Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Moon Is Rising July 30: It's a Sign

This weekend a New Moon will greet us once again before August arrives. I know the photo shows a Harvest Moon but that's because it's what's on my mind. Summertime in a tourist town is a challenge. Visitors are playing and locals are working. It seems unbalanced. But only a month and a half and it will be a different place, calm, cool, and superb.
Meanwhile, I am looking forward to receiving advance copies of my new book The Healing Powers of Honey (Kensington Books, Sept. 27) on my doorstep. And tomorrow, I'll wake up buzzing like a honey bee in its hive to greet new superfood gifts: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate with a healthy dose of coffee as I am in CoffeeWorld. It is odd. When I work on a book it is consuming. It's like real life is not real and you're in another world on another planet.
Next week some stories I've written will be published in online mags: A dog and man's best friend quiz; The Honey Bee: Friend or Foe?; Chocolate in the Summertime...And I'll be working on a piece about how I found my "Zen" and how I helped a caller on the psychic network lose her "soul mate" due to being duped. And, I guess, I'll be putting some sort of edibles together for Callie's Cabin.
Come October, vacation, vacation, vacation...and my birthday. I can see it. I can feel it. Till then, the New Moon will have to suffice. It'a a sign that my season will pay me a visit soon. I can feel it already. I need another batch of peanut brittle. Still don't get why it's a seasonal treat.

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