Monday, July 18, 2011

Intuitive & Zen: The Mancow Show

This morning at 3:38 the alarm clock woke me up with a song, of sorts, much like in the film "Groundhog Day." Usually, Zen, my Siamese-mix meows me to get up. Not today. I staggered to the kitchen, brewed a cup of Coconut flavored coffee and saunterd back to bed. At 4:15 PST, I, the "author-intuitive" was on air--The Mancow Show. I'm a cool cat in the wee hours of the morning--perhaps it's the presence of my new sensitive kitty Zen (an author-intuitive's dream companion) who thinks he's a dog. Or maybe I'm more lively as the nightowl.
So, there I was, cozy in the waterbed (wishing I was in Hawaii as I sipped the tasty brain juice), flanked by two Brittanys under the comforters and one pussycat by my side. And, it was my job to dish out world predictions--gloom and doom stuff. I talked a potential West Coast quake to a potential financial meltdown to come before 2012.. I noted two more forecasts, from a category 5 hurricane (Mancow perked up with that prediction) to another anti-prediction for Harold Camping. (I beat the first one because we're still here.) And most likely we'll still be here but a bit more weathered come October 21.
After my cameo appearance, I cranked out an excerpt of my forthcoming book The Healing Powers of Honey (Kensington Books, Sept. 27, 2011). It's for a mag that the rich and famous read. Then, I made the decision to go back to sleep--and it worked.
All was not lost for the day. Food for "What's Cookin' at Callie's Cabin" for the Tahoe Daily Tribune was snagged at our store, and I fixed my quirky modem all by myself. Still feeling a bit seasick and sleepy, and I'm working hard for the money on the new superfood Healing Powers series book.
Lastly, taking a break from the psychic networks (I ranked a "top producer" for the week) so I'm giving the psychic vibes a rest. And Zen, he's cool. We played with his neon mouse and that kept us mellow. Note to self: Find out which type of coffee can perk up you up when getting up before dawn.  I wish I had my own swimming pool. But I will visit it tomorrow.
P.S. Later today, a 5.6 hit Aleutian Islands; a storm in the Atlantic; and the stock market and fear of money madness fed the media. The year is young. Bracing for turbulent times.

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