shaking about, anyhow? Well, George and listeners, it's eerie that it all started with the Colorado 5.3 shaker; Virginia 5.8; 4.2 Mammoth Lakes; and two SF Bay Area jolts. These earthquakes were all on 37 latitude--a straight line across the U.S. My gut instinct is saying the West Coast is overdue for a significant "major" quake before the end of 2011 and all this seismic activity could be leading up to it. (And SF Bay Area to Mammoth Lakes are on that 37 mark; a major temblor either region could be felt throughout CA.)...
Also, I did sense the "trigger effect" after the CO quake and posted on my website that the East/New Madrid could be next. Well, four out of seven New Madrid Seismic Zones states did rock--2 hours after I posted that forecast...and I did say SF Bay Area/Tahoe could shake soon due to my cat being oh-so clingy like now the way he was yesterday. Anyhow, my prediction is more shaking ahead. Californians be prepared because the 37 latitude number is a sign to me--the intuitive, phone psychic. My cat Zen will not get off me and Mammoth Lakes is south of Lake Tahoe (felt as far as Carson City, NV) and SF is 200 miles away. Aftershocks for CO/VA are a no-brainer. But we folks in the Golden State get it. We just don't want to go there again.

P.S. Yes, I did forecast a Category 5 Hurricane (Atlantic Seaboard)--back on July 18, on The Mancow Show--saying it would hit during the season and here we are. So, Irene is no surprise. And if the West Coast--especially California, northern or southern, shakes I'll be right here in a "Bring it on" mode because I know it's coming.

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